Season 1 - High School USA! (2013)
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High School USA! (2013)

Country: USA

Genres: Animation, Comedy

Director: Douglas Rowell

Writers: Dino Stamatopoulos

Stars: Nathan Barnatt, Vincent Kartheiser, T.J. Miller, Mandy Moore, ...

Join the super-positive, millennial students of High School USA, as they confront all the unique challenges of growing up in a modern world. Led by the painfully naïve and always upbeat Marsh Merriwether, there is nothing these kids can't put a positive spin on, from cyber-bullying to pill-addiction to embarrassing texting incidents.

Seasons:   Unknown - 1

Season 1 Series:

21 Jul 2013
S1, Ep1 - Bullies

Upbeat and super-positive teen Marsh Merriwether learns a valuable lesson when his best friend is accused of bullying. Meanwhile, Cassandra gets ready for the "It Gets Better After High School" dance.
27 Jul 2013
S1, Ep2 - Sexting

A personal picture of a classmate goes viral, thanks to Cassandra, and Marsh must rally the other guys in school to make the situation less embarrassing.
03 Aug 2013
S1, Ep3 - Adderall

The students at High School USA really, really focus on college.
10 Aug 2013
S1, Ep4 - Heroes

Marsh is star stuck.
17 Aug 2013
S1, Ep5 - Adoption

Cassandra goes through a major identity crisis when she finds out that she's actually adopted...and Chinese.
02 Nov 2013
S1, Ep6 - Janitor Day

Amber learns that her mom stars in adult films.
09 Nov 2013
S1, Ep7 - Choices

Amber learns she's pregnant and must make a tough decision about whether she has a choice on what to choose to do.
16 Nov 2013
S1, Ep8 - The Early 90s

The gang is given a class assignment to live one weekend without cell phones and computers, to experience life in the early '90s.
23 Nov 2013
S1, Ep9 - Gun Control

Cassandra and Amber run for student council president and Marsh questions the school's new self-protection policy.
30 Nov 2013
S1, Ep10 - Rumsprinabreakers

Marsh is worried for Brad's safety when Brad has a Spring Break fling with an Amish Girl.
30 Nov 2013
S1, Ep11 - Sweet 16

Marsh realizes he has a hard time dealing with death once Cassandra's dad passes away.
30 Jan 2015
S1, Ep12 - Best Friends Forever

Amber learns that her mother stars in adult films.