Season 1 - Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1994)
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Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1994)

Country: USA

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Taglines: The host with the most!

Director: C. Martin Croker, Jeff Doud, Andy Deleo

Writers: Matt Maiellaro, Mike Lazzo, Dave Willis, Matt Harrigan, ...

Stars: George Lowe, C. Martin Croker, Andy Merrill, Dave Willis, ...

Space Ghost in his 40s is no longer a superhero, and now he even goes by his real name Tad Ghostal. However, to remain in the spot-light he has started his own late-night talk show filmed in outer space. With his cohost and former villain Zorak, and his director Moltar they interview celebrities on Earth through their video-phone.

Seasons:   8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 1 Series:

S1, Ep0 - Pilot

Space Ghost interviews Denzel Washington about the Academy Awards.
15 Apr 1994
S1, Ep1 - Spanish Translation

Space Ghost interviews Susan Powter, Kevin Meaney, and The Bee Gees. The action periodically stops so certain lines can be translated to Spanish.
22 Apr 1994
S1, Ep2 - Gilligan

06 May 1994
S1, Ep3 - Elevator

13 May 1994
S1, Ep4 - CHiPs

Space Ghost interviews various talk show-centric guests, but Moltar is more interested in watching old "CHiPs" episodes.
27 May 1994
S1, Ep5 - Bobcat

10 Sep 1994
S1, Ep6 - Banjo

Space Ghost gets sea monkeys as pets. Meanwhile, Zorak tries mind-control spells on both Space Ghost and guests Schooly D and "Weird Al" Yankovic. One of Space Ghost's sea monkeys, whom Space Ghost named Banjo, grows gigantic and wrecks havoc on the set. Space Ghost reluctantly kills Banjo before it can do any more damage.
16 Sep 1994
S1, Ep7 - Punch

30 Sep 1994
S1, Ep8 - Batmantis

Moltar has been kidnapped by Your Mother and holds him ransom for Space Ghost's power bands. Space Ghost and Zorak (in his alter-ego form of Batmantis) try to rescue him. However, it's revealed to be just a dream. Adam West, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt guest star.
07 Oct 1994
S1, Ep9 - Self Help

04 Nov 1994
S1, Ep10 - The Mask

Space Ghost interviews Jim Carrey as a supplement to the video release of the titular movie.
11 Nov 1994
S1, Ep11 - Gum, Disease

25 Dec 1994
S1, Ep12 - A Space Ghost Christmas

The SGC2C crew sings Christmas carols in a series of interstitials.