Season 2 - American Masters (1985)
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Season 2 Series:

06 Jul 1987
S2, Ep1 - Isaac in America: A Journey with Isaac Bashevis Singer

01 May 1986
S2, Ep2 - Directed by William Wyler

A tribute to director William Wyler consisting of interviews and excerpts from his many classic films.
20 Jul 1987
S2, Ep3 - Rubinstein Remembered

A 100th anniversary tribute to the famous virtuoso pianist, Arthur Rubinstein.
27 Jul 1987
S2, Ep4 - Nik and Murray

24 Aug 1987
S2, Ep5 - George Gershwin Remembered

31 Aug 1987
S2, Ep6 - Maurice Sendak: Mon Cher Papa

Maurice Sendak,the renowned illustrator is no stranger to television. He has been featured on "magazines" such as "60 Minutes." His "Really Rosie!" published in the 1950's, was seen as an animation special long before being adapted for a stage musical. Still undaunted, however, he returns this evening at 9 on WNET to sit for a portrait in "Mon Cher Papa." This hour long program is a presentation of "American Masters," a weekly anthology of profiles on this country's leading figures in the creative arts.
14 Sep 1987
S2, Ep7 - The Negro Ensemble Company

21 Sep 1987
S2, Ep8 - Unanswered Prayers: The Life and Times of Truman Capote

28 Sep 1987
S2, Ep9 - The Ten-Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table

Profile of the group of writers and humorists who formed lasting friendships and collaborations centered on their daily lunches at New York City's Algonquin Hotel through the 1920s, which led to scathing satire of cultural and social trends of the Roaring '20s. Their conflicts and romances are explored, with central figures including Dorothy Parker and Alexander Woollcott. As the decade progressed, they increasingly found themselves drawn apart by literary ambitions, as well as by social issues including the Sacco and Vanzetti case.
18 Nov 1987
S2, Ep10 - Buster Keaton: Hard Act to Follow