Season 5 - Web Therapy (2008)
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Web Therapy (2008)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Director: Don Roos, Dan Bucatinsky

Writers: Dan Bucatinsky, Lisa Kudrow, Don Roos

Stars: Lisa Kudrow, Dan Bucatinsky, Julie Claire, Tim Bagley, ...

Dr. Fiona Wallice is sick of hearing about "dreams" and "feelings". She then decides that 3 minutes over web cam is better than 50 minutes of patients rambling on.

Seasons:   5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 6

Season 5 Series:

27 May 2013
S5, Ep1 - Broadway Babies

Franny Marshall, who is writing the songs for Whistlin', calls Fiona with a case of writer's block.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep2 - Encore, Encore!

Fiona calls Franny to share the good news that during a drunken night out on the town, Franny broke through her writer's block.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep3 - Eff Broadway

Franny's new songs garner her major attention and propel her into the Pop world.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep4 - Inspired By/Stolen From

Jerome tells Fiona the good news: Google wants to buy her mother's copycat therapy business.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep5 - Now You're Talking About My Mother

Jerome, no longer in Putsy's good graces, calls Fiona to ask for his job back.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep6 - Rubber Sheets

Fiona is infuriated to discover that Hayley has been using her NY Penthouse to entertain.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep7 - Dixie. Pixie. Smiley Face.

Desperate for access to the campaign documents, Fiona calls Richard to see if he remembers the pass codes.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep8 - It Might Have Been Ben Tomlund

Feigning interest in Robin's "documentary" accomplishments, Fiona calls to get access to her tapes. Desperate for evidence that she's been framed, Fiona feigns interest in Robin's "documentary" accomplishments to get access to her footage.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep9 - Once a Blackmailer...

Fiona is horrified to learn that Robin once again has the upper hand - along with incriminating footage of Austen Clarke.
27 Apr 2013
S5, Ep10 - One Big Russian Family

Fiona asks Richard to help her by destroying Robin's damaging tapes.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep11 - Just Say This Word

Fiona contacts Richard to give him a heads up that the FBI has been tipped off to his mob employers.
26 May 2013
S5, Ep12 - Witless Protection

Richard tries to secretly contact Fiona to let her know that he and Robin will be going into Witness Protection.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep13 - We're in Good with the NRA

Kip's call with Fiona is interrupted by Ben, who has some unsettling campaign news.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep14 - You Picked a Winner.

Fiona, concerned about how heated the investigation has become, calls Kip desperate for help with accessing his accounts.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep15 - Game, Set Up, Match

A smug Fiona gets some satisfaction from Ben's current predicament with the law.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep16 - Rejuvenation

Fiona is shocked to find out that Austen plans to marry his baby mama Gina, to secure a legitimate heir.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep17 - Get It Outta Me!!

A very pregnant Gina calls Fiona from Austen's Jet to discuss wedding plans.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep18 - Paternity Rites

Jerome contacts Gina with an unusual request having to do with her baby.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep19 - The Archivist

Fiona introduces herself to Karen Sharpe, the hoarder who is obsessed with Kip, in order to strike a deal for his briefcase.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep20 - You Know How I Love Puzzles

Fiona makes her way into Karen's house to try and get her hands on Kip's briefcase, which has the evidence she needs to clear herself.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep21 - Extreme Makeover: Hoarder Edition

Karen calls Fiona very upset, having woken up to find herself and her home newly made-over.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep22 - Lucky Charm

Fiona gets a call from a new patient Nick Jericho, whose wife says he has a gambling problem.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep23 - Used Cards

Nick calls Fiona extremely frustrated that he has lost a lot of money to a crafty new online gambler.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep24 - Deuces Ex Machina

Nick discovers that Fiona is the secret card shark who has been beating him online.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep25 - Power Balls

New client Steve Olson reaches out to Fiona for help with his anxiety after winning the NY lottery.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep26 - Divestment Opportunities

Steve questions Fiona's motives after receiving a proposal to invest in Web Therapy.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep27 - Swindle in the City

Fiona is shocked to learn that Steve isn't who he claimed to be.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep28 - Long-Distance Lovers

Young couple Blair and Augie reach out for advice from Fiona concerning their long-distance cyber relationship.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep29 - Losing Followers

During a session with Blair and Augie, Fiona discovers that the couple is having relationship problems.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep30 - Closer When We're Apart

Fiona is stunned to discover that Blair and Augie think they can solve their problems without her.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep31 - Penetratress

Fiona becomes reacquainted with her former flame Chris Endicott, who has changed a lot since college.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep32 - Hatching a Plan

Chris is desperate: does Fiona want to save a friend's marriage?
27 May 2013
S5, Ep33 - Spritzer Surprise

Fiona is upset that Chris suckered her into being taped by reality TV cameras at their dinner.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep34 - Integrate Now

New client, Sylvie Frank, seeks Fiona's advice concerning her office romance that has gone sour.
27 May 2013
S5, Ep35 - You've Come a Long Way Baby

Fiona is stunned to learn her advice landed Sylvie a lucrative new job.