Season 4 - Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (1954)
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Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (1954)

Country: USA

Genres: Adventure, Biography, Drama

Director: Hamilton Luske, Norman Tokar, James Neilson, Robert Stevenson, ...

Writers: Helen Aberson, Tom Adair, Joie Albrecht, James Aldridge, ...

Stars: Walt Disney, Kevin Corcoran, Paul Frees, Slim Pickens, ...

A Disney-produced anthology covering many different genres.

Seasons:   Unknown - 34 - 33 - 32 - 31 - 30 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29

Season 4 Series:

11 Sep 1957
S4, Ep1 - The Fourth Anniversary Show

The first half of this episode, in which Walt celebrates four years on TV, is about how Sergei Prokofieff's composition "Peter and the Wolf", which he played for Walt, convinced him to make a cartoon short based on this piece. After that, the second half involves the real celebration, in which the Mouseketeers from "The Mickey Mouse Club" question Walt on his plans for future shows and convinces the startled studio chief to give a special preview. One of the projects planned is a never made live-action film called "Rainbow Road to Oz".
18 Sep 1957
S4, Ep2 - Four Fabulous Characters

This is a look at four stories about Americans who became folk heroes: Casey Jones, a railroad engineer who is borderline fanatical on punctuality; Henry Coy and Grace Martin, a couple from two feuding families; Mighty Casey of the Mudville Nine; and Johnny Appleseed.
25 Sep 1957
S4, Ep3 - Adventure in Wildwood Heart

02 Oct 1957
S4, Ep4 - The Saga of Andy Burnett: Andy's Initiation

09 Oct 1957
S4, Ep5 - The Saga of Andy Burnett: Andy's First Chore

16 Oct 1957
S4, Ep6 - The Saga of Andy Burnett: Andy's Love Affair

23 Oct 1957
S4, Ep7 - Duck for Hire

Donald decides that he's had enough of show business and so decides to quit his job at Disney and leave, never to return. He goes to the Ajax Employment Agency looking for a job. But things don't go as planned.
06 Nov 1957
S4, Ep8 - Adventures in Fantasy

Walt takes a look at animating inanimate objects for cartoons.
13 Nov 1957
S4, Ep9 - To the South Pole for Science

20 Nov 1957
S4, Ep10 - The Best Doggoned Dog in the World

Disney has just wrapped up production on a movie inspired by Fred Gipson's novel, "Old Yeller". Dorothy McGuire, one of the stars in that film, tells the audience a few key stories about the movie. Then the second half of the show is a TV airing of the 1955 theatrical featurette, "Arizona Sheepdog".
27 Nov 1957
S4, Ep11 - How to Relax

Goofy reveals about mankind's eternal desire to relax. Ever since prehistoric times, when the caveman discovered his thumb, he unfortunately discovered work, too, which robbed him of his ability to relax. So Goofy attempts to demonstrate numerous methods for ensuring sufficient time for leisure.
04 Dec 1957
S4, Ep12 - Mars and Beyond

The episode begins with an introduction of Walt Disney and his robot friend Garco, who provide a brief overview of this episode, which starts with a look at mankind seeking to understand his world, first noticing patterns in the stars. He develops beliefs regarding the celestial bodies. Theories from scientists and philosophers are discussed. Ptolemy's inaccurate but formerly-accepted theories are discussed, as are those of Copernicus. Life on other planets is considered, soon focusing on Mars. Ideas from science-fiction authors H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs are...
11 Dec 1957
S4, Ep13 - The Horse of the West

The story of The Bay Lady, a quarter horse born on Rex Allen's ranch. The Bay Lady is the favorite filly of Elena Vasquez until the young horse is accidentally shipped from the ranch to be sold at an auction.
01 Jan 1958
S4, Ep14 - Faraway Places: High, Hot, and Wet: Siam

08 Jan 1958
S4, Ep15 - Saludos Amigos

Saludos Amigos (1942) edited for television presentation.
15 Jan 1958
S4, Ep16 - Donald's Weekend

Walt invites the audience to spend a weekend with Donald Duck.
22 Jan 1958
S4, Ep17 - The Littlest Outlaw: Part 1

_Littlest Outlaw, The (1955)_ re-edited into a two-part television presentation.
29 Jan 1958
S4, Ep18 - The Littlest Outlaw: Part 2

_Littlest Outlaw, The (1955)_ re-edited into a two-part television presentation.
26 Feb 1958
S4, Ep19 - The Saga of Andy Burnett: The Land of Enemies

05 Mar 1958
S4, Ep20 - The Saga of Andy Burnett: White Man's Medicine

12 Mar 1958
S4, Ep21 - The Saga of Andy Burnett: The Big Council

19 Mar 1958
S4, Ep22 - Magic and Music

The Slave in the Magic Mirror returns to host this look at one of his favorite subjects: the magic of music.
09 Apr 1958
S4, Ep23 - An Adventure in the Magic Kingdom

Tinker Bell takes the audience on a whirlwind tour of Disneyland.
16 Apr 1958
S4, Ep24 - Four Tales on a Mouse

30 Apr 1958
S4, Ep25 - An Adventure in Art

14 May 1958
S4, Ep26 - Magic Highway U.S.A.

The theme of this is the significance of the American highway, featuring the history of motoring, which explains that to drive the first cars was quite an adventure in itself, due to awful roads (which back then were not much more than rutted wagon paths) and the scarcity of fuel supplies and spare parts, not to mention the lack of useful maps and signposts, resulting in short drives turning into day-long affairs.