Season Unknown - The View (1997)
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The View (1997)

Country: USA

Genres: Talk-Show

Taglines: 4 women, lots of opinions and Barbara Walters. (Season 1)

Director: Mark Gentile

Writers: Andrew Smith, Tony Garofalo, Frank Santopadre, Beverly Kopf, ...

Stars: Sherri Shepherd, Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Barbara Walters, ...

Seasons:   Unknown - 18 - 17 - 16 - 15 - 14 - 13 - 7 - 1

Season Unknown Series:

15 Sep 2014
S18, Ep1 - Season 18 Premiere

Season 18 opens. Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez, Rosie O'Donnell and Nicolle Wallace are the co-hosts. Also: a tribute to Joan Rivers.
16 Sep 2014
S18, Ep2 - Kirsten Dunst/Rachael Ray

Kirsten Dunst; Rachael Ray.
17 Sep 2014
S18, Ep3 - Neil Patrick Harris/Tim McGraw

Neil Patrick Harris. Also: Tim McGraw performs.
18 Sep 2014
S18, Ep4 - Barbra Streisand/Jessica Chastain

Barbra Streisand; Jessica Chastain.
19 Sep 2014
S18, Ep5 - Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal. Also: Billy and Whoopi share memories of Robin Williams; hot topics.
22 Sep 2014
S18, Ep6 - Judd Hirsch/Lara Spencer/Quintavious Johnson

Judd Hirsch; Lara Spencer. Also: Quintavious Johnson performs.
23 Sep 2014
S18, Ep7 - Kathy Griffin/Andrea Martin

Kathy Griffin; Andrea Martin.
24 Sep 2014
S18, Ep8 - Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross/Stephen King

Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross (Black-ish (2014)); author Stephen King.
25 Sep 2014
S18, Ep9 - Viola Davis

Viola Davis; a Happy Birthday salute to Barbara Walters.
26 Sep 2014
S18, Ep10 - Michael Strahan/Tory Johnson/Rory Kennedy

Michael Strahan; Tory Johnson; Rory Kennedy.
29 Sep 2014
S18, Ep11 - Alicia Keys/Karen Gillan and John Cho

Alicia Keys performs. Also: Karen Gillan and John Cho, of TV's Selfie (2014).
30 Sep 2014
S18, Ep12 - Lena Dunham/Analeigh Tipton & Jake McDorman/Karina Smirnoff & Randy Couture

Lena Dunham; Analeigh Tipton and Jake McDorman, of TV's Manhattan Love Story (2014)). Also: an eliminated couple from Dancing with the Stars (2005).
01 Oct 2014
S18, Ep13 - Jeff Garlin/Ron Perlman/Marilu Henner

Jeff Garlin (The Goldbergs (2013)); Ron Perlman; Marilu Henner.
02 Oct 2014
S18, Ep14 - Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge performs.
03 Oct 2014
S18, Ep15 - Wendy Williams/B.J. Novak/Mary Kate Smith

Wendy Williams, B.J. Novak; Mary Kate Smith, a high-school homecoming queen and football player.
06 Oct 2014
S18, Ep16 - Dr. Richard Besser/John Leguizamo/Ana Ortiz

Dr. Richard Besser discusses the Ebola virus. Also: John Leguizamo and Ana Ortiz.
07 Oct 2014
S18, Ep17 - Sarah Paulson/Will Chase/Betsey Johnson & Tony Dovolani

Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story (2011)); Will Chase (Nashville (2012)); an eliminated couple from Dancing with the Stars (2005): Betsey Johnson and Driton 'Tony' Dovolani.
08 Oct 2014
S18, Ep18 - Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran/Betty Who

Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran of TV's (Shark Tank (2009). Also: Betty Who performs.
09 Oct 2014
S18, Ep19 - Nick Cannon/Cristela Alonzo

Nick Cannon (America's Got Talent (2006)); Cristela Alonzo (Cristela (2014)).
10 Oct 2014
S18, Ep20 - Dan Bucatinsky/Rascal Flatts

Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal (2012)). Music guest: Rascal Flatts.
13 Oct 2014
S18, Ep21 - Russell Brand

Author Russell Brand ("Revolution"). Also: an anonymous civilian who used the Internet to investigate a Philadelphia hate crime.
14 Oct 2014
S18, Ep22 - Laverne Cox/Meghan McCain/

Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black (2013)); Meghan McCain. Also: an eliminated couple from Dancing with the Stars (2005).
15 Oct 2014
S18, Ep23 - Gloria Estefan/Nicole Richie

A celebration of "Hispanic Heritage Month" concludes with Gloria Estefan. Also: Nicole Richie.
16 Oct 2014
S18, Ep24 - Alan Cumming/Tessa Thompson

Alan Cumming (The Good Wife (2009)); Tessa Thompson (Dear White People (2014)).
17 Oct 2014
S18, Ep25 - Matthew Broderick & Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.
20 Oct 2014
S18, Ep26 - Scott Foley/Clark Gregg

Scott Foley (Scandal (2012)); Clark Gregg (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)). Also: Whoopi visits the New York City Wine and Food Festival.
21 Oct 2014
S18, Ep27 - Terry Crews/Sarah Hyland

Terry Crews (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (2002)); Sarah Hyland (Modern Family (2009)); an eliminated couple from Dancing with the Stars (2005).
22 Oct 2014
S18, Ep28 - Ty Burrell/Fred Savage & Danica McKellar

Ty Burrell (Modern Family (2009)); Fred Savage and Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years (1988)).
23 Oct 2014
S18, Ep29 - Guest Co-Hostess Amy Robach/Tom Bergeron/Little Big Town

Guest co-hostess Amy Robach; Tom Bergeron (Dancing with the Stars (2005)). Musical guest: Little Big Town.
24 Oct 2014
S18, Ep30 - Edward Norton/Annie Lennox

Edward Norton (Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)). Music guest; Annie Lennox. Also: a Missouri fan, inspired by Rosie O'Donnell to change his life.
27 Oct 2014
S18, Ep31 - Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley/Laurence Fishburne

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley; Laurence Fishburne (Black-ish (2014)). Also: Paisley performs; "Must Have Monday" returns.
28 Oct 2014
S18, Ep32 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren/Mike Tyson/Barry Manilow

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.); Mike Tyson. Musical guest: Barry Manilow. Also: an eliminated couple from Dancing with the Stars (2005).
29 Oct 2014
S18, Ep33 - Taylor Swift/Bethenny Frankel

Taylor Swift; Bethenny Frankel.
30 Oct 2014
S18, Ep34 - Nelly

31 Oct 2014
S18, Ep35 - Halloween Celebration/Grant Gustin

A Halloween edition features tips for costumes and spooky home transformations. Also: Grant Gustin (The Flash (2014)).
03 Nov 2014
S18, Ep36 - Kerry Washington/Joy Behar

Kerry Washington (Scandal (2012)); Joy Behar.
04 Nov 2014
S18, Ep37 - Martin Short/John Leguizamo/Michael Waltrip & Emma Slater

Martin Short; John Leguizamo. Also: an eliminated couple from Dancing with the Stars (2005) (Michael Waltrip and Emma Slater).
05 Nov 2014
S18, Ep38 - George Stephanopoulos/Stevie Wonder/Oscar De La Hoya

Midterm elections coverage with George Stephanopoulos. Also: Stevie Wonder performs; Oscar De La Hoya shares boxing tips.
06 Nov 2014
S18, Ep39 - Guest Co-Hostess Jordin Sparks/Cedric the Entertainer/Culture Club

Guest co-hostess Jordin Sparks; Cedric the Entertainer. Also: Culture Club perform.
07 Nov 2014
S18, Ep40 - Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow (The Comeback (2005)). Also: a young man allegedly wronged by the court system.
10 Nov 2014
S18, Ep41 - Guest Co-Hostess Gretchen Wilson/Sting/Stana Katic/Tai Beauchamp

Guest co-hostess Gretchen Wilson; Sting; Stana Katic (Castle (2009)); beauty expert Tai Beauchamp. Also: "Must Have Monday" returns.
11 Nov 2014
S18, Ep42 - Guest Co-Hostess Naya Rivera/Darby Stanchfield/Lea Thompson/Dr. Jorge Rodriguez

Guest co-hostess Naya Rivera; Darby Stanchfield (Scandal (2012)); Dr. Jorge Rodriguez; an eliminated couple from Dancing with the Stars (2005).
12 Nov 2014
S18, Ep43 - Guest Co-Hostess Ashanti/Andrew Dice Clay/Wendi McLendon-Covey

Guest co-hostess Ashanti; author Andrew Dice Clay ("The Filthy Truth"); Wendi McLendon-Covey (The Goldbergs (2013)).
13 Nov 2014
S18, Ep44 - Whoopi's Birthday/Patti LaBelle/Vintage Trouble

Whoopi's birthday is celebrated; Patti LaBelle and Vintage Trouble perform.
14 Nov 2014
S18, Ep45 - Guest Co-Hostess Kellie Pickler/Drew Barrymore/Cameron Mathison

Guest co-hostess Kellie Pickler; Drew Barrymore (Blended (2014)); Cameron Mathison.
17 Nov 2014
S18, Ep46 - Steve Harvey/Brooke Shields

Steve Harvey (Steve Harvey (2012)); author Brooke Shields ("There Was a Little Girl").
18 Nov 2014
S18, Ep47 - Guest Co-Hostess Naya Rivera/Shaquille O'Neal/Evangeline Lilly/Tommy Chong & Peta Megaroyh

Guest co-hostess Naya Rivera; Shaquille O'Neal; Evangeline Lilly. Also: an eliminated couple from Dancing with the Stars (2005), Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd.
19 Nov 2014
S18, Ep48 - Guest Co-Hostess Jessie J/Joe Morton/Kevin McKidd

Guest co-hostess Jessie J performs. Also: Joe Morton (Scandal (2012)); Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy (2005)).
20 Nov 2014
S18, Ep49 - Mayim Bialik/Aaron Sorkin

Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory (2007)); Aaron Sorkin.
21 Nov 2014
S18, Ep50 - Allison Janney/Norman Lear

Allison Janney (Mom (2013)); Norman Lear.
24 Nov 2014
S18, Ep51 - Guest Co-Hostess Keke Palmer/Robin Roberts/Aubrey Plaza

Guest co-hostess Keke Palmer; Robin Roberts (Good Morning America (1975)); Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation (2009)).
25 Nov 2014
S18, Ep52 - Guest Co-Host Pitbull

Pitbull performs and is the guest co-host.
26 Nov 2014
S18, Ep53 - Guest Co-Hostess Laverne Cox/Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga/Alfonso Ribieio & Witney Carson

Guest co-hostess Laverne Cox; Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga perform. Also: the winners and runners-up of Dancing with the Stars (2005).
28 Nov 2014
S18, Ep54 - Norman Lear

Norman Lear.
01 Dec 2014
S18, Ep55 - Guest Co-Host Andy Cohen/Tai Beauchamp

Guest co-host Andy Cohen. Also: Tai Beauchamp highlights sales in a segment of "Must Have Monday".
02 Dec 2014
S18, Ep56 - Guest Co-Hostess Alicia Menendez/Glenn Close & John Lithgow/Jennifer Hudson

Guest co-hostess Alicia Menendez; Glenn Close and John Lithgow, of Broadway's "A Delicate Balance"; Jennifer Hudson.
03 Dec 2014
S18, Ep57 - Guest Co-Hostess NeNe Leakes/Seth MacFarlane

Guest co-hostess NeNe Leakes. Also: Seth MacFarlane performs and is interviewed.
04 Dec 2014
S18, Ep58 - Guest Co-Hostess Cyndi Lauper/Hugh Jackman/Nancy Grace

Guest co-hostess Cyndi Lauper performs; Hugh Jackman; Nancy Grace.
05 Dec 2014
S18, Ep59 - Guest Co-Hostess Bella Thorne/Chris Rock & J.B. Smoove/David Zinczenko

Guest co-hostess Bella Thorne; Chris Rock and J.B. Smoove (Top Five (2014)). Also: a guide to holiday food with David Zinczenko.
08 Dec 2014
S18, Ep60 - Guest Co-Hostess Lara Spencer/Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Phyllis Logan, Lesley Nicol and Rob James-Collier

Guest co-hostess Lara Spencer; Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Phyllis Logan, Lesley Nicol and Rob James-Collier, of Downton Abbey (2010).
09 Dec 2014
S18, Ep61 - Guest Co-Hostess Michelle Beadle/NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio & Chirlane McCray/Wayne Brady/"Aladdin"

Guest co-hostess Michelle Beadle; NY mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray; Wayne Brady. Also: a performance by Adam Jacobs and James Monroe Iglehart, of Broadway's "Aladdin".
10 Dec 2014
S18, Ep62 - Guest Co-Hostess Ashanti/Martha Stewart

Guest co-hostess Ashanti performs; Martha Stewart shares tips for holiday entertaining.
11 Dec 2014
S18, Ep63 - Guest Co-Hostess Olivia Munn/Cast of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies"/Diane von Furstenberg

Guest co-hostess Olivia Munn; Orlando Bloom,Richard Armitage, Lee Pace and Luke Evans (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)); Diane von Fürstenberg.
12 Dec 2014
S18, Ep64 - Guest Co-Hostess Barbara Walters

Guest co-hostess Barbara Walters. Also: a guide to crafting with Rosie O'Donnell.
15 Dec 2014
S18, Ep65 - Guest Co-Hostess Keke Palmer/Maggie Gyllenhaal/Beverly Johnson/Tai Beauchamp

Guest co-hostess Keke Palmer; Maggie Gyllenhaal (River of Fundament (2014)); Beverly Johnson. Also: Tai Beauchamp hosts a "Must Have Monday" flash sale.
16 Dec 2014
S18, Ep66 - Guest Co-Hostess Rachel Feinstein/Idina Menzel/NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio & Chirlane McCray/Cast of "The Chew"

Guest co-hostess Rachel Feinstein; Idina Menzel; NYC mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray. Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Daphne Oz (The Chew (2011)).
17 Dec 2014
S18, Ep67 - Guest Co-Hostess Samantha Ponder/Ruth Wilson

Guest co-hostess Samantha Ponder; Ruth Wilson (The Affair (2014)). Also: a performance from Broadway's "Side Show".
18 Dec 2014
S18, Ep68 - Guest Co-Hostess Laverne Cox/Katie Couric/Nicki Minaj

Guest co-hostess Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black (2013)); Katie Couric; Nicki Minaj. Also: holiday gifts.
19 Dec 2014
S18, Ep69 - Marjorie Johnson/Mikey Russo/Mario Cantone

A holiday edition features Rosie O'Donnell's Theater Kids; baker Marjorie Johnson; lifestyle expert Mikey Russo; and Mario Cantone.
05 Jan 2015
S18, Ep70 - Guest Co-Hosts Tony Gonzalez, Tracey Wigfield & Margaret Cho/Marion Cotillard

Guest co-hosts Tracey Wigfield, Tony Gonzalez and Margaret Cho; Marion Cotillard (Two Days, One Night (2014)).
06 Jan 2015
S18, Ep71 - Guest Co-Hosts Kathy Griffin, Mario Cantone & Tracey Wigfield/Cast of "Boyhood"

Guest co-hosts Kathy Griffin, Mario Cantone and Tracey Wigfield; Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, Ellar Coltrane and Richard Linklater, of the film Boyhood (2014).
07 Jan 2015
S18, Ep72 - Guest Co-Hosts Michelle Williams, Mario Cantone & Rachel Feinstein/Jerry Springer/Joshua Sasse

Guest co-hosts Michelle Williams, Rachel Feinstein and Mario Cantone; Jerry Springer (The Jerry Springer Show (1991)); Joshua Sasse (Galavant (2015)).
08 Jan 2015
S18, Ep73 - Guest Co-Hostesses Laverne Cox & Cristela Alonzo/Kirstie Alley

Guest co-hostesses Laverne Cox and Cristela Alonzo; Kirstie Alley.
09 Jan 2015
S18, Ep74 - Guest Co-Hostesses Barbara Walters & Cristela Alonzo/Patrick Stewart/Chelsea Peretti

Guest co-hostesses Barbara Walters and Cristela Alonzo; Patrick Stewart (Blunt Talk (2015)); Chelsea Peretti. Also: a guide to crafting with Rosie O'Donnell.
12 Jan 2015
S18, Ep75 - Guest Co-Hosts Michelle Williams, Mario Cantone & Nikki Glaser/Dr. Mehmet Oz/Lindsey Stirling

Guest co-hosts Michelle Williams, Mario Cantone and Nikki Glaser; Dr. Mehmet Oz. Also: violinist Lindsey Stirling performs.
13 Jan 2015
S18, Ep76 - Guest Co-Hosts Jodi Applegate, Naya Rivera & Mario Cantone/Josh Gad/Ioan Gruffudd

Guest co-hosts Jodi Applegate Kay, Naya Rivera and Mario Cantone; Josh Gad (The Wedding Ringer (2015)); Ioan Gruffudd (Home Invasion (2015)); YouTube personality Evan.
14 Jan 2015
S18, Ep77 - Guest Co-Hosts Naya Rivera & Samantha Ponder/George Lopez/Donny Osmond

Guest co-hosts Naya Rivera and Samantha Ponder; George Lopez; Donny Osmond.
22 Jan 2015
S18, Ep83 - Guest Co-Hostesses Michelle Williams & Colleen Ballinger/David Hyde-Pierce/Gov. Mike Huckabee

Guest co-hostesses Michelle Williams and Colleen Ballinger; David Hyde Pierce; Gov. Mike Huckabee.
23 Jan 2015
S18, Ep84 - Guest Co-Hosts Mario Cantone & Stacy London/Joshua Malina

Guest co-hosts Mario Cantone and Stacy London; Joshua Malina (Scandal (2012)).
26 Jan 2015
S18, Ep85 - Guest Co-Hostesses Carolina Bermudez & Amanda Seales/Ne-Yo/Tai Beauchamp

Guest co-hostesses Carolina Bermudez and Amanda Seales. Also: Ne-Yo performs; Tai Beauchamp hosts a "Must Have Monday" flash sale.
27 Jan 2015
S18, Ep86 - Guest Co-Hostesses Carolina Bermudez & Stacy London/Ne-Yo

Guest co-hostesses Carolina Bermudez and Stacy London. Also: Ne-Yo performs.
28 Jan 2015
S18, Ep87 - Guest Co-Hostess Michaela Watkins/Oscar Isaac/Mario Cantone

Guest co-hostess Michaela Watkins; Oscar Isaac (Mojave (2015)); "Master Baking with Mario" with Mario Cantone.
29 Jan 2015
S18, Ep88 - Guest Co-Hosts Mario Cantone & Padma Lakshmi/Kevin Costner/Cast of "Impractical Jokers"

Guest co-hosts Mario Cantone and Padma Lakshmi ("Top Chef"); Kevin Costner ("Black or White"); Brian Quinn, James Murray, Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano ("Impractical Jokers").
30 Jan 2015
S18, Ep89 - Guest Co-Hosts Joy Behar & Mario Cantone/Antonio Banderas & Tom Kenny/Dr. Amit Trivedi

Guest co-hosts Joy Behar and Mario Cantone; Antonio Banderas and Tom Kenny (The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015)). Also: Dr. Amit Trivedi discusses gastric surgery.
02 Feb 2015
S18, Ep90 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London & Cristela Alonzo/Jeff Bridges/Dr. Richard Besser

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London and Cristela Alonzo; Jeff Bridges (Seventh Son (2014)); Dr. Richard Besser.
03 Feb 2015
S18, Ep91 - Martin Short/Randall Park & Hudson Yang

Martin Short (Mulaney (2014)); Randall Park and Hudson Yang (Fresh Off the Boat (2015)).
04 Feb 2015
S18, Ep92 - Guest Co-Hostess Cristela Alonzo/Jeff Perry/Zosia Mamet

Nicolle Wallace's birthday is celebrated. Also: guest co-hostess Cristela Alonzo; Jeff Perry (Scandal (2012)); Zosia Mamet (Girls (2012) and High School USA! (2013)).
05 Feb 2015
S18, Ep93 - Guest Co-Hostess Cristela Alonzo/Geena Davis/Michael Strahan

Guest co-hostess Cristela Alonzo; Geena Davis (Grey's Anatomy (2005)); Michael Strahan (Live with Kelly and Michael (1988)).
06 Feb 2015
S18, Ep94 - Guest Co-Hostess Cristela Alonzo/Kim Cattrall/Martha Stewart/Michele Josue

Guest co-hostess Cristela Alonzo; Kim Cattrall; crafting with Rosie O'Donnell and Martha Stewart. Also: murder victim Matthew Shepard is remembered by his parents and filmmaker Michele Josue.
09 Feb 2015
S18, Ep95 - Ashley Graham/Spike Lee/Victor Rasuk

Ashley Graham; Spike Lee; Victor Rasuk.
10 Feb 2015
S18, Ep96 - Marcia Gay Harden/Whitney Thore

Marcia Gay Harden (Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)); Whitney Way Thore (My Big Fat Fabulous Life (2015)).
11 Feb 2015
S18, Ep97 - Lucy Liu/Andy Grammer

Lucy Liu (Elementary (2012)). Also: Andy Grammer performs.
12 Feb 2015
S18, Ep98 - Naomi Campbell/Kenan Thompson/Flo Rida

Naomi Campbell; Kenan Thompson. Also: Flo Rida performs.
13 Feb 2015
S18, Ep99 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London & Michelle Williams/Naomi Campbell/Andy Grammer

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London and Michelle Williams; Naomi Campbell. Also: Andy Grammer performs; Rosie O'Donnell's last day on the show.
16 Feb 2015
S18, Ep100 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London & Michelle Williams/Terrence Howard/Louis Gossett Jr.

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London and Michelle Williams; Terrence Howard (Empire (2015)); Louis Gossett Jr. (The Book of Negroes (2015)).
17 Feb 2015
S18, Ep101 - Guest Co-Hosts Naya Rivera & Ryan Paevey/John Slattery & Amy Morton/Ella Henderson

Guest co-hosts Naya Rivera and Ryan Paevey; John Slattery and Amy Morton. Also: Ella Henderson performs.
18 Feb 2015
S18, Ep102 - Guest Co-Hostess Padma Lakshmi/Taraji P. Henson/David Frei/Estelle

Guest co-hostess Padma Lakshmi; Taraji P. Henson (Empire (2015)). Also: David Frei with the winning Westminster dog; a performance by Estelle.
19 Feb 2015
S18, Ep103 - Guest Co-Hostess Padma Lakshmi/Larry Wilmore/Hall & Oates

Guest co-hostess Padma Lakshmi; Larry Wilmore. Also: Daryl Hall and John Oates perform.
20 Feb 2015
S18, Ep104 - Guest Co-Hostesses Barbara Walters & Padma Lakshmi/Shawn Bullard/Stacy London

Guest co-hostesses Barbara Walters and Padma Lakshmi; Shawn Bullard (Match Made in Heaven (2015)). Also: a behind-the-scenes look at New York Fashion Week with Stacy London.
23 Feb 2015
S18, Ep105 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London & Samantha Ponder/Trai Byers/Tai Beauchamp/Nash Grier

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London and Samantha Ponder; Trai Byers' (Empire (2015)). Also: Tai Beauchamp hosts a "Must Have Monday" flash sale; "Vine Week" features Internet star Hamilton Nash Grier.
24 Feb 2015
S18, Ep106 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London & Samantha Ponder/Kate Walsh/Mark Duplass/Thomas Sanders

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London and Samantha Ponder; Kate Walsh (Bad Judge (2014)); Mark Duplass (Togetherness (2015)). Also: "Vine Week" features Internet star Thomas Sanders.
25 Feb 2015
S18, Ep107 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London & Samantha Ponder/Gabrielle Union/Kenzie Nimmo

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London and Samantha Ponder; Gabrielle Union (With This Ring (2015)). Also: fashion show transforms children into Oscar stars; "Vine Week" features singer MacKenzie Nimmo.
26 Feb 2015
S18, Ep108 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London & Samantha Ponder/Diane Sawyer/Cast of "The Fosters"/Zach King

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London and Samantha Ponder; Diane Sawyer; Teri Polo, Sherri Saum and Maia Mitchell (The Fosters (2013)); "Vine Week" features Internet star Zach King.
27 Feb 2015
S18, Ep109 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London & Samantha Ponder/Christie Brinkley/Ming-Na Wen

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London and Samantha Ponder; Christie Brinkley; Ming-Na Wen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)). Also: "Vine Week" features pop-rap duo Jack and Jack.
02 Mar 2015
S18, Ep110 - Guest Co-Hostess Padma Lakshmi/Colin Quinn/Tai Beauchamp

Guest co-hostess Padma Lakshmi; Colin Quinn (Trainwreck (2015) and Booted (2015)). Also: a "Must Have Monday" flash sale with Tai Beauchamp.
03 Mar 2015
S18, Ep111 - Guest Co-Hostess Cristela Alonzo/Julianne Moore/Kevin Pereira & Brooke Van Poppelen

Guest co-hostess Cristela Alonzo (Cristela (2014)); Julianne Moore (Still Alice (2014), (Maps to the Stars (2014)); Kevin Pereira and Brooke van Poppelen (Hack My Life (2015)).
04 Mar 2015
S18, Ep112 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London, Cristela Alonzo & Raven-Symone/Kenneth Branagh/Lee Daniels

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London, Cristela Alonzo and Raven-Symoné; Kenneth Branagh (Wallander (2008)); Lee Daniels (Empire (2015)).
05 Mar 2015
S18, Ep113 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London, Cristela Alonzo & Raven-Symone/Felicity Huffman & Timothy Hutton/Robby Benson & Zephyr Benson

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London, Cristela Alonzo and Raven-Symoné; Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton (American Crime (2015)); Robby Benson and his son, Zephyr Benson.
06 Mar 2015
S18, Ep114 - Guest Co-Hostesses Stacy London, Cristela Alonzo & Raven-Symone/Craig Ferguson/Chef Rocco DiSpirito

Guest co-hostesses Stacy London, Cristela Alonzo and Raven-Symoné; Craig Ferguson (Celebrity Name Game (2014)); Rocco DiSpirito. Also: spring decorating.
09 Mar 2015
S18, Ep115 - Guest Co-Hostess Garcelle Beauvais/RuPaul/Tommy Davidson

Guest co-hostess Garcelle Beauvais; RuPaul; Tommy Davidson (Black Dynamite (2011)).
10 Mar 2015
S18, Ep116 - Guest Co-Hosts Garcelle Beauvais & Mario Cantone/Cynthia Nixon/Judd Nelson

Guest co-hosts Garcelle Beauvais and Mario Cantone; Cynthia Nixon (James White (2015)); Judd Nelson (Empire (2015) and This Is Happening (2015)).
11 Mar 2015
S18, Ep117 - Guest Co-Hostesses Garcelle Beauvais & Michelle Collins/Mary J. Blige/Vincent D'Onofrio

Guest co-hostesses Garcelle Beauvais and Michelle Collins; Mary J. Blige; Vincent D'Onofrio (Run All Night (2015)).
12 Mar 2015
S18, Ep118 - Guest Co-Hostesses Garcelle Beauvais & Michelle Collins/Tony Danza/Olly Murs & Travie McCoy

Guest co-hostesses Garcelle Beauvais and Michelle Collins; Tony Danza. Also: Olly Murs and Travie McCoy perform.
13 Mar 2015
S18, Ep119 - Guest Co-Hosts Garcelle Beauvais & Mario Cantone/Patricia Arquette/Cedric the Entertainer & Nicey Nash

Guest co-hosts Garcelle Beauvais and Mario Cantone; Patricia Arquette (CSI: Cyber (2015)); Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash (The Soul Man (2012)). Also: pet adoption.