Season 4 - Head of the Class (1986)
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Head of the Class (1986)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Director: Art Dielhenn, Lee Shallat Chemel, Alan Rosen, Howard Storm, ...

Writers: Michael Elias, Rich Eustis, Larry Spencer, Ray Jessel, ...

Stars: William G. Schilling, Jeannetta Arnette, Dan Frischman, Robin Givens, ...

A group of gifted high-school students are placed together into an "enrichment" class. Although brilliant, they have much to learn about each other and themselves.

Seasons:   5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 4 Series:

27 Sep 1989
S4, Ep1 - Back to School

The school year begins with three members of the IHP no longer there. And three new students, Alex, Viki and Aristotle joining the class. And the old students don't exactly welcome them with open arms.
04 Oct 1989
S4, Ep2 - Viki & Eric & Simone & Alex

11 Oct 1989
S4, Ep3 - The Ring of Darlene M.

18 Oct 1989
S4, Ep4 - Viki in Love

Viki thinks Mr. Moore is the one for her. And Alan thinks she's the one for him. And he freaks out when he finds who she thinks is the one for her.
25 Oct 1989
S4, Ep5 - Blunden in Love

01 Nov 1989
S4, Ep6 - The Bright Stuff: Part 1

08 Nov 1989
S4, Ep7 - The Bright Stuff: Part 2

15 Nov 1989
S4, Ep8 - Gotta Dance

Samuels wants someone from the school to enter a dance competition. Alex and T.J. volunteer. But when Alex fails a test, Moore says he can't compete. But Samuels really wants to win this one, so he asks Moore to let him take a make up test. Moore at first refuses. So Arvid offers to fill in. But Moore reconsiders so Alex takes the test during the competition. And Arvid is nervous about having to dance.
22 Nov 1989
S4, Ep9 - Good Mourning

29 Nov 1989
S4, Ep10 - Arvid Nose Best

When Arvid is snoring so loudly, Mr. Moore thinks it could be taken care of by surgery. So he decides to have it but is also thinking of having a nose job but when is under the anesthetic, he is not sure if he wants to go through with it. When he wakes up his nose is bandaged and the doctor has left and doesn't know if he had his nose done. So he walks around with the bandage on even though he's told he can remove it.
06 Dec 1989
S4, Ep11 - The Devil and Miss T.J.

T.J. is so desperate to be allowed to join the IHP that a guy offers to help her. But she later finds out the man is the Devil and he is going to collect.
13 Dec 1989
S4, Ep12 - Why Ronnie Can't Read

Dr. Samuels asks the IHP to help a student athlete get ready for college entrance exams. But it's during one of the sessions that they discover that he's illiterate. They try to help him so that he could take the test. But Mr. Moore upon learning of if, tells them this is just a temporary fix. He tries to convince the student he needs to learn how to read which coming out and admitting it.
03 Jan 1990
S4, Ep13 - The Joker Is Wild

10 Jan 1990
S4, Ep14 - Tough Guys Don't Sew

As part of her home economics class Viki has to make a dress. And when she has trouble Eric offers to help and it turns out he's good but he doesn't want anyone to know he does this.
17 Jan 1990
S4, Ep15 - Reel Problems

When Alex tries to land a girl by being deceitful. Mr. Moore tells him of the time Arvid trying to impress a girl claimed to be the head of school's "film society". And when the girl suggests a film that no one knows, they scramble to find it.
24 Jan 1990
S4, Ep16 - Alan Goes Crimson

Alan gets a chance to go to Harvard and is acting like a jerk. But when the man who was arranging it dies before he could. But even after learning of this he continues to act like he is going.
07 Feb 1990
S4, Ep17 - From Hair to Eternity: Part 1

Mr. Moore and the IHP decides to put on a production of Hair. But one of the teachers tries to stop it.
14 Feb 1990
S4, Ep18 - From Hair to Eternity: Part 2

21 Feb 1990
S4, Ep19 - Recruitment Day

28 Feb 1990
S4, Ep20 - The Quiet Kid

14 Mar 1990
S4, Ep21 - Simone Goes Overboard

When the class are on a boat Simone goes overboard and Dennis saves her. And when she acts beholden to him, he can't help but milk it for all it's worth. But Moore figures out the truth about what happened?
21 Mar 1990
S4, Ep22 - Queen, Queen, Queen for a Day

It's time for school prom and Arvid is among the ones who will choose who will be the prom queen, but he unwittingly tells Viki he'll support her. And he inadvertently tells Rhonda the same thing. And Darlene threatens him. When it's time for the queen to be chosen, Arvid stands up and for the prom queen to be abolished. When the girls are bummed out that the prom queen was canceled they get together and learn that Arvid promised they would be queen. So they decide to get back at him,
04 Apr 1990
S4, Ep23 - Politics of Love

Alan goes to a party. The next day he brags to the class that he hooked up with a model. They don't believe him. But she shows up to return something he left with her. But it seems he told her he's a teacher.
11 Apr 1990
S4, Ep24 - The Reel Charlie Moore

25 Apr 1990
S4, Ep25 - Cement Hi-Tops

Aristotle gets job videotaping a wedding. Later an FBI agent approaches him asking to see the video he shot. Aristotle asks why he wants to see it, he doesn't answer him. So Aristotle is hesitant to do what the agent says. The class wonders why the agent wants to see the video and when Aristotle tells them the name of the people who got married which is Italian, they jump to the conclusion that the people who got married are mobbed up.
02 May 1990
S4, Ep26 - Teacher's Pet