Trivia - Guiding Light (1952)
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Guiding Light (1952)

Country: USA

Genres: Drama

Taglines: Life happens here.

Director: Roy B. Steinberg, Brian Mertes, Matt Lagle, Adam Reist, ...

Writers: Melissa Salmons, David Kreizman, Kimberly Hamilton, Jill Lorie Hurst, ...

Stars: Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman, Lia Yang, Ron Raines, ...

Guiding Light takes place in the fictional Midwestern town of Springfield. In its early years the stories centered on the middle class Bauer family, but later the wealthy Spauldings, Chamberlains, and Lewises, along with the working class Reardons and others, took their own places of prominence, though the Bauers remained the heart of the show.

Seasons:   Unknown - 56 - 1

The character of India von Halkein (Mary Kay Adams) was originally slated to be Beth Raines' cousin, India Raines. Last minute rewrites made the character Alexandra's stepdaughter instead.
It's the world longest soap opera, credited on the Guiness Book of World Records.
The series received a special citation from the Emmy Awards' New York Chapter "for distinguishing itself as the longest running program in the history of daytime drama" in 1997.
The final episode aired on September 18, 2009.
Cast members reprised their roles from this soap opera in the TV-movie The Cradle Will Fall (1983).
When Charita Bauer had her leg amputated due to diabetes, it was written into the storyline by having her character Bert also having go through the same surgery.
Beverlee McKinsey asked the producers to consider her friend and former TEXAS costar Daniel Davis (THE NANNY) for the role of Alan Spaulding after Christopher Bernau died in 1988.
The show chose not to deal with some of its most significant off-screen deaths. When long-time cast member Charita Bauer died in 1985, it took the show a year (after persistent audience demands) to write in an off-screen death for her character Bert in 19
In 1989, Michael Zaslow, who was killed off as Roger Thorpe in 1980, was asked to return to GL to play Alan Spaulding after Alan's long-time portrayer Christopher Bernau died. Zaslow declined, saying he was too identified with the role of Roger. Because t
In 2002, Joan Collins made a well-publicized stint as Alexandra Spaulding, the third actress to play the role, but was soon replaced by Marj Dusay, the second actress to play Alex after the first, Beverlee McKinsey, played her for seven years. Collins wan
In the mid-1980s, Springfield dance club Wired For Sound played host to several real-life bands doing guest appearances on the show. One of the most famous of these guest bands, the B-52s, performed two songs and did offstage cameos with cast members thro
"The Guiding Light" began on radio, on 25 January 1937, and originally revolved around a minister named Rev. Dr. John Ruthledge (played by Arthur Peterson) and his congregation in Five Points, IL. At 68 years (although on radio it was cancelled by NBC, fi
The show's first color broadcast was on September 11, 1967. The first half-hour broadcast was on September 9, 1968. The first hour-long broadcast was on June 16, 1975. It was also the first broadcast to have the title of the series changed from "The Guidi
Head writer Doug Marland originally planned to have the character of Jackie Marler shot in cold blood by her schizophrenic sister-in-law Carrie Marler (Jane Elliot). When Elliot was fired, Marland killed Jackie off in a plane crash instead and had to scra
Many episodes of this show and other daytime TV shows are believed to be lost forever. It was live until the 1960s, and many episodes prior to that exist as kine-scopes (videotape was not invented until 1956). Procter and Gamble Productions did not begin
After she joined the show, Joan Collins made a comment in the press that the show planned to bring back the long-absent Roger Thorpe to do battle with her character Alexandra, Roger's ex-wife. She slyly proclaimed "You won't believe who they hired to play