Season 1 - Vegas (2012)
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Vegas (2012)

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Taglines: Let the sin begin.

Director: Matt Earl Beesley, Duane Clark, Roxann Dawson, Paul McCrane, ...

Writers: Nicholas Pileggi, Greg Walker, Nick Santora, Seth Hoffman, ...

Stars: Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, Carrie-Anne Moss, Taylor Handley, ...

Ralph Lamb, a former MP for the US Army, becomes sheriff. His brother, Jack, and his son, Dixon, are deputized. Meanwhile, Vincent Savino comes from Chicago to Vegas to run The Savoy hotel and casino.

Seasons:   1

Season 1 Series:

25 Sep 2012
S1, Ep1 - Pilot

While the Chicago mob sends Vincent Savino to Las Vegas to take over a casino and uncover a rat, the mayor appoints local rancher Ralph Lamb sheriff to investigate the murder of the governor's niece.
02 Oct 2012
S1, Ep2 - Money Plays

Vincent Savino tries to get to a killer in police custody before he makes a deal to turn on the mob, and gets some new help from Chicago to run the casino. Meanwhile, sheriff Lamb investigates the murder of a casino dealer.
09 Oct 2012
S1, Ep3 - All That Glitters

While the sheriff investigates the death of an Olympic boxer, Vincent runs into some difficulty when one of his Chicago bosses gets in trouble with the law.
23 Oct 2012
S1, Ep4 - (Il)Legitimate

Vincent makes new enemies when he tries to buy out a neighboring casino, and sheriff Lamb investigates the murder of a cleaning lady who was making trouble for her labor union.
30 Oct 2012
S1, Ep5 - Solid Citizens

Vincent tries to convince his visiting wife to stay with him in Vegas, the sheriff investigates the kidnapping of a gaming commission member's son, and a hitman for the Milwaukee crew comes to town searching for answers.
13 Nov 2012
S1, Ep6 - The Real Thing

Both Vincent and sheriff Lamb are on the hunt for a man making counterfeit casino chips, and Vincent throws his weight behind an unknown mayoral candidate after the mayor puts the squeeze on The Savoy.
20 Nov 2012
S1, Ep7 - Bad Seeds

When the bodies of the two missing Milwaukee mobsters surface and the hitman returns to town, sheriff Lamb puts Vincent under his own protective custody.
27 Nov 2012
S1, Ep8 - Exposure

The sheriff works with the Air Force to investigate the murder of a military doctor, and an old flame of Vincent's creates trouble when she comes to perform at the Savoy
11 Dec 2012
S1, Ep9 - Masquerade

The sheriff investigates the rape and murder of a young dancer, and Vincent takes steps to keep an oil tycoon up a million dollars from getting out of the casino.
18 Dec 2012
S1, Ep10 - Estinto

The sheriff discovers that a murdered contractor made lots of enemies, while Jack's courtship of Mia heats up. At the Savoy, Vincent gets disturbing news about Diane Desmond, and Dixon helps Vincent catch a thief.
08 Jan 2013
S1, Ep11 - Paiutes

The sheriff tries to stop two brothers on a robbery spree, Johnny Rizzo gets Vincent in trouble with the bank, and Mia needs Jack's help to bust a suspected card cheat.
15 Jan 2013
S1, Ep12 - From This Day Forward

While the sheriff's office investigates a murder connected to a divorce ranch, an old flame pays a visit to Ralph and Mia tells her dad about her relationship with Jack. Meanwhile, Vincent discovers that his wife is the rat.
29 Jan 2013
S1, Ep13 - Road Trip

A young singer in a family act is poisoned at a hotel, Vincent and his friends are stranded in the desert after their car breaks down, Jones escapes police custody, and Johnny Rizzo abducts Jack Lamb to get answers about Mia.
05 Feb 2013
S1, Ep14 - The Third Man

Jack hides from everyone that he killed Johnny Rizzo, Dixon helps an old friend caught up in an auto theft ring, and another hotel steals an up-and-coming singer from the Savoy.
19 Feb 2013
S1, Ep15 - Two of a Kind

The sheriff discovers that a shooting victim had two wives, the Feds shut down the Savoy's "skim" to Chicago, Dixon helps a young actress in town to shoot a movie, and both sheriff Lamb and Vincent suspect that Jack killed Johnny Rizzo.
05 Apr 2013
S1, Ep16 - Little Fish

When a Savoy employee is busted with an underage prostitute, the sheriff, the FBI and the casino all make their play to get the parties to cooperate. Meanwhile, Dixon and Violet's romance heats up.
12 Apr 2013
S1, Ep17 - Hollywood Ending

D.A. Reynolds stages a kidnapping and disappears with the Savoy's skim money. Meanwhile, Yvonne goes to Hollywood for an audition and Dixon joins her to see pay Violet a surprise visit, and Mia's birth mother arrives in Vegas.
20 Apr 2013
S1, Ep18 - Scoundrels

Violet returns to town and accuses Dixon of assaulting her, and Frank discovers that a dead guest may have been a con artist.
26 Apr 2013
S1, Ep19 - Past Lives

A Savoy employee with a phony identity is killed, and another employee holds Mia hostage. Meanwhile, Frank has some trouble with an investor, and Dixon and Yvonne's relationship gets off to a rocky start.
03 May 2013
S1, Ep20 - Unfinished Business

When Sheriff Lamb investigates the death of Porter Gainsely's attorney, it triggers retaliation attacks that puts Katherine in the hospital and leaves Lamb without a badge.
10 May 2013
S1, Ep21 - Sons of Nevada

After the sheriff, the D.A. and Frank Savino all come down hard on Porter Gainsley, he decides to fight back.