Season 9 - Matlock (1986)
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Matlock (1986)

Country: USA

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Director: Christopher Hibler, Harvey S. Laidman, Leo Penn, Frank Thackery, ...

Writers: Dean Hargrove, Gerald Sanoff, Joel Steiger, Anne Collins, ...

Stars: Andy Griffith, Nancy Stafford, Julie Sommars, Clarence Gilyard Jr., ...

"Matlock" features criminal defense attorney Ben Matlock seeking to prove the innocence of his client as he takes on his/her case, of which most involve murders. He does this with the help of a team of people, which changed from season to season but included over the years Conrad McMasters, daughter Charlene Matlock, and Cliff Lewis.

Seasons:   Unknown - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 9 Series:

13 Oct 1994
S9, Ep1 - The Accused

20 Oct 1994
S9, Ep2 - The Scandal

Lisa Swift works as a paralegal for attorney Bruce Parmelee. They go out to dinner with a wealthy Japanese client. Lisa is surprised when Bruce starts fondling her knee under the table. Later, he asks her to drive the client back to his hotel. The client said that Bruce promised she'd sleep with him. Lisa turned him down. She confronted Bruce the next morning. He tells her to come to his house at 9pm that evening to discuss it. Lisa goes to his house, but finds Bruce dead. Someone stabbed him in the chest with a letter opener. Bruce's wife returns, and finds Lisa, who...
27 Oct 1994
S9, Ep3 - The Dare

Wealthy philanthropist Malcolm Engle reveals his plan to murder someone close to Ben Matlock at a certain time and place and challenges Matlock to try and prove he did it. When Lt. Bob Brooks becomes the victim, Matlock struggles to break Engle's alibi and link him to the murder.
03 Nov 1994
S9, Ep4 - The Tabloid

10 Nov 1994
S9, Ep5 - The Coach

17 Nov 1994
S9, Ep6 - The Dating Game

Cliff's friend Fred is accused of killing the woman he met through a video dating service, so Jerri goes undercover as a client of the service in order to catch the real killer. Meanwhile, Matlock tries his own luck at video dating.
01 Dec 1994
S9, Ep7 - The Confession

08 Dec 1994
S9, Ep8 - Dead Air

05 Jan 1995
S9, Ep9 - The Getaway

12 Jan 1995
S9, Ep10 - The Verdict

02 Feb 1995
S9, Ep11 - The Deadly Dose

A malpractice suit is followed by a murder and Matlock must defend the accused killer--investigator Jerri Stone's sister.
09 Feb 1995
S9, Ep12 - The Target

After a judge is killed in a deliberate explosion, Matlock suspects he was the actual target of the killer. He looks back on past cases to find the culprit.
16 Feb 1995
S9, Ep13 - The Assault

After Matlock's car breaks down in the bad part of Atlanta, he befriends a tenant of run down apartment complex in the same area. His new friend is accused of assaulting the slum lord owner of the building and Ben serves as his lawyer.
27 Apr 1995
S9, Ep14 - The Heist

When Billy comes into money, he takes Ben on holiday - only to encounter agent Ed Wingate from the FBI on an undercover mission.
07 May 1995
S9, Ep15 - The Scam

Ben sidelines plans to attend a class reunion when Cliff is accused of murder.