Season 3 - Mad About You (1992)
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Mad About You (1992)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Director: David Steinberg, Gordon Hunt, Michael Lembeck, Thomas Schlamme, ...

Writers: Danny Jacobson, Paul Reiser, Victor Levin, Maria A. Brown, ...

Stars: Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt, John Pankow, Leila Kenzle, ...

This sitcom is about the fairly ordinary daily lives of a young couple of New Yorkers, too-nice-for-his-own-good filmmaker Paul Buchman and his assertive partner Jamie Stemple Buchman, who are almost constantly (working up to) bickering and making up with each-other and just about anybody else, notably his parents and siblings, her sister, their colleagues, friends, superintendent and neighbors, psycho-therapist, all kinds of staff, customers, officials, bystanders etc., even their dog Murray and his dog-walker.

Seasons:   7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 3 Series:

22 Sep 1994
S3, Ep1 - Escape from New York

It's a very hot day in New York City and with their air conditioner on the fritz, Paul and Jamie go out to eat in an effort to beat the heat. They go to their usual restaurant, Riff's, then they start talking about the time when they went to to the Jersey shore, had a great time and the clams were the best, only they can't remember the name of the place. Jamie suggests that they should go back to the Jersey shore and find the clam place because this could be their last chance for fun, since this is the last week of summer; She will be going back to school, Paul should...
29 Sep 1994
S3, Ep2 - Home

Rumors of the building going co-op escalate the hostility between the Buchmans and their British neighbors when the Conways want to take over their apartment to expand theirs. Meanwhile, the Conway's dog and Murray establish much friendlier relations.
06 Oct 1994
S3, Ep3 - Till Death Do Us Part

Paul and Jamie are getting ready to go to Jamie's Uncle Van's funeral. Jamie also was chosen to speak about him and she doesn't know what to say about him except how much she loved him and he loved her. When Lisa arrives, she's dressed in plaid. When asked why, she said he loved plaid and as we soon find out everyone at the funeral was dressed that way too. Jamie gets to decide where to spread his ashes, but she doesn't to know where. Paul suggests that Van's ashes be spread out at the winner's circle at the race track. Jamie agrees since she says that Uncle Van loved...
13 Oct 1994
S3, Ep4 - When I'm Sixty-Four

Wickers, the building superintendent, has a fight with his wife and stays with the Buchmans. Jamie needs to start using eye glasses and hates the idea. She decides to get contact lens. The woman at the store flirts with Paul.
20 Oct 1994
S3, Ep5 - Legacy

Paul will be making a short film on airline safety when a passenger boards a plane and Burt is having his annual midnight madness sale at his sporting goods store. Jamie helps Burt on promoting the sale and she finds herself enjoying doing it, since, she's making all the decisions and doesn't have to get approval from her superiors. Jamie also decided to start her own public relations firm. Paul starts to wonder if Jamie can do this and go to school at the same time and she assures him she can. In addition, Paul starts to wonder if she's doing this for herself and not...
03 Nov 1994
S3, Ep6 - Pandora's Box

Jamie is operating her public relations firm in the apartment and Paul announces that he's the finalist for a grant for his documentary on the History of Television. Problems arise when Paul is watching TV in the living room, doing research and Jamie's trying to her work there as well. Jamie suggests she get an office, but Paul reminds her that they agreed that they can't afford it, then Jamie suggests that Paul move to the bedroom and watch it there, but they don't have cable there and Paul is opposed to get an additional hookup. Fran suggests to Jamie that they ...
10 Nov 1994
S3, Ep7 - The Ride Home

On a cab ride home, Paul and Jamie recount how Fran's birthday party turned into a disaster when Paul met an NBC executive (Malick) and Jamie ran into an old flame (Stoltz).
17 Nov 1994
S3, Ep8 - Giblets for Murray

It's Thanksgiving; Paul and Jamie are cooking the big Thanksgiving dinner. feast. Paul's, as well as Jamie's parents, Lisa, Ira Fran and Jamie's Aunt Lolly will be there. While cooking, Paul and Jamie keep making frequent stops to the grocery store/deli near their apartment to buy marshmallows,etc to appease everyone, since that's what they want. After their third trip to the store to get salad to make Jamie's mother happy and canned cranberry jelly to make Paul's father happy and while they were gone, the table which was set buffet style (Paul and Jamie's decision) ...
08 Dec 1994
S3, Ep9 - Once More with Feeling

Paul and Jamie are constantly in a bad mood when they begin arguing every night over their torrid lovemaking and who was better in bed. Meanwhile, Fran and Ira mistakenly think they're to blame for Paul and Jamie's cold behavior towards them.
15 Dec 1994
S3, Ep10 - The City

In this view of the New York City populace at its cynical worst, Paul and Jamie are plagued by turbulent encounters with various strangers throughout the night as they travel across town to have their first meeting with Ira's new girlfriend.
05 Jan 1995
S3, Ep11 - Our Fifteen Minutes

PBS asks the Buchmans to film themselves in their apartment for 15 minutes with no cuts for a 'slice of life' documentary.
19 Jan 1995
S3, Ep12 - How to Fall in Love

While Paul and Jamie are out at Riff's and around town testing pick-up techniques for Paul's new dating video, Ira squares off with Susannah, an old school friend of Jamie's, at the Buchman's apartment with each one refusing to let the other stay there alone.
02 Feb 1995
S3, Ep13 - Mad About You: Part 1

In a flashback to January-March 1992, in the three months before Paul and Jamie's wedding, the chaos of planning the wedding only begins as the wedding invitations go out with a misspelling, then the menu choices are changed, no band is selected as well as no cake. Paul also pressures Jamie to quit her chain-smoking habit, who turns to binging.
02 Feb 1995
S3, Ep14 - Mad About You: Part 2

With just one week left to Paul and Jamie's wedding, things get even worse when Jamie's wedding dress doesn't fit because of her binging habit. No band is still selected, and Paul's older sister, Debbie, leaves her husband. While Paul and Jamie try to keep both their meddlesome and obnoxious parents at bay, Ira and his friends treat Paul to a bachelor party at a local gentleman's club.
09 Feb 1995
S3, Ep15 - Just My Dog

Murray is included in a commercial that Paul directs. Murray achieves fame, with all the attention that goes with fame. Jamie becomes a stage mother.
16 Feb 1995
S3, Ep16 - The Alan Brady Show

Paul gets TV legend Alan Brady to narrate his documentary about the history of television. The thing is, Mr. Brady will only do it if his show is mentioned more than it should be.
23 Feb 1995
S3, Ep17 - Mad Without You

Jamie goes to Connecticut to help her father for a few days. Paul is home alone and enjoys being king of the house. The time alone is not quite how he expects it to go.
09 Mar 1995
S3, Ep18 - Purseona

Lisa and Jamie seen to swap identities when they accidentally switch purses, leaving Jamie disorganized, Lisa suddenly competent, and Paul stuck without his passport just before he has to leave town to make a documentary on the Yukon wilderness.
30 Mar 1995
S3, Ep19 - Two Tickets to Paradise

Paul and Jamie are headed off to a tropical island resort given to them by Paul's parents, since they changed their minds about it and the trip is non-refundable, so Paul and Jamie have to pose as Burt and Sylvia Buchman. The trip has no TV or telephones and plenty of activities; Problem is the activities and the people who were matched to them are designed for Paul's parents. Jamie convinces Paul to play a game she used to do with Lisa when they were kids, where they would see how many different people they could be. Soon, they are saying that they are anything from ...
27 Apr 1995
S3, Ep20 - Money Changes Everything

Ira's ex-wife, Marianne, returns where she is now a wealthy person after her second husband died and left her a fortune, which soon leads to a feud between Ira and Paul when Paul refuses to accept an interest-free loan from the recently widowed Marianne.
04 May 1995
S3, Ep21 - Cake Fear

It's Paul's birthday once again and he lives in fear when this day comes every year; Not because he's a year older. but as he says, something bad always happens to him. Over the last four years, from 1991-94, we receive a "sample" of Paul's past birthday misfortunes and see why this "haunts" him every year since he was a kid; From Jamie almost leaving him, to having a catered party being given to him and only two people being there due to a freak spring snowstorm to having a surprise party thrown for him and is on the brink of crashing, due to a combination of ...
11 May 1995
S3, Ep22 - My Boyfriend's Back!

Paul is shooting a new movie about Pete, the last milkman in New York and neither he or Jamie can't seem to find time in their busy schedules, but they manage to plan on being together for pizza on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, Jamie and Fran have a new account, Ralphy's Diner and they're working on his new ad campaign. Ralphy tells Jamie and Fran that he's brought in a graphic artist as well, which turns out to be Jamie's ex-boyfriend Alan Tofsky. Both have different ideas for the as ad campaign and Lisa can see that this is not going to work out. When Jamie mentions ...
18 May 1995
S3, Ep23 - Up in Smoke

On their third wedding anniversary, Paul and Jamie go out with their friends to a strangely new ritzy nightclub called The Twilight Room. But afterward, Paul and Jamie's night out turns into "The Twilight Zone" when they slide in time into a parallel world where all evidence that they have ever met disappears, including their memories of each other. Now confined to this world as if Paul and Jamie never met; Paul is a free spirited man living with Ira, and Jamie is still a wealthy executive living with her boyfriend Allen.