Season 4 - Mad About You (1992)
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Mad About You (1992)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Director: David Steinberg, Gordon Hunt, Michael Lembeck, Thomas Schlamme, ...

Writers: Danny Jacobson, Paul Reiser, Victor Levin, Maria A. Brown, ...

Stars: Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt, John Pankow, Leila Kenzle, ...

This sitcom is about the fairly ordinary daily lives of a young couple of New Yorkers, too-nice-for-his-own-good filmmaker Paul Buchman and his assertive partner Jamie Stemple Buchman, who are almost constantly (working up to) bickering and making up with each-other and just about anybody else, notably his parents and siblings, her sister, their colleagues, friends, superintendent and neighbors, psycho-therapist, all kinds of staff, customers, officials, bystanders etc., even their dog Murray and his dog-walker.

Seasons:   7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 4 Series:

24 Sep 1995
S4, Ep1 - New Sleep-walking PLUS

After their most passionate night of love making (which is ironic since Paul can't recall it) the Buchman's decide they want to start trying to have a baby.
01 Oct 1995
S4, Ep2 - The Parking Space

Paul wants to buy the parking space that has just opened in their building but a reluctant Jamie may stop him.
08 Oct 1995
S4, Ep3 - The Test

While waiting at a bus stop, Paul & Jamie take a test in the Cosmopolitan magazine to see if they are compatible. Clips from previous episodes show how they met and their relationship developed.
29 Oct 1995
S4, Ep4 - The Good, the Bad and the Not-So-Appealing

While spending the day at Paul's parents apartment, Jamie mulls over whether or not to tell Sylvia that Paul and her are trying to get pregnant.
05 Nov 1995
S4, Ep5 - I Don't See It

Fran and Jamie have an interview with Lance Brockwell at City Hall. Paul is supposed to know him but cannot remember him. When he does, he visits Lance and it affects the job bid. Ira makes a bid on a store for expanding his business.
12 Nov 1995
S4, Ep6 - Yoko Said

Paul & Jamie visit Yoko Ono to see if she will work with Paul on a filming project. They try to be careful to not talk about The Beatles.
19 Nov 1995
S4, Ep7 - An Angel for Murray

Paul and Jamie finally admit they have no time to walk Murray so they hire Nat Ostertag, a dog walker.
26 Nov 1995
S4, Ep8 - The Couple

Paul & Jamie take Murray to a dog park to socialize with other dogs. Paul & Jamie meet the dog owners and find a new couple for double-dating. They offer show tickets to the couple when the tickets have already been offered to Fran and Ira.
17 Dec 1995
S4, Ep9 - New Year's Eve

Paul is scheduled to film the ball droppers in Times Square for New Years Eve, and Jamie going to the Mayor's ball. Everyone has plans, and they all change during the final minutes of the year.
07 Jan 1996
S4, Ep10 - Ovulation Day

Paul & Jamie are waiting for her ovulation date to have sex, to better the chances for creating a baby. When it does, things keep happening that them from being together. Debra, Paul's sister, reveals that she is gay and dating Joan.
14 Jan 1996
S4, Ep11 - Get Back

While making love, Jamie throws out her back. While stuck on the floor, Paul runs her errands and tries to take his father to an eye doctor appointment. While at home, Jamie finds ways to get food, water, and keep herself entertained,.
04 Feb 1996
S4, Ep12 - Dream Weaver

Paul and Jamie each have strange dreams with sexual undertones and bizarre happenings. They try to interpret them, but even the interpretations are bizarre.
18 Feb 1996
S4, Ep13 - Hot & Cold

The Buchman's apartment alternates from sweltering hot to freezing cold. Paul & Jamie continue to try creating a baby and the sex is getting old. Paul & Jamie get irritated with each other. Ira starts gambling again and problems arise.
25 Feb 1996
S4, Ep14 - Fertility

Paul & Jamie are upset that they are still not pregnant. Fran suggests checking into a fancy hotel for a relaxing, romantic evening. Mark suggests fertility enhancement procedures.
10 Mar 1996
S4, Ep15 - Everybody Hates Me

Ira dates a beautiful woman from the bakery. Paul shares the Blinky story from Ira's childhood. Jamie changes her hair and clothing to try something different. Her appearance causes different reactions. Paul thinks everyone hates him.
17 Mar 1996
S4, Ep16 - Do Me a Favor

Favors to each other abound with each one asking another one to complete a favor. Everything is complicated by Paul's fancy new camera.
24 Mar 1996
S4, Ep17 - The Glue People

Through phone calls, Paul & Jamie talk to friends: Mark thinks Fran and Ira are still seeing each other; Ira has problems with his girlfriend; Fran is worried about Mark. Jamie says they are the glue that connects everyone.
31 Mar 1996
S4, Ep18 - The Sample

Paul & Jamie take a sample of Paul's sperm to the hospital for testing, to see if he is the cause of their not being pregnant yet. They have less than an hour to get to the hospital, but everything seems to delay them.
14 Apr 1996
S4, Ep19 - The Procedure

Jamie goes to the hospital for a small diagnostic procedure with Fran's doctor. The doctor is very good looking. Ira pretends to be Paul's agent; Paul is fired from his job.
21 Apr 1996
S4, Ep20 - The Weed

Paul makes a documentary about a weed while Jamie plans a weekend vacation in Pennsylvania. He does not want to leave until the film is finished. Jamie has problems with the mayor's campaign. Mark & Fran go on a weekend vacation.
28 Apr 1996
S4, Ep21 - The Award

Jamie and Doug go to Albany for business, while Paul attends an awards ceremony for his film "Weed."
05 May 1996
S4, Ep22 - The Finale: Part 1

Jamie plans shower for Lisa; Paul plans anniversary party for Sylvia & Burt, Fran gets back with Mark and quits her job. Paul tells Jamie he walked with a woman; Jamie tells Paul she kissed a co-worker. Paul walks out.
12 May 1996
S4, Ep23 - The Finale: Part 2

Paul & Jamie are separated, each try to get over the hurt. They interact, plan the parties, and finally talk about the problem and their relationship.
19 May 1996
S4, Ep24 - The Finale: Part 3

As Paul & Jamie talk about their problems and marriage, they decide to make up and stay together. Jamie takes a pregnancy test.