Trivia - Undeclared (2001)
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Undeclared (2001)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: Forget about home. There's no place like a co-ed dorm.

Director: Greg Mottola, John Hamburg, Jay Chandrasekhar, Judd Apatow, ...

Writers: Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Rodney Rothman, Kristofor Brown, ...

Stars: Jay Baruchel, Carla Gallo, Charlie Hunnam, Monica Keena, ...

College freshman Steve Karp and his fellow dorm-mates embark on one the greatest experiences of their lives...unfortunately for Steve, his lonely and recently divorced father is tagging along for the ride.

Seasons:   1

The show's characters where based on the actual actors playing them and the series pilot wasn't written until all the actors were cast. The pilot episode was largely improvised with the actors making up most of their own dialogue.
Apatow wanted Jason Segel to play the lead role of Steven but Fox rejected the idea so Segel ended up in a supporting role instead.
This show marked the first time Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow and 'Adam Sandler' have worked together (though only for one episode). The three would work again on Funny People (2009).
Ron (played by Seth Rogen) has a Canadian flag hanging in his room. Rogen is Canadian, from Vancouver, British Columbia.
During filming of 'Undeclared,' Seth Rogen approached Judd Apatow with his script for Superbad (2007). They read the script with Rogen reading for Seth, 'Jason Segal' reading for Evan, Martin Starr reading for Fogel, and Kyle Gass and 'David Krumholtz' as
'Jason Segal' and 'Carla Gallo' play a couple where Segal's character is supposedly eight years older than Gallo's character. In real life, Carla Gallo is five years older than Jason Segal. The actors later reunited as an on-screen-couple briefly in Forge
Christina Payano made multiple appearances as a student in the floor before she was introduced as Tina. She is seen in the background many times and she has two speaking parts as a loser girl obsessed with Lloyd. Cast and crew enjoyed her so much they dec