Season 2 - Body of Proof (2011)
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Body of Proof (2011)

Country: USA

Genres: Crime, Drama

Taglines: Get away with murder? Over their dead bodies.

Director: Christine Moore, Nelson McCormick, Eric Laneuville, John Terlesky, ...

Writers: Christopher Murphey, Diane Ademu-John, Matthew V. Lewis, Corey D. Miller, ...

Stars: Dana Delany, Jeri Ryan, Geoffrey Arend, Windell Middlebrooks, ...

Having lost her medical license in the aftermath of a family tragedy, Megan Hunt M.D. joined the medical examiners and proved herself a forensic genius. Yet even diplomatic Medico-legal Investigator Pete Dunlop can't prevent her arrogant attitude and total disregard for any authority or social norm to cause grave aggravation all around. Still, as long as the perpetrators suffer most, the bulldozer approach pays off on the balance.

Seasons:   3 - 2 - 1

Season 2 Series:

20 Sep 2011
S2, Ep1 - Love Thy Neighbor

When a car careens out of control over an embankment, killing a middle-aged man in the driver's seat, Megan learns that all is not well on a pretty suburban cul-de-sac. Looking past the perfect picket fences, she and her team are startled by the lives spinning out of control and the ever-changing suspect roster.
27 Sep 2011
S2, Ep2 - Hunting Party

When a wealthy tycoon's much younger new wife, Julie Loeb, is shot at a family deer-hunting outing, suspects abound. The tycoon, Martin Loeb, is such a likely suspect that Megan openly accuses him and is fired from the case by Kate, at the request of the highly-influential Martin. Martin's ex-wife, Alexandra Loeb, had a clear financial motive, but his grown children are also potential suspects. Megan and Kate's relationship grows ever chillier, but Megan's new case, that of a bludgeoned man killed in a bad neighborhood, brings her right back to the initial murder.
04 Oct 2011
S2, Ep3 - Missing

Megan investigates the death of a young nanny run down by a car and discovers that her 5-year-old charge has been kidnapped -- and requires medication. A handsome FBI agent, Derek Ames, is assigned to the case. Meanwhile, Bud comes under scrutiny when an interrogation of the prime suspect in the kidnapping takes a wrong turn; and Megan's mother, Joan, offers to help her, but Megan is leery - is it just a PR stunt for her mother's re-election?
11 Oct 2011
S2, Ep4 - Lazarus Man

A man, presumed dead, who walks off Ethan's examination table leads the team to a shocking discovery.
18 Oct 2011
S2, Ep5 - Point of Origin

Peter stumbles upon a house fire in progress before the fire department arrives and is able to rescue a young woman. When Megan goes to the scene of the fire, she discovers that there is another victim who perished in the fire. This dismays Peter, who didn't know there was someone else in the house and now has a personal attachment to this case. As Megan begins her investigation, she is usurped by veteran arson investigator Ray Easton and his young colleague, Skip, who challenge her at every step. When Megan complains to her boss, Kate wryly remarks that people ...
25 Oct 2011
S2, Ep6 - Second Chances

A champion equestrian is killed and potential drug use is suspected, but when Megan's daughter, who also rides, overhears details of the case, she leads the team to a clue and possibly the murderer.
01 Nov 2011
S2, Ep7 - Hard Knocks

When a popular 17-year-old high school student is found dead after a rave, the team must decipher various unknown drugs in his system and multiple bruises to figure out the cause of death. Meanwhile, Meghan is finally starting to date again after the divorce, but her ex-husband springs some shocking news on her and her daughter, causing tension at home.
15 Nov 2011
S2, Ep8 - Love Bites

A woman is found in the river. They discover she bled out but there's no blood where they found her. They learn that she was poisoned. They learn she's a pharmaceutical rep. They learn that she was having an affair with a married doctor. He tells them she died while they were together. He was afraid so he threw her body in the river and cleaned up where they were. When he tells them how she died helps them to find out what happened to her. And Megan is making a room for her daughter but is not asking her what she wants.
29 Nov 2011
S2, Ep9 - Gross Anatomy

A murdered young woman's body turns up in place of a medical school cadaver during class, leaving Megan to rely on the aid of the star student to help solve the case.
06 Dec 2011
S2, Ep10 - Your Number's Up

When a recent lottery winner is found brutally murdered, everyone becomes a suspect.
03 Jan 2012
S2, Ep11 - Falling for You

After a bride plummets to her death on her wedding day, everyone from the angry ex boyfriend to the over bearing father is a suspect. But just like a bride herself, Megan pays attention to every tiny detail until she can solve the crime. Meanwhile, Ethan is falling hard for the new girl, Dani, but she already seems to have found a love interest with someone else on the team.
10 Jan 2012
S2, Ep12 - Shades of Blue

When an undercover cop is found executed at a truck stop, the search for the killer hits close to home.
17 Jan 2012
S2, Ep13 - Sympathy for the Devil

When a woman, recently found innocent of her child's murder by Judge Joan Hunt, is killed, Megan and her staff must find who did it. A sensationalistic reporter impedes their progress. Meanwhile, because of the controversy surrounding the case, Judge Hunt is voted out of office.
14 Feb 2012
S2, Ep14 - Cold Blooded

When the owner of a family owned and operated Italian restaurant turns up dead in the freezer, Dr. Hunt and the team take a closer look into family matters. Meanwhile, Peter must face his own haunted past.
21 Feb 2012
S2, Ep15 - Occupational Hazards

After a car accident reveals a dead body in the trunk, the team is led to another body, leaving them with two cases to solve, while Megan is reconnected with an old acquaintance and Kate's job is threatened.
28 Feb 2012
S2, Ep16 - Home Invasion

When the parents of a perfect family are murdered and discovered by their son, the team soon realizes that things are not as it seems. Meanwhile Curtis struggles with his new position, and Megan's new love life heats up.
13 Mar 2012
S2, Ep17 - Identity

When two young girls are in a tragic car accident, one is left in critical condition and the other is found dead at the scene. As Megan and her team investigate the case, however, they realize there has been an awful mistake. Not only was the wrong girl pronounced dead, but the car accident may not have been the actual cause of death.
27 Mar 2012
S2, Ep18 - Going Viral, Part 1

Megan and the team are faced with a city-wide outbreak of a lethal virus.
03 Apr 2012
S2, Ep19 - Going Viral, Part 2

As more people die, the team must figure out how to treat the virus.
10 Apr 2012
S2, Ep20 - Mind Games

Megan comes face-to-face with a serial killer she helped put away.