Season 1 - Justice League (2001)
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Justice League (2001)

Country: USA

Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure

Director: Dan Riba, Butch Lukic, Joaquim Dos Santos

Writers: Dwayne McDuffie, Stan Berkowitz, Bill Finger, Rich Fogel, ...

Stars: Carl Lumbly, George Newbern, Phil LaMarr, Kevin Conroy, ...

Forces of evil, chaos, and destruction await. Not even protectors like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Hawkgirl or the Martian Manhunter may have a chance alone. But together as the Justice League, they are a metahuman force (and a hope) to be reckoned with.

Seasons:   5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 1 Series:

17 Nov 2001
S1, Ep1 - Secret Origins

Batman and Superman team up to deal with an alien invasion, and a telepathic message leads the duo to a military base housing future ally J'onn J'onzz.
17 Nov 2001
S1, Ep2 - Secret Origins: Part II

With the nation's warheads disarmed by Superman after a peace initiative, the heroes rally to stop nocturnal alien invaders from blocking out the sun.
17 Nov 2001
S1, Ep3 - Secret Origins: Part III

The heroes are captured by the aliens just as their leader, the Imperium, arrives. After vanquishing the invasion, they decide to officially join forces as the Justice League.
19 Nov 2001
S1, Ep4 - In Blackest Night

Green Lantern is brought up on charges of genocide and is forced to attend an intergalactic trial courtesy of the Manhunters.
26 Nov 2001
S1, Ep5 - In Blackest Night: Part II

Suspecting a railroad job, the League digs deeper into the charges against the Lantern. When the Guardians of the Universe arrive, the Manhunters' true motivation is revealed.
03 Dec 2001
S1, Ep6 - The Enemy Below

The team encounters an agitated Aquaman while trying to rescue a submarine crew. His opinion of surface dwellers doesn't improve after an attempted assassination by Deadshot.
10 Dec 2001
S1, Ep7 - The Enemy Below: Part II

The team is captured after helping Aquaman stop an underwater coup by his half-brother, Orm. Struggling to free himself and his son from death, Aquaman sacrifices his own hand.
21 Jan 2002
S1, Ep8 - Paradise Lost

Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island after her abrupt departure, only to find the Amazons turned to stone. Sorcerer Felix Faust demands three mystical artifacts as the ransom.
28 Jan 2002
S1, Ep9 - Paradise Lost: Part II

While helping Wonder Woman liberate her island, the League discovers Faust is attempting to free Hades and open a portal to Tartarus, a pit of souls.
24 Feb 2002
S1, Ep10 - War World

While handling an asteroid in space, Superman and J'onn J'onzz are captured and banished to Warworld, a planet where combatants are forced to duel to the death.
03 Mar 2002
S1, Ep11 - War World: Part II

Fight promoter and new contestant Mongul instructs Superman to throw the fight against him, or he'll destroy the enslaved Draaga's home planet.
10 Mar 2002
S1, Ep12 - The Brave and the Bold

Gorilla Grodd uses a mind-control device to obtain isotopes that will help destroy Gorilla City. To that end, he enlists Flash to oppose the Green Lantern.
17 Mar 2002
S1, Ep13 - The Brave and the Bold: Part II

Central City is under the rule of Grodd, who plans on attacking Gorilla City with missiles. As Flash confronts the maniacal ape the team races to stop the destruction.
07 Apr 2002
S1, Ep14 - Fury

The Justice League must battle a fanatical Amazon scheming to kill all the men in the world.
14 Apr 2002
S1, Ep15 - Fury: Part II

With the male heroes suffering from Aresia's bio-weapon, the female Justice Leaguers race to stop their foe before she can contaminate the entire planet.
21 Apr 2002
S1, Ep16 - Legends

Several Leaguers are flung into another dimension populated with Green Lantern's childhood comic book heroes, the Justice Guild.
28 Apr 2002
S1, Ep17 - Legends: Part II

Still trapped in an alternate dimension, the Leaguers help the Justice Guild wage war against the Injustice Guild. But the secret behind this reality threatens to erase them all.
06 Sep 2002
S1, Ep18 - Injustice for All

Arrested and terminally ill, Lex Luthor breaks out of prison to assemble a team of supervillains to help him destroy the Justice League.
13 Sep 2002
S1, Ep19 - Injustice for All: Part II

His illness treated by Ultra-Humanite, Luthor pressures his cadre of super-villains to combat the League. While captured, Batman exploits the greed of the group to his advantage.
20 Sep 2002
S1, Ep20 - A Knight of Shadows

The League joins with Etrigan the Demon to battle Morgan Le Fay's scheme of world conquest for her son.
27 Sep 2002
S1, Ep21 - A Knight of Shadows: Part II

The diabolical Le Fays finally obtain the Stone and plan to use it to revert England back to Medieval Times; Wonder Woman resists the advantage of Harv Hickman-just before he is turned into a parasite.
04 Oct 2002
S1, Ep22 - Metamorphosis

Green Lantern's friend is transformed into a monstrous elemental shape-shifter by his jealous employer and is tricked into thinking Green Lantern is responsible.
11 Oct 2002
S1, Ep23 - Metamorphosis: Part II

A confused Mason/Metamorpho is finally convinced the League is there to help him. Together they race to head off the newly transformed Stagg before he kills Mason's fiancé-his own daughter.
09 Nov 2002
S1, Ep24 - The Savage Time

The Justice League go back in time to World War II to prevent the immortal Vandal Savage from using future technology to change history.
09 Nov 2002
S1, Ep25 - The Savage Time: Part II

Mired in World War II, the Leaguers discover that Vandal Savage has usurped Hitler and is getting technology from his future self, setting the stage for his eventual rule.
09 Nov 2002
S1, Ep26 - The Savage Time: Part III

With the help of Sgt. Rock, the League races to stop Savage's plans to invade the U.S. with warplanes and forever alter the course of world history.