Season 5 - Justice League (2001)
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Justice League (2001)

Country: USA

Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure

Director: Dan Riba, Butch Lukic, Joaquim Dos Santos

Writers: Dwayne McDuffie, Stan Berkowitz, Bill Finger, Rich Fogel, ...

Stars: Carl Lumbly, George Newbern, Phil LaMarr, Kevin Conroy, ...

Forces of evil, chaos, and destruction await. Not even protectors like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Hawkgirl or the Martian Manhunter may have a chance alone. But together as the Justice League, they are a metahuman force (and a hope) to be reckoned with.

Seasons:   5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 5 Series:

17 Sep 2005
S5, Ep1 - I Am Legion

The newly-escaped Lex Luthor is given a membership test for Gorilla Grodd's Legion of Doom.
17 Sep 2005
S5, Ep2 - Shadow of the Hawk

Shayera is approached by an archaeologist who is convinced that he is the reincarnated husband of a previous incarnation of her.
24 Sep 2005
S5, Ep3 - Chaos at the Earth's Core

Green Lantern, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E. and Supergirl are drawn to the subterranean world of Skartaris to assist the Warlord, Travis Morgan.
24 Sep 2005
S5, Ep4 - To Another Shore

Wonder Woman finds herself fighting a team from the Legion of Doom determined to steal the frozen body of the Viking Prince.
11 Feb 2006
S5, Ep5 - Flash and Substance

A day in the life of Wally West aka The Flash. The day includes West at his day job, as a Criminal Lab tech, the dedication of the Flash Museum, and the attacks of four villians.
18 Feb 2006
S5, Ep6 - Dead Reckoning

Deadman calls on Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to help him recover an orb containing the souls of a monastic order that was stolen by the Legion of Doom.
25 Feb 2006
S5, Ep7 - Patriot Act

The paranoid General Eiling turns himself into a superstrong brute to kill Superman and only seven non-powered soldiers of the JL can deny him victory.
04 Mar 2006
S5, Ep8 - The Great Brain Robbery

Lex Luthor and The Flash find they've accidentally exchanged personalities in each other's body.
11 Mar 2006
S5, Ep9 - Grudge Match

Roulette enlists the ladies of the JLU in her new & improved all-girl gladiatorial arena.
15 Apr 2006
S5, Ep10 - Far from Home

On her 21st birthday, Supergirl is transported to the 31st century along with Green Lantern and Green Arrow, to help the "Legion of Super-Heroes" combat "The Fatal Five". However, according to future sources, it is a mission from which she does not return.
29 Apr 2006
S5, Ep11 - Ancient History

Hawkman returns with Shadow Thief and discovers the true nature of his relationship with Hawkgirl.
06 May 2006
S5, Ep12 - Alive!

When Lex Luthor sends the Hall of Doom into outer space to find the remains of Brainiac, Grodd breaks free of his prison to lead a mutiny.
13 May 2006
S5, Ep13 - Destroyer

The resurrected Darkseid leads his force on an all-out attack on Earth in revenge against Superman and the Justice League and the Legion of Doom must join forces to stop him.