Season 2 - Shake It Up! (2010)
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Shake It Up! (2010)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Family

Director: Joel Zwick, Shelley Jensen, Alfonso Ribeiro, Eric Dean Seaton, ...

Writers: Chris Thompson, David Tolentino, Kevin Bonani, Jenn Lloyd, ...

Stars: Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Davis Cleveland, Roshon Fegan, ...

The adventures of best friends CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue who, with the help of Rocky's brother Ty and his best friend Deuce Martinez, fulfill their dreams of becoming professional dancers when they land roles as dancers on a local show, "Shake It Up, Chicago!". CeCe and Rocky deal with their circumstances, by adapting and maintaining their social status at school while watching CeCe's little brother, Flynn, and the antics of their TV show which includes matching the skills of their competition, notably brother and sister, Gunther and Tinka. The show also has storylines which include Rocky's brother, who also has dance and rapping skills.

Seasons:   3 - 2 - 1

Season 2 Series:

18 Sep 2011
S2, Ep1 - Shrink It Up

When Gary starts singing the praises of his new therapist, Dr. Pepper, CeCe signs up herself and Rocky for a few sessions in order to kiss up. At their appointment, the girls discover they may have more issues with each other than they thought. Meanwhile, Flynn buys a toy dinosaur that doesn't work well. When Ty takes him to complain about it, they both get hired to test out new toys. Also Gunther and Tinka decide to try and be nice to someone and they pick Deuce. Near the end of the episode there's a flashback with a pre-school aged Rocky and CeCe. There we see when ...
25 Sep 2011
S2, Ep2 - Three's a Crowd It Up

An unknown dance crew gets to perform the opening number.
02 Oct 2011
S2, Ep3 - Shake It Up, Up & Away

CeCe and Rocky risk being booted from "Shake It Up, Chicago!" - and learn a lesson about friendship and judgment - when on a group bus trip, they make a detour to a reality show audition. Meanwhile, Deuce and Ty vie for a job at Crusty's Pizza Parlor.
09 Oct 2011
S2, Ep4 - Beam It Up

Cece and Rocky are asked out on a date by two weird guys. Flnn and Henry are brought to outer space by an alien who needs their help to save his planet.
23 Oct 2011
S2, Ep5 - Doctor It Up

Rocky's dad Dr. Curtis Blue is unhappy to find out that Rocky is dancing.
06 Nov 2011
S2, Ep6 - Review It Up

An entertainment blogger gives 'Shake It Up, Chicago' a bad review.
13 Nov 2011
S2, Ep7 - Double Pegasus It Up

Deuce has been delivering pizza to a choreographer with a dance move.
20 Nov 2011
S2, Ep8 - Auction It Up

CeCe and Rocky set up a fundraiser to help save a dance studio.
27 Nov 2011
S2, Ep9 - Camp It Up

CeCe and Rocky decide to host their own dance camp for kids.
11 Dec 2011
S2, Ep10 - Jingle It Up

CeCe does some last minute Christmas shopping for her mom.
08 Jan 2012
S2, Ep11 - Apply It Up

Rocky and CeCe audition for a highly exclusive dance academy.
22 Jan 2012
S2, Ep12 - Split It Up

Gunther and CeCe are selected to be guest dancers on Good Morning, Chicago.
19 Feb 2012
S2, Ep13 - Copy Kat It Up

A fan copies CeCe's look and plots to take her place on the show.
26 Feb 2012
S2, Ep14 - Egg It Up

Rocky and Cece are paired up in a school science project.
11 Mar 2012
S2, Ep15 - Judge It Up

Rocky and CeCe take Gunther and Tinka to small claims court.
25 Mar 2012
S2, Ep16 - Parent Trap It Up

Rocky is convinced CeCe's dad has come back to re-propose to CeCe's mom.
01 Apr 2012
S2, Ep17 - Weird It Up

Rocky and CeCe hire an agent who promptly books them on a game show.
15 Apr 2012
S2, Ep18 - Whodunit Up?

An alleged "phantom" threatens to shut down "Shake It Up, Chicago," an CeCe and Rocky must regrettably team up with Gunther and Tinka in order to prevent that from happening. Meanwhile Ty has a secret admirer, and seeks help from Deuce to find out who she is.
13 May 2012
S2, Ep19 - Tunnel It Up

Rocky, CeCe and Tinka are excited about their first formal dance at school.
20 May 2012
S2, Ep20 - Protest It Up

School uniforms will soon be instated, Rocky and CeCe take up the cause.
03 Jun 2012
S2, Ep21 - Wrestle It Up

Georgia gets a security job on a movie shooting in town.
10 Jun 2012
S2, Ep22 - Reality Check It Up

Rocky and CeCe host a viewing party for a 'True Teen Life' reality show.
01 Jul 2012
S2, Ep23 - Rock and Roll It Up

Gary's grandma explains that she was on one of the first teen dance shows.
15 Jul 2012
S2, Ep24 - Boot It Up

CeCe signs herself and Rocky up for a summer dance boot camp.
29 Jul 2012
S2, Ep25 - Slumber It Up

Rocky, CeCe and Dina invite Tinka to their slumber party.
05 Aug 2012
S2, Ep26 - Surprise It Up

Rocky tries to throw CeCe a surprise birthday party.
12 Aug 2012
S2, Ep27 - Embarrass It Up

CeCe and Rocky embarrass themselves on live TV.
17 Aug 2012
S2, Ep28 - Made in Japan

A 90-minute song and dance-filled event follows best friends Rocky and CeCe as they travel to Tokyo to star in an interactive dance video game. While there, Rocky plans to explore Japan, but CeCe wants to seize the chance to become global dance superstars, their longtime dream. Meanwhile, there's a Mission Impossible-style race against time to save the world from The Rocky and Cece computer virus.