Season 9 - JAG (1995)
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JAG (1995)

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Director: Bradford May, Tony Wharmby, Alan J. Levi, Jeannot Szwarc, ...

Writers: Donald P. Bellisario, Dana Coen, Dana Coen, Stephen Zito, ...

Stars: David James Elliott, Patrick Labyorteaux, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, ...

Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. and Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie are JAG lawyers, who together investigate and litigate crimes committed by Navy and Marine personnel. Occasionally, they engage in adventurous activities in order to solve their cases. With Rabb's fighter pilot background, and MacKenzie's good looks, they are a hot team both in and out of the courtroom.

Seasons:   10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 9 Series:

26 Sep 2003
S9, Ep1 - A Tangled Webb: Part 2

Gunny takes Webb to a hospital, Harm and Mac survive a "hard landing", and they all rejoin in the city. Harm and Mac chase the Islamic drugs-and-arms dealer but fail to catch him; the two continue to examine and discuss their relationship.
03 Oct 2003
S9, Ep2 - Shifting Sands

Webb, Mac, and Harm return from Paraguay. A sailor became MiA in the Gulf War 12 years before, and she reappears as a member of a nomadic tribe. Bud investigates in Iraq, then he prosecutes, and Mac defends. Harm interviews with the CIA.
10 Oct 2003
S9, Ep3 - Secret Agent Man

Harm, with a former client, flies for the CIA; they fix a problem in the Philippines, and they escape. Harriet has given birth to another son, and she and Bud hold a christening party. Midn. Mike Roberts helps a friend at the Naval Academy.
17 Oct 2003
S9, Ep4 - The One That Got Away

A Marine faces a charge of dereliction after becoming lost in Iraq in a sandstorm; Sturgis prosecutes, and Mac defends. Harm flies again for the CIA, aboard a spy plane for a training hop, which turns into a real mission over North Korea.
24 Oct 2003
S9, Ep5 - Touchdown

With foreign civilian passengers Harm and Beth land a damaged C-130 aboard USS Seahawk. A Navy seaman, having converted to the Islamic faith, stands accused of taking part in al-Qaeda activities; Sturgis and Bud prosecute, and Mac defends.
31 Oct 2003
S9, Ep6 - Back in the Saddle

Cdr. Imes never passed a bar exam; she goes on trial for fraud and conduct unbecoming; Sturgis prosecutes, and Mac and Bud defend. Harm flies as a crop-duster. Coates tries to get the admiral to take Harm back. Harm and the admiral meet.
07 Nov 2003
S9, Ep7 - Close Quarters

Sturgis helps a US submarine with 10 survivors of the sinking of a North Korean midget submarine, and Harm helps (as do Mac and the admiral) an underprivileged WW2-era Navy veteran with a legal problem. Harm stays in touch with Mattie.
14 Nov 2003
S9, Ep8 - Posse Comitatus

A Marine helo gunship intervenes during a standoff at a ranch; Mac prosecutes the pilot, and Harm defends. Bud investigates a Naval Reserve physician who, a conscientious objector, has received his medical education at Navy expense.
21 Nov 2003
S9, Ep9 - The Boast

A Marine claims to have killed an Iraqi PoW; Bud prosecutes, and Mac defends. During a baseball game a pitcher hits a batter; the pitcher faces a charge of assault; Harm prosecutes, and the admiral defends. Harm stays in touch with Mattie.
02 Dec 2003
S9, Ep10 - Pulse Rate

A sailor dies at sea; another sailor is blamed; Harm and Mac investigate; Mac prosecutes, and Harm defends. The admiral asks Coates to plan the wedding, but she overdoes. Harriet coordinates for a USO Christmas tour, and Mike meets a girl.
12 Dec 2003
S9, Ep11 - A Merry Little Christmas

Harm's petition for a guardianship meets ups and downs; Mac tries hard to help. The admiral has trouble with a gift for Meredith, and Coates lends a hand. Sturgis stews, and he meets a new friend; his father preaches a Christmas sermon.
09 Jan 2004
S9, Ep12 - A Girl's Best Friend

The stone in Meredith's engagement ring leads to an underworld industry, an inside man at the Naval Research Lab, an arrest, a conviction, and more investigations. Harm takes custody of Mattie, and the admiral makes a shattering discovery.
16 Jan 2004
S9, Ep13 - Good Intentions

A woman Navy ensign has died, and a seaman stands accused of both murder and attempted rape; Harm prosecutes, and Mac defends. Mac, the defendant, and his chaplain all are alcoholics in recovery. A guard overhears a supposed confession by the sailor, but Mac figures out what had really happened. A commander in a SEAL training unit stands charged of fraud and larceny; Sturgis prosecutes, and Bud defends; the accused reveals to Bud that he had embezzled the funds with which to buy stolen goods on a Russian black market -- all for the benefit of the Navy and the USA. The...
06 Feb 2004
S9, Ep14 - People vs. SecNav

In Iraq two F-14 Tomcats bomb a hospital, which Iraqi forces have turned into a bunker; 32 civilians die. The SecNav stands trial in the International Criminal Court; Harm, Mac, and Bud defend him. Little A.J. disappears and reappears.
13 Feb 2004
S9, Ep15 - Crash

An F-18 Hornet crashes on the deck while attempting to land aboard a carrier at sea, and the pilot dies instantly; Harm and Mac investigate, and they suspect suicide. The pilot's squadron commander stands accused of dereliction of duty for his having failed to help the pilot and ground him (because of his expression of his depression and suicidal thinking); Mac prosecutes, and Harm and Bud defend. Suddenly the suicide theory crumbles, then Harm and Bud find the real problem and the person responsible. Bud practices his skills in suicide prevention; he also reaches out...
20 Feb 2004
S9, Ep16 - Persian Gulf

A battery explosion deafens Harm. The CIA's diamond expert, Van Duyn, disappears, along with 24 of the Navy's synthetic diamonds. Sadik returns and plans new terrorist attacks, but Mac intercepts him and takes care of him and his plans.
27 Feb 2004
S9, Ep17 - Take It Like a Man

A discharged Marine is recalled to active duty to stand trial for the unauthorized wearing of a Silver Star; Harm prosecutes, and Mac defends. The admiral sends Mac to see a shrink. Bud loses a snake. Harm and Mattie have ups and downs.
12 Mar 2004
S9, Ep18 - What If

After dinner at a Chinese restaurant the gang takes part in a round of what might have become if the various people had set out on different roads. They wind up at a party at Harriet's castle, and they see one another in a different light.
02 Apr 2004
S9, Ep19 - Hard Time

Mac discovers the reason for a false positive result of a drug test for an angry woman enlisted Marine, and Harm and Bud represent a senior chief petty officer who is HIV-positive, and whose privacy has become compromised.
30 Apr 2004
S9, Ep20 - Fighting Words

During a guest sermon a Marine general has made remarks about the Islamic faith; this publicly boils into a court-martial; Mac prosecutes, and Harm defends. Bud investigates a complaint of racial bias against Sturgis, and he resolves it.
07 May 2004
S9, Ep21 - Coming Home

A Marine dies in an ambush in Iraq; his sister is a classmate of Mattie; Harm and Mattie help the mother and the sister of the Marine. Bud investigates the failure of the body armor. Harm and Mattie continue to understand each other better.
14 May 2004
S9, Ep22 - Trojan Horse

A kilo of heroin disappears during the seizure of a foreign ship. Harm and Mac investigate; they find the missing kilo, then they find the culprit. Bud helps a Marine with a recording contract who now must deploy. Bud and Mike talk again.
21 May 2004
S9, Ep23 - Hail and Farewell: Part 1

Harriet receives a commendation, then she changes to the inactive reserve because she has become pregnant with twins. Six men have died in a rough sea while trying to rescue a party in a rubber boat; Sturgis investigates. The admiral appears to stay in a happy mood. When he confirms his reservation for his wedding reception at the O Club in Annapolis, he converts it into his retirement party, which turns into a dining out. Harm learns that Mattie's father was not drunk at the time of the wreck; Mattie reconciles with her father. Webb appears to keep his promise to ...