Season 4 - Frasier (1993)
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Frasier (1993)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Director: David Lee, Kelsey Grammer, Pamela Fryman, James Burrows, ...

Writers: David Angell, Peter Casey, Glen Charles, Les Charles, ...

Stars: Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves, David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, ...

Eminent Boston Psychiatrist, Frasier Crane, last seen gracing the bars of Cheers has left his life there to start afresh in Seattle. He now has a spot as a popular radio Psychiatrist, giving him the chance to spread words of wit and wisdom to the masses. He shares his apartment with his retired cop father, Martin, and his father's physical care assistant, Daphne Moon. Add in brother Niles, Eddie the dog, some bizarre situations and plenty of humour and you've got all the ingredients for an excellent show and worthy successor to Cheers.

Seasons:   11 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 4 Series:

17 Sep 1996
S4, Ep1 - The Two Mrs. Cranes

Daphne's ex-fiancé, Clive, visits her in Seattle to declare his continuing love for her. Rather than tell him the truth, that she can't see a future for them, she pretends to be married to Niles.
24 Sep 1996
S4, Ep2 - Love Bites Dog

Roz sets Frasier up with her friend Sharon, but Bulldog steals her away. After spending the weekend with her, Bulldog shocks both Frasier and Roz by falling in love with her. Martin searches for the maker of his classic shoes.
15 Oct 1996
S4, Ep3 - The Impossible Dream

Frasier is tormented by a recurring erotic dream in which he wakes up in a cheap hotel bed with Gil Chesterton. He desperately searches for any psychological explanation besides the obvious one.
22 Oct 1996
S4, Ep4 - A Cranes' Critique

Frasier and Niles are thrilled to catch sight of T.H. Houghton, a reclusive author from their youth. They are aggravated, however, when Martin forms a friendship with the man but they are consistently unable to meet him.
12 Nov 1996
S4, Ep5 - Head Game

Frasier takes a leave of absence, and Niles fills in on his show for a week. Giving some brief advice to one of Bulldog's guests, a basketball player, Niles turns his game around. Niles is elated to be the center of attention from fans, and from Martin. He later realizes that the player's improvement has less to do with Niles's advice than a belief that ruffling his hair brings good luck.
19 Nov 1996
S4, Ep6 - Mixed Doubles

Joe breaks up with Daphne, and Niles eagerly decides to make his move. Frasier advises him to wait a day. Niles does, but is crushed when Roz takes Daphne to a singles bar and she meets a man. What makes it weird is that the man, Rodney, looks, dresses, talks, and acts exactly like Niles.
26 Nov 1996
S4, Ep7 - A Lilith Thanksgiving

Frasier, Martin, and Niles fly to Boston for Thanksgiving. Frasier and Lilith go together for an interview with the principal of an exclusive boarding school, hoping to gain a spot for Frederick. They are so dogged that the principal agrees to admit Frederick if they both promise that he'll never lay eyes on either of them again.
09 Dec 1996
S4, Ep8 - Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven

Martin accompanies Frasier and Niles to their favorite restaurant, where Frasier heaps praise on the hideous paintings that the owner has bought to secure a good table. Martin and the boys get into a fight over who should pay the check. Later, Martin feels bad and makes up by buying Frasier one of the paintings. Frasier can't bear to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Niles's spineless side is on display in response to Maris's underhanded tactics to draw guests away from a party he's throwing on the same night as hers.
07 Jan 1997
S4, Ep9 - Dad Loves Sherry, the Boys Just Whine

Maureen, Martin's policewoman girlfriend, breaks up with him. Martin is delighted, and takes up with Sherry, a barmaid at McGinty's. Frasier and Niles can't stand the woman, but neither has the guts to say so.
14 Jan 1997
S4, Ep10 - Liar! Liar!

Frasier feels guilty when he finds out that a prank they played in prep school led to a bully being expelled. Frasier tracks the man down, and finds out he is in prison.
21 Jan 1997
S4, Ep11 - Three Days of the Condo

Frasier runs for condo board president, against the tyrannical Ms. Langer. Niles lends his apartment to Martin for a romantic evening with Sherry, but inadvertently walks in on the two of them in flagrante.
11 Feb 1997
S4, Ep12 - Death and the Dog

Eddie is feeling depressed, and Martin calls a dog psychiatrist. Frasier and Niles make fun of the idea, but ruminating about the possible reasons for Eddie's funk leads them to dwell on all the reasons to be unhappy with their own lives.
18 Feb 1997
S4, Ep13 - Four for the Seesaw

Frasier and Niles, on a whim, share a table at Cafe Nervosa with two attractive women, which develops into a double date and then a weekend trip to the country.
25 Feb 1997
S4, Ep14 - To Kill a Talking Bird

Niles invites his new neighbors over for a dinner party, but has trouble removing his new pet bird from the top of his head.
11 Mar 1997
S4, Ep15 - Roz's Krantz & Gouldenstein Are Dead

Roz is sentenced to community service for a speeding ticket. Visiting elderly people in a retirement home, she panics when one, and then another of her charges dies suddenly.
01 Apr 1997
S4, Ep16 - The Unnatural

Frederick comes to visit Seattle. Hearing Bulldog planning the station team's softball game, Frederick wonders why Frasier isn't playing. Bulldog covers and says Frasier is a great athlete. Frederick wants to see his dad play, and Frasier, rather than let him down, tries to learn to hit a ball in two days. Niles is eaten up with jealousy when Daphne's innocent fondness for Frederick allows for more intimate contact than he's ever experienced.
15 Apr 1997
S4, Ep17 - Roz's Turn

A vacant time slot opens at the radio station, and Roz applies for a job hosting her own show. Frasier muses aloud that he'll be sorry to lose her as his producer. Unfortunately, Bebe overhears, and sabotages Roz. In contrition, Frasier asks Roz what he can do to make it up to her. She tells him to fire Bebe.
22 Apr 1997
S4, Ep18 - Ham Radio

Frasier tries to direct an old-time radio drama for KACL, but his over-directing turns the show into a complete disaster - just as Niles predicted.
29 Apr 1997
S4, Ep19 - Three Dates and a Breakup

Frasier hosts a benefit party at his apartment, and is ecstatic when three women come on to him. However, his first date is ruined by Sherry's obnoxious intrusion. The next morning, he is surprised to see Martin and Sherry fighting, and then break up. Daphne tries to adopt an American accent. After a chance meeting with a gossipy high school friend, during which she looks less than her best, Roz becomes obsessed with trying to find him again and impress him.
06 May 1997
S4, Ep20 - Daphne Hates Sherry

During a heat wave, Sherry's constant presence at the apartment gets on Daphne's nerves. They get into a serious fight, and she storms out of the apartment. Unable to find another place, she asks to spend the night with Niles. Frasier tries to fight off the flu.
13 May 1997
S4, Ep21 - Are You Being Served?

Niles suggests to Maris that they go into marriage counseling; she responds by serving him with divorce papers. Daphne tries to throw out a box of Martin's unused junk. Frasier and Niles look through it and find an old scientific journal by their mother. She observes that Frasier has a fear of physical contact, and Niles is easily cowed by females. Niles confesses that he returned the divorce papers with a groveling note begging Maris to take him back. While Maris is away, he and Frasier sneak into her mansion to steal them back.
20 May 1997
S4, Ep22 - Ask Me No Questions

Over coffee at Cafe Nervosa, Niles asks Frasier if he thinks Niles and Maris are meant to be together. Frasier typically over-analyzes the question, turning to everyone for advice, and obsessing about the proper answer to the point of obliviousness to anything else.
27 May 1997
S4, Ep23 - Odd Man Out

Frasier's loneliness is brought into sharp focus during an evening when all his family and friends have a date except him; eating alone in a restaurant, the last straw comes when a man at the next table proposes to his fiancée, to the applause of everyone. Frasier finds himself drawn to a mysterious woman's voice when she leaves a wrong-number message on his machine. He goes to meet her at the airport. She is pleased to meet him, but confesses that she's married. Though he is disappointed, Frasier is still pleased with his own adventurousness, and on a whim he boards ...