Season 7 - Full House (1987)
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Full House (1987)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family

Director: Joel Zwick, John Tracy, Bill Foster, Jeff Franklin, ...

Writers: Jeff Franklin, Dennis Rinsler, Marc Warren, Ellen Guylas, ...

Stars: John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, ...

This is a story about a sports broadcaster later turned morning talk show host Danny Tanner and his three little girls, D.J. (Donna Jo), Stephanie and Michelle Tanner. Before the show begins, Danny Tanner's wife is killed by a drunk driver. So he needs help raising his three little girls. He asks his rock musician brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis, and his comedian best friend, Joey Gladstone, to move in with them. As the show goes on, Jesse gets married to Rebecca Donaldson, Danny's co host of the talk show. The two have kids of their own, who are twins, Alexander and Nicholas Katsopolis. However, the show is about what happens as the story is going on.

Seasons:   8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 7 Series:

14 Sep 1993
S7, Ep1 - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

DJ, Stephanie and Michelle come home from summer camp. Michelle brings home a rabbit she was supposed to let go, but as Danny says he should be let go, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle go back to camp with Steve and let the rabbit go. When they get there they find the bunny gone, Steve's car stuck and a surprising visitor.
21 Sep 1993
S7, Ep2 - The Apartment

Steve gets an apartment and D.J goes for a visit. She falls asleep on the couch and Danny gets angry when she doesn't come home on time. He goes to the building and looks through the window.
28 Sep 1993
S7, Ep3 - Wrong-Way Tanner

While her skills are questionable, Michelle is having lots of fun playing on the soccer team- until she scores the winning goal for the other team. Meanwhile, Stephanie catches everyone's most embarrassing moments on her video camera.
05 Oct 1993
S7, Ep4 - Tough Love

Nicky and Alexander's behavior gets out of hand when Becky and Jesse can't bring themselves to discipline them; when Jesse finally puts his foot down he starts to regret it after the boys call him 'mean daddy'.
12 Oct 1993
S7, Ep5 - Fast Friends

Stephanie meets new friends, but soon feels pressured to smoke. Jesse and Joey host a radio show called Teen Talk; or is it Yakkin' With Youth?
19 Oct 1993
S7, Ep6 - Smash Club: the Next Generation

Jesse is surprised to learn that he has inherited an old night club where his band used to play. But he soon learns that reopening the run-down building for a new generation takes more than just good ideas.
26 Oct 1993
S7, Ep7 - High Anxiety

Michelle wants Danny to stop treating her like a baby. Jesse can't make decisions about the renovation of his club.
02 Nov 1993
S7, Ep8 - Another Opening, Another No Show

The Smash Club is about to open, but everything that can go wrong does; Joey books the wrong band, Kimmy gives her waitress uniform a "creative" touch, and no one can find the owner- Jesse.
09 Nov 1993
S7, Ep9 - The Day of the Rhino

Michelle and her friends get ripped off after sending in their money for giant plush Rigby rhino dolls and confront Rigby during a public appearance at the mall. Vicki and Becky teach D.J. a lesson how guys will say anything to compliment women's appearances, while Jesse and Danny teach Steve how to comment women's looks tactfully.
16 Nov 1993
S7, Ep10 - The Prying Game

Stephanie and Kimmy resort to snooping around Steve's apartment when they suspect that he's cheating on DJ with another girl. Meanwhile, Jesse, Joey, and Danny tape an infomercial to sell a hair care accessory that Jesse invented, which ends in chaos.
23 Nov 1993
S7, Ep11 - The Bicycle Thief

When Michelle's bike is stolen, everyone sets out on a search to find it. Unfortunately, they recover three bikes, non of which are Michelle's. To make matters worse, the family realizes they have now stolen these bikes- and the local crime stoppers group realizes it too!
30 Nov 1993
S7, Ep12 - Support Your Local Parents

Joey runs for president of the PTA after the school cancels art class due to budget cuts. To help his campaign, Denise calls in her uncle (Little) Richard, who agrees to appear at a rally at the Smash Club.
14 Dec 1993
S7, Ep13 - The Perfect Couple

Joey has been hired as the host for a test-run of a new game show called The Perfect Couple, which tests couples at different stages in their relationships, to see how well they know each other. DJ and Steve are the "dating couple", Danny and Vicki are the "engaged couple", and Jesse and Rebecca are the "married couple". But as it turns out, the game starts to bring out the worst in all three relationships.
04 Jan 1994
S7, Ep14 - Is It True About Stephanie?

After Stephanie makes a date with Gia's crush, Gia spreads a nasty rumor, prompting Stephanie to fight back with a prank of her own. Meanwhile, Danny's behavior after his break up with Vicki makes the rest of the family wonder if he's cracking up.
11 Jan 1994
S7, Ep15 - The Test

D.J. stresses out over taking the S.A.Ts, despite her family's reassurances that 'it's just a test'.
25 Jan 1994
S7, Ep16 - Joey's Funny Valentine

Joey thinks he has found his dream girl, comic Roxy Mardin, But she turns out to be a nightmare.
08 Feb 1994
S7, Ep17 - The Last Dance

During his visit to San Francisco, Jesse's beloved grandfather, Papouli, dies in his sleep. Jesse and Michelle are both devastated as they try to come to terms with his death.
15 Feb 1994
S7, Ep18 - Kissing Cousins

Jesse's cousin Stavros comes to visit and takes advantage of the whole family.
01 Mar 1994
S7, Ep19 - Love on the Rocks

When she starts hanging out with Kimmy and her new boyfriend (who can't keep their hands off of each other), DJ realizes that she and Steve have really cooled off. So when Steve goes on a class trip to Los Angeles, DJ contemplates whether or not the two of them have a future as a couple. Meanwhile, after Joey pulls a prank on the rest of the family, they make a plan to have the last laugh.
15 Mar 1994
S7, Ep20 - Michelle a la Cart

Michelle is excited about building a go-cart with Aunt Becky, but gets discouraged when she hears her dad & Uncle Jesse teasing Becky. Stephanie shows Joey some ballet moves. DJ and Steve deal with the fact that they are no longer a couple.
05 Apr 1994
S7, Ep21 - Be Your Own Best Friend

Danny suggests Michelle's class do a project of drawing their best friend. But when Michelle can't decide whether to draw Teddy or Denise, they quit being friends with her.
03 May 1994
S7, Ep22 - A Date with Fate

Danny's date and D.J.'s date meet and become attracted to each other. Rebecca's sons, Nicky and Alexander, learn a Mother's Day song.
10 May 1994
S7, Ep23 - Too Little Richard Too Late

To help try and save the art program at Michelle's school, Joey runs for president of the PTA. Little Richard guest stars as Denise's uncle and performs at Joey's pre-election rally.
17 May 1994
S7, Ep24 - A House Divided

A rich man who used to live in the Tanner house makes Danny a handsome offer to buy it back. The rest of the family's excited about moving on to new and bigger places, but Michelle tries to stop the sale so the family won't split up.