Season 3 - Sons of Anarchy (2008)
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Sons of Anarchy (2008)

Country: USA

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Taglines: Let freedom ride

Director: Paris Barclay, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, Guy Ferland, Bill Gierhart, ...

Writers: Kurt Sutter, Roberto Patino, Chris Collins, Dave Erickson, ...

Stars: Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Tommy Flanagan, ...

Sons of Anarchy, aka SAMCRO, is a motorcycle club that operates both illegal and legal businesses in the small town of Charming. They combine gun-running and a garage, plus involvement in porn film. Clay, the president, likes it old school and violent; while Jax, his stepson and the club's VP, has thoughts about changing the way things are, based on his dead father's journal. Their conflict has effects on both the club and their personal relationships.

Seasons:   Unknown - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Season 3 Series:

07 Sep 2010
S3, Ep1 - So

The aftermath of Abel's kidnapping has the Sons reeling - especially Jax, whose grief sends him into deeper turmoil over his future with the MC. Meanwhile Gemma, still on the lam, is hit with some unexpected news from her past.
14 Sep 2010
S3, Ep2 - Oiled

To get intel on Abel's whereabouts, Jax and the club help a bounty hunter track down a skip. Meanwhile, Gemma deals with family issues.
21 Sep 2010
S3, Ep3 - Caregiver

The club exploits its porn connections to entertain Henry Lin's clients, which doesn't sit well with one member.
28 Sep 2010
S3, Ep4 - Home

Samcro heads north to help Happy with a pharmaceutical favor in redneck territory. Gemma tries to put old family matters to rest.
05 Oct 2010
S3, Ep5 - Turning and Turning

To help his mom, his club, and his son, Jax conspires with an unlikely source; meanwhile, the MC puts Chucky undercover.
12 Oct 2010
S3, Ep6 - The Push

To protect their territory, Sons of Anarchy must handle a rat at St. Thomas.
19 Oct 2010
S3, Ep7 - Widening Gyre

The Grim Bastards have a problem that could jeopardize Samcro's new business arrangements.
26 Oct 2010
S3, Ep8 - Lochan Mor

When Samcro pays a visit to another charter, not everyone's happy to see the mother chapter.
02 Nov 2010
S3, Ep9 - Turas

SAMCRO tries to get answers from Jimmy, but finds themselves in an explosive situation; and Hale looks into the attack at the gym while Tig and the others search for answers on their own.
09 Nov 2010
S3, Ep10 - FĂ­rinne

The IRA wants proof that one of their own has flipped and Samcro intends to give it to them.
16 Nov 2010
S3, Ep11 - Bainne

While the club's on a man hunt, Jax faces the toughest decision of his life.
23 Nov 2010
S3, Ep12 - June Wedding

With a member of the Samcro family held hostage, Jax must choose between revenge or the good of Charming.
30 Nov 2010
S3, Ep13 - NS

Both the ATF and the Russians prove to be obstacles as the club looks to heal old wounds and settle old scores.