Full Cast & Crew - Bumpin Uglies (2016)
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Bumpin Uglies (2016)

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: It's not porn, it's prostitution!

Director: Susie Griswold, Kevin Craig West


Stars: Susie Griswold, Kevin Craig West, S. Samantha Adams, Greg Aidala, ...

Detective Sara Ross leads her misfit Police team on a hunt to find Pinsky, the world's most notorious prostitution ring leader, only to come head to head with Mavis Bonder's FBI team, causing a stir in her case and her short temper.


Susie Griswold
Kevin Craig West


Angela Beddoe associate producer
Mark Fallon associate producer
Susie Griswold producer
Kevin Pryor executive producer
Ben Vinson executive producer
Eric Vollweiler associate producer
Kevin Craig West producer
Josh Wick associate producer


Susie Griswold Sara
Kevin Craig West Mavis
S. Samantha Adams Black Woman
Greg Aidala Brian
John Bard Teamster
Michael Barkowski Pinsky #1
Marie Bianchi Reporter
Leanne Cabrera Lai-Ling
Joy Canfield Church Lady
Jon Russell Cring Malone
Jennifer DeCristofano News Reporter
Gabrielle DeJesus Bitchy Customer
Victor DiMaria Pinsky #2
Jenna Dott Jennifer
Mark Fallon Urich's Assistant
Bethany Finkin Bambi
James Gaudreau Chizzel
Lauren Hill Copy Center Clerk
Kelly Hurley Counselor
Robert Jordan Campaign Staff Volunteer
Rich Lounello Carlos
Carolyn Matthei Photojournalist
Phil Matthei Preist
Eric Oakes Mickey
Briana Payne young Sara
Katie Payne Hooker #1
Jennie Pines Island Waitress
Ron Pucherelli Sr. Chief McAvoy
Nancy Stead-Ramos Hooker #2
Terence Tolman Gardening Customer
Yury Tsykun Urich
Christopher Dandre Williams Chuck
Benita Zahn Stacey Collins
Richard Lounello Carlos (as Rich Lounello)