Full Cast & Crew - The Poppy Is Also a Flower (1966)
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The Poppy Is Also a Flower (1966)

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Taglines: The story of another war more deadly...more destructive...against the world wide opium conspiracy.

Director: Terence Young

Writers: Jo Eisinger, Ian Fleming

Stars: Senta Berger, Stephen Boyd, Yul Brynner, Angie Dickinson, ...

In an attempt to stem the heroin trade from Iran, a group of narcotics agents working for the UN inject a radioactive compound into a seized shipment of opium, in the hopes that it will lead them to the main heroin distributor in Europe. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious woman doing her own investigating of the smuggling operation. Together, they follow the trail as it leads them through the back alleys and luxury resorts of Europe.


Terence Young


Jo Eisinger (screenplay)
Ian Fleming


Michael Dalamar associate producer (as Michael Delamar)
Adolf Eder producer
Euan Lloyd producer
Edgar Rosenberg executive producer
Simon Schiffrin delegate producer
Karl Spiehs producer
Del Tenney executive associate producer


Senta Berger Maxine
Stephen Boyd Benson
Yul Brynner Colonel Salem
Angie Dickinson Linda Benson
Georges Géret Superintendent Roche (as Georges Geret)
Hugh Griffith Salah Rahman Khan
Jack Hawkins General Bahar
Rita Hayworth Monique Marko
Trevor Howard Sam Lincoln
Trini López Himself (as Trini Lopez)
E.G. Marshall Coley Jones
Marcello Mastroianni Inspector Mosca
Amedeo Nazzari Captain Di Nonno
Anthony Quayle Captain Vanderbilt
Gilbert Roland Serge Marko
Harold Sakata Martin
Omar Sharif Dr. Rad
Barry Sullivan Chasen
Nadja Tiller Dr. Bronovska
Eli Wallach 'Happy' Locarno
Jocelyn Lane Society Photographer
Luisa Rivelli Miss Hatif
Laya Raki Luisa
Sylvia Sorrente Virgia (as Silvia Sorrente)
Howard Vernon Dr. Pineau
Marilù Tolo Sophia Banzo (as Marilu Tolo)
Violette Marceau Minor Role
Gilda Dahlberg Marko's Table Guest
Morteza Kazerouni Minor Role
Bob Cunningham Hunter (as Robert Cunningham)
Ali Oveisi Minor Role
Yvan Chiffre (uncredited)
Georges Douking Financier of Marko (uncredited)
Bessie Love Minor Role (uncredited)
Paolo Magalotti Bandit Who Knocks Out Benson (uncredited)
Charles Millot Financier of Marko (uncredited)
Jean-Claude Pascal Galam Khan (uncredited)
Michel Thomass Nightclub Maître D' (uncredited)
Grace Kelly Herself in Prologue (uncredited)