Full Cast & Crew - Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot (2013)
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Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot (2013)

Country: Italy, Slovenia, France

Genres: Comedy, Family

Director: Matteo Oleotto

Writers: Daniela Gambaro, Matteo Oleotto, Marco Pettenello, Pier Paolo Piciarelli, ...

Stars: Giuseppe Battiston, Teco Celio, Rok Prasnikar, Roberto Citran, ...

Paolo, passes his days dragging himself between drinking sessions in the local bar with his friends, an unsatisfying job and an infantile stalking of his ex-wife. One day, he comes across his nephew Zoran, a curious boy of fifteen, born and raised in the mountains along with an aunt that Paolo did not know to have. After her death, Paolo is the only person who can take care of the boy. Thanks to the wise man owner of the Paolo's usual bar, he discovers that Zoran has a bizarre and unexpected gift: he is a real champion in playing darts. This is an opportunity for Paolo to take a revenge against the world. But things do not always develop as we would like them to.


Matteo Oleotto


Daniela Gambaro (writer)
Matteo Oleotto (writer)
Marco Pettenello (writer)
Pier Paolo Piciarelli (writer)


Miha Cernec co-producer
Ognjen Dizdarevic executive producer
Luca Pancaldi line producer
Igor Princic producer


Giuseppe Battiston Paolo
Teco Celio Gustino
Rok Prasnikar Zoran
Roberto Citran Alfio
Marjuta Slamic Stefanja
Peter Musevski Notaio
Riccardo Maranzana Ernesto
Ivo Barisic Dott.Vrtovec
Jan Cvitkovic Jure
Maurizio Fanin Jozko
Mirela Kovacevic Barista
Ariella Reggio Clara
Rossana Mortara Vigilessa
Doina Komissarov Anita
Sylvain Chomet Guru delle freccette
Karolina Cernic Segretaria
Marco Valdemarin Vigile
Pierpaolo Bordin Giocatore di dama
Giorgio Wernigg Struja
Joze Bukovec
Bogdana Bratuz
Massimo Devitor Maestro coro
Paolo Boro Coro
Ivan Prugnola Coro
Luigi Spesot Coro
Alessandro Gregorat Coro
Alessandro Bressan Coro
Ruggero Giraldi Coro
Fabio Comelli Coro
Enrico Luca Coro
Erminio Amori Coro
Paolo Brumat Coro
Marc Biscontini the Messiah
Matteo Oleotto Impiegato agenzia viaggi