Full Cast & Crew - 51 Christopher Street (2017)
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51 Christopher Street (2017)

Country: USA

Genres: Drama, History, Romance

Taglines: The Summer that started the movement

Director: J. Niles, J.R. Niles

Writers: J.R. Niles

Stars: Hilary Greer, Marc Sinoway, Kerry McGann, Addie Daddio, ...


J. Niles
J.R. Niles


J.R. Niles (writer)


Addie Daddio associate producer
Jon Hutman supervising producer
J. Niles producer
Chansopheak Tong associate producer
Henry Deas co-producer
Derick LaSalla development executive
J.R. Niles development executive / producer (as J. Niles)
Kimberly Skyrme associate producer / producer
Robin McWilliams associate producer
Justin Kreinbrink line producer


Hilary Greer Savannah
Marc Sinoway Val
Kerry McGann Rachel
Addie Daddio Samantha
Anastasia Barzee Jamie
Richard Lampone Manny
Ben Van Bergen James
Rain Dove Dubilewski Bo
Bob Mundy Alex
Bill LaVallee Red
Robyn Spangler Cate
Nomi Ellenson TJ News Photographer
Marian Fontana Dr. Lilly Cohen
Bret Levick Jake
Carole Ita White Rita
Michael Elian Sweet Manny
Chris Dyer Griffin
Justine Griffiths
Marie Elena O'Brien Bartender
Stefania Spampinato Diva
Stacy Sullivan Maggie
Savannah Brown Mia
Dara Adler
Julia Parker Chris
Ali Hoffmann Emily
Carole White Rita (as Carole Ita White)
Nicholas Downs Nico
Maggie Wagner Raven
Claudette Lali Emillia
Lawrence R. Leritz Russ