Goofs - Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985)
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Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985)

Genres: Biography, Drama

Taglines: On November 25, 1970, Japan's greatest author Yukio Mishima commited an act that shocked the literary world...

Director: Paul Schrader

Writers: Paul Schrader, Leonard Schrader, Yukio Mishima

Stars: Ken Ogata, Masayuki Shionoya, Hiroshi Mikami, Junya Fukuda, ...

A fictionalized account in four segments of the life of Japan's celebrated twentieth-century author Yukio Mishima. Three of the segments parallel events in Mishima's life with his novels (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji), Kyoko's House, and Runaway Horses), while the fourth depicts 25 November 1970, "The Last Day"...
Shadow of camera and operator on the ground, to the bottom left of frame, as the garrison assembles for Mishima to deliver his address.
General Mashita wiped the sword with tissue paper, not cloth.
Mishima didn't exaggerate his illness. He was declared unfit for military service because of an inexperienced Army physician's misdiagnosis.
It was Morita, not Mishima, who locked the doors. When he saw that some doors couldn't be locked, Mishima ordered them barricaded.
There were two cadets outside the building, not just Morita.
The globe's stand was not knocked during the scuffle.
The word "country" written in Japanese kanji on the hachimaki is the simplified character. On the actual hachimakis, the kanji for "country" was the long traditional form.
Chiba Koga did not try to strangle Mashita with the polishing cloth. He had given the polishing cloth to Mishima to wipe the sword and used his hands to throttle the General from behind.
In the road scene, when Mishima and his crew are going to the Ministery of Defence, many models of cars can be seen which existed when the movie was filmed, but did not exist in the year the events happened (1970).