Full Cast & Crew - Picture Bride (1994)
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Picture Bride (1994)

Genres: Drama, Romance

Taglines: Hawaii, 1918. She left Japan for a man she had never met, in a new world she couldn't imagine... America.

Director: Kayo Hatta

Writers: Kayo Hatta, Mari Hatta, Diane Mei Lin Mark

Stars: Yûki Kudô, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Tamlyn Tomita, Akira Takayama, ...

The story of 16-year-old Riyo who journeys to Hawaii in 1918 to marry a man she has never met, except through photographs and letters they have exchanged. Hoping to escape a troubled past and to start anew, Riyo is bitterly disappointed upon her arrival: her husband is twice her age and Hawaii is not the paradise she expected. As Riyo comes to terms with her new home, she discovers a land full of hardship, struggle--and unexpected joy.


Kayo Hatta


Kayo Hatta (story)
Mari Hatta (story)
Diane Mei Lin Mark (story)


Nina Blake associate producer
Cellin Gluck executive producer
Dana Satler Hankins line producer
Diane Mei Lin Mark executive producer
Paul Mayersohn co-executive producer
Eleanor R. Nakama associate producer
Lisa Onodera producer


Yûki Kudô Riyo
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Kanzaki
Tamlyn Tomita Kana
Akira Takayama Matsuji
Yôko Sugi Aunt Sode
Christianne Mays Miss Pieper
Toshirô Mifune The Benshi
Michael Ashby McCullum
James Grant Benton Antone
Glenn Cannon Mer. Pieper
Lito Capiña Augusto
Peter Clark Christian minister
Warren Fabro Felipe
Michael Hasegawa Immigration officer
Kyle Kakuno Yamamoto
Moe Keale Hawaiian fisherman
Kati Kuroda Yayoi
Jessica Louie Kei-chan
Natasha Mamiya Kei-chan
Melvin Miranda Miguel
Keiji Morita Photographer
Hatsuko Otsuka Fumi
Dawn Saito Geisha
Riki Sugimoto Gambler
Traci Toguchi Uto
Jason Scott Lee Worker collecting pay (uncredited)