Trivia - King of the Wind (1990)
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King of the Wind (1990)

Genres: Adventure

Director: Peter Duffell

Writers: Marguerite Henry

Stars: Richard Harris, Glenda Jackson, Frank Finlay, Jenny Agutter, ...

In 1727, an Arab colt is born with the signs of the wheat ear and the white spot on his heel: evil and good. And thus begins the life of Sham. He is a gift to the King of France, through a series of adventures with his faithful stable boy, Agba, he becomes the Godolphin Arabian, the founder of one of the greatest thoroughbred racing lines of all time.
John Abineri was cut out of this film
The last theatrical film of Anthony Quayle.
The last film of Ralph Bates.
Last cinema film of Glenda Jackson.
Richard Harris filmed his role in one day.
This was Anthony Quayle's final film before his death on October 20, 1989 at the age of 76. He died seven months before the film was released.
John Abineri was cut out of this film.
This was Ralph Bates's final film before his death on March 27, 1991 at the age of 51.
This was Glenda Jackson's final film before her retirement from acting.