Full Cast & Crew - Sailing to Paradise (2014)
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Sailing to Paradise (2014)

Country: Slovenia

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director: Blaz Zavrsnik

Writers: Klemen Janezic, Ajda Smrekar, Blaz Zavrsnik

Stars: Klemen Janezic, Ajda Smrekar, Igor Zuzek, Stane Tomazin, ...

A young man struggling with the death of his parents meets an extroverted girl who joins him on his sailing trip. While spending time together, the dark secrets they are both running away from start to show.


Blaz Zavrsnik


Klemen Janezic (written by)
Ajda Smrekar (written by)
Blaz Zavrsnik (written by)


Jani Sever producer
Klemen Janezic co-producer
Bostjan Kacicnik co-producer
Bojan Mastilovic co-producer
Andrej Nagode co-producer
Lev Predan Kowarski co-producer
Ajda Smrekar co-producer
Blaz Zavrsnik co-producer


Klemen Janezic
Ajda Smrekar
Igor Zuzek Stric
Stane Tomazin Bratranec