Justice Devil (2014)
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Country: Singapore

Genres: Thriller

Taglines: Revenge Will Be Justified

Director: Harva Raj


Stars: Ris Low

Justice Devil is a 2014 Singapore vigilante film directed by Harva and stars Ris Yin Min & Michael Chua. The film takes place in Singapore and Malaysia and tells the story of Ellen who is driven to find justice for the death of her daughter. A few years back, Ellen (Ris Yi Min) accidentally involve herself in a gang. After a long struggle, she managed to disassociate herself with them by running away to nearby country with her daughter. They eventually find out the whereabouts of her location and kidnap her daughter, Mikka, to teach her a lesson about loyalty. George (Jullius Eddy) who is the youngest member of the gang kills the little girl to prove his superiority to his bosses. After finding out the death of her daughter, Ellen plans to get rid of the killers by herself. Series of carefully planned plot and techniques will let Ellen come close to her former friends and offer to reveal even darker secrets about her.