An Angel Comes to Brooklyn (1945)
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Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Musical

Director: Leslie Goodwins

Writers: Lee Wainer, June Carroll, Stanley Paley

Stars: Kaye Dowd, Robert Duke, David Street, Barbara Perry, ...

High up in Actors' Heaven---where those actors who have taken their final curtain on earth still maintain a lively interest in theatrical activity---there is a bell which has been named Minnie. When a struggling young actor on Broadway has sufficient faith in himself---if he believes strongly enough in his ability and talent---then Minnie rings out clearly, signaling that the time is right for an angel to leave Actors' Heaven and go down to earth to help a worthy, but-as-yet-successful actor or actress. When versatile, young Karen James refuses to be discouraged by her rejection by producer Rodney Lloyd, Minnie rings out loudly and clearly. Phineas Aloysius Higby, who was a magician before he was called to Actor's Heaven, begs to be allowed to go earthward to help Karen and is finally assigned the job. Phineas rents a room in the theatrical boarding house run by Madam Della, an ex-prima donna who has never gotten over it. Karen also lives there, as well as David Randall, a young ...