Hunting Lucifer (2019)
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Country: USA

Genres: Thriller

Taglines: Lucifer walks among us

Director: Ken Policard



The day that the Vatican EXPLODED was the dawn of a new era. It was known in the most private circles of the church that Christ had once again returned and that God had beaten the Devil again. The Devil had lost his wager with the almighty and was made to suffer the indignities of that which he hated most: to become a mortal man. The Church knew it was time to make a tactical change. They will abandon the Devil after he has served his purpose. Nothing is what it seems as Devlin avoids one assassination attempt after another. Plagued by strange dreams. Visions of him in conversation with God, and Fallen angels haunt him. With no memories of his former life and no supernatural powers and with no deep abiding faith in anything, God tests the now mortal Devil through trial and tribulation as he proceeds along a path toward redemption.