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The Hangover Part II (2011)

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: "We had a sick night!"

Director: Todd Phillips

Writers: Craig Mazin, Scot Armstrong, Todd Phillips, Jon Lucas, ...

Stars: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, ...

Stu is getting married. Along with Doug, Phil, and his soon-to-be brother-in-law Teddy, he regretfully invites Alan to Thailand for the wedding. After a quiet night on the beach with a beer and toasting marshmallows by the camp fire, Stu, Alan and Phil wake up in a seedy apartment in Bangkok. Doug is back at the resort, but Teddy is missing, there's a monkey with a severed finger, Alan's head is shaved, Stu has a tattoo on his face, and they can't remember any of it. The wolf-pack retrace their steps through strip clubs, tattoo parlors and cocaine-dealing monkeys on the streets of Bangkok as they try and find Teddy before the wedding.

83 | 2011-05-25 | Steve Persall

It's deja vu all over again in The Hangover Part II, only dirtier and more dangerous, if you can imagine that.
Read More: Tampa Bay Times

83 | 2011-05-25 | Owen Gleiberman

Here, as in "The Hangover," the laughs aren't just staged, they're superlatively engineered.
Read More: Entertainment Weekly

80 | 2011-05-25 | Mary Pols

The chemistry this trio has is special; the premise of the sequel seems worn, but the way they work against and with each other is what provides the pleasure.
Read More: Time

80 | 2011-05-24 | Joshua Rothkopf

The unexpectedly wonderful thing about this sequel is that it actually improves on the jokes.
Read More: Time Out New York

80 | 2011-05-23 | Michael Rechtshaffen

Manages to deliver more laughs than most of the competition.
Read More: The Hollywood Reporter

75 | 2011-05-26 | Nathan Rabin

Never as edgy as it imagines itself to be. Bangkok may swallow innocents whole, but director Todd Phillips has a lucrative franchise to protect, so the film's flirtation with the comic abyss gets compromised into something that looks more like a rock-solid mainstream comedy with a prominent dark side.
Read More: The A.V. Club

75 | 2011-05-25 | James Berardinelli

It delivers what it's expected to deliver, and that's likely to make it a success with anyone who laughed his ass off two summers ago.
Read More: ReelViews

70 | 2011-05-25 | J.R. Jones

It's still fun to watch, but the first one was better.
Read More: Chicago Reader

67 | 2011-05-27 | Shawn Levy

It's not that Hangover II is a notably bad movie. It's more that nothing in it seems to justify all the effort spent to add a new but nearly identical series of episodes to the original.
Read More: Portland Oregonian

63 | 2011-05-25 | Lawrence Toppman

What seemed laugh-out-loud fresh in its unpredictable rudeness (at least intermittently) is now chuckle-to-yourself funny with about the same regularity.
Read More: Charlotte Observer

60 | 2011-05-27 | Dana Stevens

That minute and a half of still photos packs in more dense, economical laughs than all the laborious gross-outs and chase sequences that came before. Maybe The Hangover Part III should consider restricting itself to the slide-show format.
Read More: Slate

50 | 2011-05-30 | David Denby

The Hangover Part II isn't a dud, exactly - some of it is very funny, and there are a few memorable jolts and outlandish dirty moments. But it feels, at times, like a routine adventure film set overseas.
Read More: The New Yorker

50 | 2011-05-26 | Scott Bowles

Hangover II marks one of the most derivative sequels of the year: The opening and closing scenes are taken almost shot-for-shot from the original. Just substitute Asians for Americans, gross-outs for guffaws.
Read More: USA Today

50 | 2011-05-26 | Gayle Macdonald

Undeniably funny in parts, but the salacious spark and brilliant pacing of the original is off.
Read More: The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

50 | 2011-05-26 | Amy Biancolli

This dark and seedy follow-up to 2009's blockbuster comedy has a quite a retro message - suggesting that civilized men carry inside them a monster, a "demon" within, that requires constant taming.
Read More: San Francisco Chronicle

50 | 2011-05-26 | Peter Travers

How could a 2009 raunchfest that slapped a grin on my face I couldn't unglue degenerate into a cold dish of sloppy seconds?
Read More: Rolling Stone

50 | 2011-05-25 | Betsy Sharkey

Lost is the fresh, perverse, painfully politically incorrect R-rated pleasure that came when "The Hangover" ate up the summer of 2009.
Read More: Los Angeles Times

50 | 2011-05-25 | Carrie Rickey

Did I laugh? A handful of times. Did I cringe? For 101 minutes.
Read More: Philadelphia Inquirer

50 | 2011-05-25 | Joe Williams

It's clear that Phillips is betting heavily on funnymen Jeong and Galifianakis to hide his creative bankruptcy.
Read More: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

50 | 2011-05-25 | Rene Rodriguez

A severe bout of sequelitis afflicts this eagerly awaited but only sporadically amusing follow-up.
Read More: Miami Herald

50 | 2011-05-25 | Randy Cordova

This isn't even really a sequel to the hilarious 2009 comedy smash set in Las Vegas. It's virtually the same movie, just transferred to another continent and with the raunch wildly amped up.
Read More: Arizona Republic

50 | 2011-05-25 | Lou Lumenick

I found this more elaborate, play-it-safe sequel far less fresh or funny.
Read More: New York Post

50 | 2011-05-24 | Roger Moore

Has a "been there, done that, jailed for it" feel.
Read More: Orlando Sentinel

50 | 2011-05-24 | Roger Ebert

Is this some kind of a test? The Hangover, Part II plays like a challenge to the audience's capacity for raunchiness.
Read More: Chicago Sun-Times

50 | 2011-05-23 | John P. McCarthy

The price for an invite to Stu's (Ed Helms) Thai nuptials is fewer laughs and an air of menace and mystery that won't endear Part II to escapist-hungry audiences.
Read More: Boxoffice Magazine

50 | 2011-05-23 | Andrew Barker

The rote professionalism on display verges on cynicism, and despite some occasional sparks, this ranks as a considerable disappointment.
Read More: Variety

45 | 2011-06-01 | Ian Buckwalter

It's not that Part II is bad, exactly. If "The Hangover" had never existed, this movie might feel funnier than it does, if not quite as freshly hilarious.
Read More: NPR

40 | 2011-05-26 | Marc Savlov

This Hangover is a doozy, not quite as much fun (or well-written) as the original, but neither does it lack for lunatic plot complications that could only spring from the minds of writers Phillips, Craig Mazin, and Scot Armstrong.
Read More: Austin Chronicle

40 | 2011-05-26 | Nick de Semlyen

According to Phillips, the 'Part II' in the title is a nod to the second "Godfather," which matched the genius of its forerunner. Ironically, his own sequel offer is one you should refuse.
Read More: Empire

40 | 2011-05-26 | Stephanie Zacharek

It follows the same essential pattern as its predecessor, but the ingenious loopiness is gone; the mechanism behind it grinds instead of whirrs.
Read More: Movieline

40 | 2011-05-25 | Manohla Dargis

The funniest, most reckless moments in The Hangover Part II, the largely mirthless sequel to the 2009 hit "The Hangover," take place in the final credits.
Read More: The New York Times

40 | 2011-05-25 | Elizabeth Weitzman

Phillips sticks so close to the formula of his original that even the characters are given to saying things like, "I can't believe this is happening again."
Read More: New York Daily News

38 | 2011-05-25 | Ty Burr

If not better, a Part II always has to be bigger. In the case of The Hangover Part II, that means raunchier, nastier, darker. It also means much more predictable, which is ruinous.
Read More: Boston Globe

38 | 2011-05-25 | Michael Phillips

Hangover II is more like a spitball meeting, a series of ideas that might, in theory, be good enough for a sequel, than it is an actual movie.
Read More: Chicago Tribune

33 | 2011-05-27 | Peter Rainer

It's as if the filmmakers were hungover from the first film and wanted to make a violent action movie instead.
Read More: Christian Science Monitor

25 | 2011-05-30 | Nick Schager

If The Hangover was a boorish blackout fantasy for our binge-drinking age, The Hangover Part II is something like the contents of a fraternity house's toilet the morning after an insane kegger-namely, regurgitated elements of a more entertaining prior adventure.
Read More: Slant Magazine

25 | 2011-05-25 | Ann Hornaday

The Hangover Part II offers absolutely nothing new to fans of the first film. In fact, once the comfort of familiarity has worn off, they may well feel as baited-and-switched as the patrons of one of the sketchier clubs the boys visit.
Read More: Washington Post

20 | 2011-05-27 | Joe Morgenstern

What was fresh and surprising in Las Vegas turns rancid and predictable in Bangkok.
Read More: Wall Street Journal

20 | 2011-05-25 | Eric Hynes

It's hard to imagine a more calculating, creatively bankrupt piece of real estate than The Hangover Part II.
Read More: Village Voice

10 | 2011-05-26 | Andrew O'Hehir

It's a dumb, ugly and, most of all, painfully unfunny movie.
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