When Worlds Collide (0)
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Country: USA

Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Director: Stephen Sommers

Writers: Edwin Balmer, Philip Wylie


A rogue planet is discovered on a collision course for Earth, and mass hysteria of biblical proportions will break out in the streets once knowledge of the secret and impending doom is leaked to the public. But an astronomer discovers a second planet (Alpha) accompanying the first: Bronson Beta, named after its South African discoverer, Sven Bronson. Instruments find that Alpha is capable of sustaining life. Soliciting huge sums of money, billions of dollars from Philanthropist, Millionaires, Billionaires, the wealth of private capital, he and other scientist are scoffed at as they embark on a daring, near-impossible plan to build rocket ships (as many as can be constructed in the short time left) to transport a small group of people to the planet Alpha in order to populate it and ensure survival of the human race and its flora and animal species. With society disintegrating into chaos and madness, they continue their efforts and struggles to save what little of humanity they can and ...