Country: Azerbaijan ( 61 )

BaBu (2013)

Crime, Drama

Criminals kidnap the seven years old daughter of a large Azerbaijani businessman Rustam Ibragimov. The purpose of the kidnappers - the father's refusing of the high post in the government. The girl being taken through Belarus to smuggle to Europe. However, the girl manages to escape from his pursuers. Polina - a simple village woman finds the terrified child.
Director: Victor Bondarovich
Stars: Hamail Gasanova, Tamara Mironova, Tamara Mironova

Khoja: Xoca (2012)


The film on the Khojaly tragedy, tells the story of a young officer, unfolding against the backdrop of the terrible events of February 1992. The film immediately attracted the attention of the country. On the day of the premiere halls were crowded with spectators, whose flux has not subsided to this day.
Director: Vahid Mustafayev
Stars: Telman Aliyev, Azer Aydemir, Nigar Bahadirqizi, Najiba Huseynova, ...

Posledniy (2011)


Well-known science-fiction writer Alexander Khakimov (this role has been played by A.Khakimov himself) has signed the favorable... See full synopsis »
Director: Teymur Daimi
Stars: Rena Akhadzada, Fariza Babayeva, Basat Gorchu, Tatyana Ivanayeva, ...

The Precinct (2010)

Drama, Mystery

The story is set in Baku. A famous photographer has to choose between accepting a valuable job offer in Africa or marrying his fiancee - a young , talented sculptor inspired by images of ritual dances. The photographer decides to accept the job offer and - once again - postpones his wedding. During the ensuing quarrel, the photographer and his fiancee have a car accident along the road which leads to the ancient cave city. They later find themselves in a police precinct, where the photographer has to come to terms with his dread of women or he will not leave the precinct alive.
Director: Ilgar Safat
Stars: Midhat Aydinov, Farid Bagirov, Zaza Bejashvili, Rasim Cafarov, ...

The 40th Door (2009)


Fourteen-year-old Rustam lives with his mother in a village; his father was killed by the Russian mafia. After his father's death, Rustam tries to provide for himself and his mother without resorting to illegal money-making schemes. But his dream is to join a music band. The title of the film refers to an Azerbaijani fairy tale about saving a princess from a house with 40 doors; no one has succeeded in opening the last door, and thus its secret remains hidden. The villagers have named their village the 40th door as well.
Director: Elcin Musaoglu, Elchin Musaoglu
Stars: Hasan Safarov, Gyuliar Nabiyeva, Rovshan Agayev, Elmira Shabanova, ...

Three Girls (2007)


Three girls in the their early twenties, each in search of something more in life, practice sport rifle shooting in their spare time. When their love is taken advantage of by three guys (a Thief, a Police officer, and a local Mafia leader), they find that there is only one way to escape from the circle of lies and deceit surrounding a mysterious painting.
Director: Murad Ibragimbekov
Stars: Joachim Paul Assböck, Alexandra Finder, Sergey Frolov, Murad Ibragimbekov, ...

Good Bye, Southern City (2006)


The film takes place in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku at the end of the 1980s. At this time, the Soviet Union was starting to fall apart, and with this came the start of a number of ethnic conflicts. Fariz and his family move into a Baku apartment block from war-torn Nagorno-Karabakh. Fariz's relations with his new neighbors are strained by his accusations that it was people like them who failed to support the Azeris in their conflict with ethnic Armenians. The only one who stands up to him is Alik, who acts as peacemaker between him and the older inhabitants of the building. Alik has no reservations about brandishing his gun in order to keep the peace. One day, the apartment managers want to evict a number of musicians who have been squatting in the basement. Alik gets involved, but soon discovers the situation is more complicated that he first believed.
Director: Oleg Safaraliyev
Stars: Timur Badalbeyli, Elmira Shabanova, Haci Ismayilov, Farkhad Manafov, ...

Hostage (2006)


During the late 1980s and early 1990s the Armenian minority in Nagorono-Karabakh attempted to break away from Azerbaijan, one of the former Soviet republics. Overnight these former neighbors became enemies, and simple village folk were suddenly made hostages in a complex power game. One of the Azerbaijani villages right on the border is home to the family of the peasant farmer Kerim, who has just been captured by the Armenians. The village council decides to take an Armenian in order to arrange a hostage exchange. They imprison the wounded man in the barn next to Kerim's house, where his wife and three children desperately await the husband's return. The captive from the other side of the border finds himself in exactly the same situation - he, too, has three children, he finds it hard to scrape a living together, he has never done anything to harm anyone and, like Kerim, he just wants to go back home. But life in Karabakh is far more complex now. Blood calls for blood.
Director: Eldar Kuliyev
Stars: Gyuliar Nabiyeva, Gurban Ismailov, Vidadi Aliyev, Vafa Babayeva, ...

Melody of Space (2004)


An old violinist thinks over his past life on the eve of the 80th birthday. His reflections result in looking for once composed but then forgotten melody. A chance meeting with dancer Rena takes him away to his lost love. He realizes that a person who has betrayed himself is doomed to tragic finale.
Director: Gusejn Mekhtiyev
Stars: Aladdin Abbasov, Ayan Mirkasimova, Mekhriban Zeki, Tezegul Mamedova, ...

Seçim (2014)


The film is about the life of two brothers.
Director: Khalil Shahin, Shahin Khalil
Stars: Zeynalov Eltaj, Mukhtarov Matlab, Mammadov Mushfig, Isparzade Narmin, ...

Down the River (2014)


Ali coaches a rowing team in a provincial town. The young squad also includes his son Ruslan, who finds it difficult to meet the demands Ali makes on him, and his father's frostiness and continual dissatisfaction are getting him down. Ali is experiencing a crisis of middle age, and only Ruslan is preventing him from leaving his wife Leyla, whom he criticizes for spoiling their son. He finds solace in his Polish lover Sasha, who'd rather have Ali for herself and dreams of starting a new life with him. Just before an important race, in the interests of the team's performance, Ali decides to replace Ruslan, who was originally chosen for the event. But when tragedy strikes that same day, Ali is overcome with emotions he doesn't know how to deal with.
Director: Asif Rustamov
Stars: Namig Agayev, Mekhriban Zeki, Aleksandra Andrzejewska, Teymur Mammadov, ...

Faryad (1993)

Drama, War

The film based loosely on the Nagorno-Karabakh War and Khojaly Genocide. The movie also includes scenes from Khojaly Genocide documentary by Chingiz Mustafayev.
Director: Dzheikhun Mirzayev, Jeyhun Mirzayev
Stars: Dzheikhun Mirzayev, Melik Dadashev, Haci Ismayilov, Liana Qudadze, ...