Country: Yugoslavia ( 7 )

Juris na skupstinu (1992)


Milka is a state employee in the office for approval of the applications for registration of political parties. Her problem is how to make his escaped husband back, while her clients are only worried how to seize power.
Director: Mihailo Vukobratovic
Stars: Jelisaveta Sablic, Ivan Bekjarev, Bogdan Diklic, Natasa Lucanin, ...

Life of a Shock Force Worker (1972)


A Bosnian coal miner Adem is glorified for his hardworking achievements and is considered of being an exemplary socialist laborer. However, his life is nothing but a shine and glamor.
Director: Bahrudin 'Bato' Cengic
Stars: Adem Cejvan, Stole Arandjelovic, Zaim Muzaferija, Ilija Basic, ...

Shadow of Treason (1963)


Steve, newly arrived in Trieste, saves Tina from being shot in her own night-club. She engages him as a bodyguard cum detective, giving him a list of names and a map she has inherited. Steve discovers that her father was blackmailing a group of traitors and the map locates money hidden in Somaliland with evidence of their guilt. Having contacted all the names, they leave for Africa taking Nadia in place of her father who is killed. Michael tries to persuade her to join him against the others and escapes when she refuses. Later, in the caves he re-appears and in the ensuing fight falls over a cliff edge after the money. Steve throws the incriminating document after him. Melodrama involving a treasure hunt and an old blackmail system during the war, which is cleared up by a bodyguard.
Director: George P. Breakston
Stars: John Bentley, Faten Hamama, Anita West, John Gabriel, ...