Country: Cambodia ( 54 )

The Gate (2014)


Two decades after forging an unlikely alliance in Pol Pot's Cambodia, a French ethnologist and a former Khmer Rouge official meet again after the latter is arrested for crimes against humanity.
Director: Régis Wargnier
Stars: Raphaël Personnaz, Olivier Gourmet, Vibol-Joseph Sok, Phoeung Kompheak, ...

Wedgetail (2016)


Lonely and isolated in Australia, Simon, a middle aged Australian man travels to Cambodia searching for love. Once there, Simon begins a fragile self exploration as he is confronted by his sexual desire against his need for love.
Director: Greg Blakey, Jan-Philipp Jarke, Maurice Taube
Stars: Richard Stables, Tilly Legge, Richard Taylor Stables, Vichika Loek, ...

Judgment Day (2013)

Comedy, Drama

You. Have. Only. 72 Hours. A sudden collision in outer space caused a meteorite to head towards Earth and its impact will annihilate the whole mankind. In the sterile state of Singapore, any apology from the government is deemed irrelevant and for once its people are urge to go ahead and do whatever they want and leave behind no regrets. A newscaster decides to profess her secret love for her superior to her husband. A married man decides to tell his family that he actually wants to be a woman. An old cop shares with his subordinate that he had taken a bribe 20 years ago... But what if the world does not end? For the honest ones, it is their end of their previous world.
Director: Kuo-Sin Ong
Stars: Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Chia-yen Ko, Tender Huang, ...

Run! (2013)

Action, Horror, Thriller

Phnom Penh is changed after a deadly flu virus spreads through the city, turning its citizens into undead like creature with a taste for flesh. Join a group of survivors who battle to stay alive through this turbulent event while trying to find out why this disaster occurred. Life in the city will never be the same again.
Director: Oudom Touch

Rumdul Beat (2013)


Trying to impress his boss and future father in law, Munny, an ambitious young man, volunteers to host his fiance's birthday party. For unfortunate reasons, the band he hired canceled. This event triggers forgotten memories for his father Sopheap, a subdued man with buried rock and roll dreams. It inspires him to help his son the only way he can: by reforming his old band for the party. Munny is strongly against his father's proposal, lacking trust and faith in him. Pressure rises as the day unfolds: Munny stubbornly searching for an entertainment alternative in spite of his father's heartfelt offer and Sopheap hoping to bond with his son while reliving long lost glory days.
Director: Mathieu Favreau
Stars: Dim Udom, Srey Niwat, Hua Lavy

Comfortably Lost (2012)


A young NY photographer takes an impulsive trip to Cambodia and allows the journey to be the destination.
Director: Quentin Clausin
Stars: Karin Hershkovitz, Joshua Lewis, Pich Sovanareach, Gnem Teum, ...

The Road to Freedom (2010)

Adventure, Drama, History

The Road to Freedom tells the story of two Photo Journalists in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s, who are trying to bring the world's attention to Cambodia about the Khmer Rouge.
Director: Brendan Moriarty
Stars: Joshua Fredric Smith, Scott Maguire, Nhem Sokun, Nhem Sokunthol, ...

Gibier d'élevage (2011)

Drama, History, War

When an American plane crashes in the Cambodian jungle, the pilot is taken captive by the Khmer Rouge. They instruct the kids of a village to keep an eye on the prisoner. While the younger kids gradually become friends with the stranger, the older boy called Pang has a different attitude. Since he grew up without parents, he accepted the Khmer rouge as his replacement parents and endears himself to them by betraying villagers. When Pang becomes responsible for watching the prisoner, things become worse for the pilot.
Director: Rithy Panh
Stars: Cyril Guei, Jhem Chuop, Soeum Chhoeum, Pruoch Chhoeum, ...

The Sea Wall (2008)


French Indochina, 1931. In the Gulf of Siam, a Widow and her two children, Joseph, 2o, and Suzanne, 16, barely survive by exploiting rice fields located much too close to the ocean. Every year their crops are flooded and their only hope lies in the construction of a seawall. The mother refuses to give up and desperately battles both the sea and the corrupt colonial bureaucrats ...
Director: Rithy Panh
Stars: Isabelle Huppert, Gaspard Ulliel, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Randal Douc, ...

Le Cid Khmer (2005)

Drama, Romance

The King assigns two tutors for the young Crown Prince and intrigues start flourishing at the Royal Court, naturally including duels over beautiful women.
Director: Norodom Sihanouk
Stars: Norodom Sihanouk

Where There Is Shade (2015)


Mirinda is a 45 years French crossdresser living as a prostitute in Phnom Penh. His encounter with No Name, a young trafficked girl, gives rise to a new feeling of fatherhood.
Director: Nathan Nicholovitch
Stars: David D'Ingeo, Clo Mercier, Kamalay Sun, Nat Panna, ...

The Road to Freedom: Year Zero (2016)

Adventure, Drama

The harrowing story of a man trying to find his family in the land of Cambodia in the 70s during the Khmer Rouge genocide.
Director: Brendan Moriarty
Stars: Nhem Sokun, Joshua Fredric Smith, Scott Maguire, Massi Furlan, ...

Listening (2014)

Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

A team of genius-but-broke grad students invent mind-reading technology that destroys their lives and threatens the future of free-will itself.
Director: Khalil Sullins
Stars: Steve Hanks, Amber Marie Bollinger, Leonard Kelly-Young, Christine Haeberman, ...

Broken Balance (0)

Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

A young boy discovers he is a reincarnation of a prince from another world.
Director: Nathaniel Nuon
Stars: Jinhi Evans, Bennett Wayne Dean Sr., Steven Marlow, Gelin DiGennaro, ...