Country: Kuwait ( 22 )

Cut: Unforgettable Night (2014)

Action, Horror, Thriller

A group of friends celebrate the arrival of their childhood friend who has been abroad for several years. Instead of having fun they face a mystery. They get killed in mysterious conditions. The director has a little surprising twist at the end of the movie
Director: Raed Abbas
Stars: Samah Ghandour, Jasem Abbas, Mona Hussain, Fahad Almaghrabi, ...

Alisa Khatafha Jamil (2014)


Jameel decides to travel with his friends to Ukraine after meeting a woman online and a series of unexpected events unfold
Director: Abdullah Al-Salman
Stars: Ahmad Al-Onan, Bu-Kharshad

Amreeka (2009)


Muna, a single mother in Ramallah, has applied for a visa to the US. When it comes, her son Fadi, an excellent student, convinces her they should go. After an incident at customs begins their exile badly, they join Muna's sister and family in Illinois. Muna needs a job: although she has two degrees and 15 years' experience in banking, she settles for work at White Castle, telling the family her job's at a nearby bank. It's spring, 2003, and the US invades Iraq. While friends come from unlikely places, Fadi meets prejudice at school. How he'll respond to it and to American youth culture and how Muna will sort things out with her family are the rest of the story. Tragedy or hope?
Director: Cherien Dabis
Stars: Nisreen Faour, Melkar Muallem, Hiam Abbass, Alia Shawkat, ...

Who Killed $arah?!: Vol.1 (2014)

Drama, Mystery, Thriller

We see a girl in her room after that penetrates its own mobile by an unknown destination.
Director: Mohammed Al Saber
Stars: Ema Shah, Fahad, Solveg Clark, Eva Mascolo, ...

090 (2014)

Drama, Thriller

A group of friends head to the chalet for the weekend when mysterious events start taking place and nobody knows why.
Director: Meshari Al-Huraibi
Stars: Huda Alkhateeb, Ali Kakuli

Kan Refiji (2014)


A friendship that started from childhood. As they grew, a question unfolded: whats does it mean to be a friend?
Director: Ahmad Al Khalaf
Stars: Faisal Al-Amiri, Khaled Al-Buraiki

Habib el-Ardh (2015)


The film tells the epic artistic and humanitarian fought artist Kuwaiti poet Faik Abdul Jalil, since childhood until his death at the hands of the enemy during the brutal invasion of Kuwait. It highlights the most important phases of his life that is filled with work and love of the land and to achieve self-determination through love and hope.
Director: Ramadhan Khusrooh
Stars: Faisal Al-Amiri, Abdullah Al-Turkumani

Habib Al Ard (2015)


A biography film about a Kuwaiti poet (Fayeq Abdul Jaleel) who went a victim during the gulf war in 1991 and how he struggled in life to inspire the younger generations and deliver his messages through poem and song writing.
Director: Ramadan Khasrouh
Stars: Faisal Alameeri

Second Blood (2016)


Yousef Rambu (Abdulhadi Al-Khayat) is a highly trained spy, and an ex-commando. As a member of the Kuwait Army Forces he was captured during a mission. Imprisoned by Chinese military intelligence, Rambu was brutally tortured for months. That made him highly resistant to pain. Now his superiors send him to the jungles of the forgotten Asian island where important politicians are being held hostage. Rambu needs to save them.
Director: Fawzi Al-Khatib
Stars: Abdulhadi Al-Khayat, Ranaa Ghandour, Khaled Al-Buraiki, Mojeb Al-Qabandi, ...

Marriage: Impossible (2015)

Comedy, Drama

A fun, culture-clash, fish-out-of-water wedding comedy involving two very different families bought together by marriage, who are forced to meet, interact, clash and ultimately find ways to be with one another.
Director: Noor Arnaoot
Stars: Beth Broderick, Brett Cullen, Sammy Sheik, Alicia Vita Jones, ...

Shiqqah Sittah (2015)


A breathtaking Kuwaiti movie about the hidden secrets of flat 6
Director: Lulwah Abdussalam
Stars: Layla Abdullah, Muhammad Safar

Maa al-Khatar (2016)


A story about two undercover police officers, one is somewhat reckless, loves his work and sometimes puts himself in danger. The two are assigned to follow a gang that are in gun selling business.
Director: Abdullah Al-Salman
Stars: Sultan Al-Faraj, Ahmad Iraj

My Life Is All About Wrestling (2008)

Action, Comedy, Drama

Jack gets diagnosed with amnesia, which allows his brother Saif to manipulate Jack's personality and steer him away from wrestling.
Director: Jack ALMazeedi
Stars: Jack ALMazeedi, Nasser Almazeedi, Aziz Arab, Ahmad Alhaddad, ...

Comedy of Wrestling (2008)


Parody of WWE and its Superstars, featuring a rivalry between Jeff Hardy and Batista.
Director: Jack ALMazeedi
Stars: Jack ALMazeedi, Nasser Almazeedi

Bleeding Tears (2009)


Bleeding Tears revolves around the relationship of three brothers who suddenly became orphans as they lost both of their parents in a fatal car accident in the U.K.
Director: Hassan Zamany, Jack ALMazeedi
Stars: Jassem Ali, Jack ALMazeedi, Mohammed Almazeedi, Nasser Almazeedi, ...

Matouq in Bangkok (2009)


Kuwaiti someone called Ma'touq travels to Bounkokoaltaki with an Egyptian man named Gnaua becomes a close friend to him, but it marks the big problems because of the similarities between him and members of a mafia gang. Vtbos the gang girl from one of its members called "cores".
Director: Mazen El-Gabali
Stars: Tareq Al-Ali, Issa Alelwy, Alaa Morsy, Sherry, ...