Country: Lithuania ( 98 )

The Midwife (2015)

Drama, Romance, War

A Finnish midwife falls in love with a German-Finnish SS-officer during the Lapland War, in the middle of WWII.
Director: Antti Jokinen
Stars: Krista Kosonen, Tommi Korpela, Leea Klemola, Johannes Brotherus, ...

Chasing Solace (2015)


An American traveler and Lithuanian woman accompany one another on a short trip through Lithuania.
Director: Eric Fulcher
Stars: Arnas Fedaravicius, Eric Fulcher, Kristina Dargelyte, Severija Janusauskaite, ...

Ashes in the Snow (2017)

Drama, History

In 1941, an aspiring artist and her family are deported to Siberia amidst Stalin's brutal dismantling of the Baltic region. In a seemingly hopeless place, love is the only means of survival.
Director: Marius A. Markevicius
Stars: Bel Powley, Martin Wallström, Aiste Dirziute, Jonah Hauer-King, ...

L'altra frontera (2014)

Drama, Sci-Fi

Love story between a mother and her son, fleeing a war that has isolated their country. When arriving at the border they are accommodated in a refugee camp, which hides a sinister surprise.
Director: André Cruz Shiraiwa
Stars: Ariadna Gil, Biel Montoro, Laura Rayón, Anna Alarcón, ...

The Summer of Sangaile (2015)

Drama, Romance

17 years old Sangaile is fascinated by stunt planes. She meets a girl her age at a summer aeronautical show. Sangaile allows Auste to discover her most intimate secret and in the process finds the only person that truly encourages her to fly.
Director: Alanté Kavaïté, Alante Kavaite
Stars: Julija Steponaityte, Aiste Dirziute, Laurynas Jurgelis, Martynas Budraitis, ...

The Golden Horse (2014)

Animation, Family, Fantasy

Seven years of captivity come to an end and grief turns to joy when an unlikely hero rescues the princess to win her hand and the throne.
Director: Signe Baumane, Reinis Kalnaellis
Stars: Rimantas Bagdzevicius, Dainius Gavenonis, Sigutis Jacenas, Larisa Kalpokaite, ...

Chinese Confusion (2014)

Adventure, Comedy, Family

A madcap comedy about a group of friends who are 'foreigners' in everyday China today. As they race from slapstick situation to absurd adventure they have to decide how important their friendship is. Shot in an almost documentary style in today's China the background of 'average' places provide a fascinating backdrop to this hilarious narrative feature.
Director: Heart Fensch
Stars: Roc Lee, Miles Meili, Saenz Carlos

Gustavo nuotykiai (2014)

Animation, Family

When the insatiable discoverer Gustav catches the travel bug, he decides to set out on a trip around the world to search for his uncle who had disappeared while flying his plane. Little does he know what adventures await him, and what incredible characters he is destined to meet. Have you ever wondered what Baron Munchausen is up to these days? Where Captain Nemo is knocking about and how Robinson Crusoe is doing? This educational story about adventures, beauty and wonder is your chance to meet these and other well-loved characters and to travel with them, to visit the mysterious forest where Tiny Ben has his secret radio station, to dive to the depths of the sea, where mermaids provide entertainment in the restaurant of the Titanic, and to travel on planes, windmills, boats and trains through northern seas and America's Wild West; across the world, and even to space!
Director: Augustinas Gricius, Vaidas Lekavicius
Stars: Andrius Zebrauskas, Remigius Sabulis, Arunas Sakalauskas, Karina Krysko, ...

Lost Valentine (2014)


This adventurous romantic comedy with a light hint of eroticism tells the story of Valentine's night miracles - it is a night, when everyone should stop lying to themselves - and to others.
Director: Evaldas Kubilius
Stars: Asta Baukute, Vaidas Baumila, Algirdas Gradauskas, Agne Jagelaviciute, ...

When You Wake Up (2014)

Drama, Family

The singer called Punk is no longer of much interest to anyone. After his brush with fame, it only took a few years of drugs and alcohol to reach rock bottom. After yet another small town concert, Punk ends up spending the night backstage, drunk and alone. When he opens his eyes in the morning, he sees a little girl, who introduces herself as his daughter. Two lost souls set out on a trip together - a trip which will not only change their lives, but will also bring them together to appreciate the joy it brings.
Director: Ricardas Marcinkus
Stars: Mantas Jankavicius, Jurgita Jurkute, Leonardas Pobedonoscevas, Dzesika Vienazindyte, ...

The Gambler (2013)

Drama, Thriller

Vincentas is the best employee at the emergency services station, whose passion is one - gambling in different games. Whenever he lands in some difficult situation, the medic is forced to grab onto something radical to return the money he is constantly losing. An idea strikes Vincentas to create an illegal game related to his profession. Initially the employees at emergency services are the only ones to be attracted to this macabre engagement. Soon enough, however, the idea kicks off and starts spreading like wildfire. The medic colleagues become betting agents, whereas Vincentas takes control of its bank. As financial matters keep on improving, a coworker Ieva starts objecting to the game. A passionate relationship has just unfolded between her and Vincentas. Soon enough he is going to face making a fateful choice - the game or love.
Director: Ignas Jonynas
Stars: Vytautas Kaniusonis, Oona Mekas, Rimas Blockis, Giedre Giedraityte, ...

Ekskursante (2013)

Action, Drama

The story of a ten year old girl who escapes from a deportee train and goes on a 6000 km long journey back to her homeland.
Director: Audrius Juzenas
Stars: Sergey Garmash, Airida Gintautaite, Dmitriy Gotsdiner, Alyona Ivchenko, ...

Kaip pavogti zmona (2013)


An upbeat holiday comedy with characters trying to figure out if love is really stronger than money. Can you imagine what would happen if we locked a woman in a small apartment with her husband and her ex? And what if the latter was also accused of stealing and hiding an insane amount of money? Is the "first cut" really the deepest, especially when it involves amounts numbering in millions?
Director: Donatas Ulvydas
Stars: Ramunas Cicenas, Inga Jankauskaite, Giedrius Savickas, Rimante Valiukaite, ...

Name in the Dark (2013)

Crime, Drama

A small town investigator's memories about a tragic love for her music teacher always come back. After the town is shaken by a teenage girl murder, where the main suspect is her ex-lover, investigator is taking the case.
Director: Agne Marcinkeviciute
Stars: Darius Auzelis, Karolis Butvydas, Algirdas Dainavicius, Jevgenij Demjanciuk, ...

Airless Balloon (2013)


Jackie, 35 year old instinct driven, rough man, who spends his last days in prison for the crime he hasn't done, is disturbed by strong feelings of a lonely young woman Kira, who delivers drugs in prison. Jackie is free and ready to find the life he had before, while Kira tries to escape her old space involving Jackie to her future, both committed to fail with their dreams. Disappointment brought by separation with his wife and daughter, brings Jackie to pointless pilgrimage.
Director: Bernardas Andriushis
Stars: Darja Kolodijeva, Adomas Stancikas

Christmas. Uncensored (2012)


In one of the post-soviet countries, where sexual taboos are still ruling the society and strong traditions of Catholicism and homophobia are alive, family members and couple of friends come together to celebrate Christmas Eve.
Director: Maris Martinsons
Stars: Valda Bickute, Kostas Smoriginas, Leonardas Pobedonoscevas, Viktorija Kuodyte, ...

Mieganciu drugeliu tvirtove (2012)


Monika, a middle-aged wealthy woman, goes through a marriage crisis with her younger husband Linas. A car accident leads Monika to meeting three young girls, Kristina, Egle and Gitana, who happen to be ex-prostitutes extradited from Germany. The lady and the girls settle down in a country mansion, to form a relationship that will change their lives forever.
Director: Algimantas Puipa
Stars: Janina Lapinskaite, Giedre Giedraityte, Elze Gudaviciute, Migle Polikeviciute, ...

War of the Dead (2011)

Action, Adventure, Horror

This is a movie set during WWII and involves Captain Stone and a platoon of American and Finnish soldiers on a mission to find a bunker held by the Germans. On the way there they come under fire and at the same time run in to some German soldiers that seem to be "undead". How is this possible? Their platoon is almost completely killed off apart from a few of them, including Capt. Stone. They move on and run in to another survivor, a Russian soldier. They all try to survive and end up at the bunker they were meant to take out. But once inside they find out just how the German soldiers became the "undead".
Director: Marko Mäkilaakso
Stars: Andrew Tiernan, Jouko Ahola, Samuel Vauramo, Mikko Leppilampi, ...

Tadas Blinda. Pradzia (2011)

Adventure, Drama, History

A romance blooms between a noblewoman and a common man amid a peasant revolt against the brutal Russian army
Director: Donatas Ulvydas
Stars: Mantas Jankavicius, Agnia Ditkovskite, Tatyana Lyutaeva, Vidas Petkevicius, ...