Country: Dominican Republic ( 179 )

Pelotero (2011)

Documentary, Drama, Sport

Two top baseball prospects in the Dominican Republic face fierce competition and corruption as they chase their big league dreams.
Director: Ross Finkel, Trevor Martin, Jonathan Paley
Stars: Jean Carlos Batista, John Leguizamo, Miguel Angel Sano

Expedición Gloriosa (0)


The last moments of the failed June 1959 expedition set to overthrow Trujillo's dictatorship in the Dominican Republic.
Director: Roddy Pérez
Stars: Paul Calderon, Manny Perez, Frank Perozo, Claudette Lali, ...

Al Sur de la Inocencia (2014)

Adventure, Drama, Romance

Step siblings Vera and Andres flee to the south of the Dominican Republic alongside a photographer, Santiago, who they just met the night before at Vera's homecoming party, and come to terms with their own humanity and the loss of their innocence.
Director: Héctor Valdez
Stars: Christian Alvarez, Sarah Jorge, Frank Perozo, Laura García, ...

La Extraña (2014)

Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A depressed publisher decides to get a break and leaves town for long weekend to his private home in a luxury resort. Along the way, he meets an attractive woman who turns his life upside down. Is this his opportunity for happiness or the beginning of a tragedy?
Director: César Rodríguez
Stars: Evelyna Rodriguez, Frank Perozo, Yorlla Lina Castillo, Laura García, ...

Primero De Enero (2014)

Drama, Family

When a 12-year-old boy learns that his father's beloved piano is stolen, he and his two best friends set out on an exciting, cross-country journey through beautiful DOminican Republic to bring it back home before January 1st.
Director: Erika Bagnarello
Stars: Hemky Madera, Ximena Duque, Héctor Soberón, Marcos Bonetti, ...

El Pelotudo (2014)


Martín dreams of becoming the first Argentinian player in MLB. He goes to the Dominican Republic to participate in tryouts, but in order to apply, he'll have to transform his looks and behavior to pose as a Dominican rookie.
Director: Raymond Hernandez Jr.
Stars: Irvin Alberti, Dalisa Alegria, Héctor Aníbal, Ivan Camilo, ...

Bestia de Cardo (2015)


A Dominican girl is forced to return home to a suffocating and elite society called Cardo. She meets a tailor who teaches her a supernatural way to escape.
Director: Virginia Sanchez, Virginia Sánchez Navarro
Stars: Virginia Sanchez, Angélica Aragón, Jorge Luis Moreno, Karina Noble, ...

Once Upon a Fish (2014)


Ben, a frustrated writer has decided to end his life. But when his suicide attempt is unknowingly interrupted by his neighbor, who has come to ask for a favor, his life will be thrown in disarray following a series of misadventures that will bring his world truly upside-down, giving him the reality check he maybe needed.
Director: Francisco Adolfo Valdez
Stars: Héctor Aníbal, Itahisa Machado, Irvin Alberti, Jalsen Santana, ...

Locas y Atrapadas (2014)

Comedy, Drama

Five women trapped in an elevator confess their bitter life experiences caused by evil men and society.
Director: Alfonso Rodríguez
Stars: Carlos Alfredo, Héctor Aníbal, Silvana Arias, Javier Grullón, ...

Suplicio (2016)

Comedy, Drama

An unemployed man, overwhelmed by problems, attempts to jump from a ninth floor. A crowd gathers in the street trying to convince him of not ending his life.
Director: Bladimir Abud
Stars: Rafael Alduey, Eva Arias, Oscar Carrasquillo, Nicolás Días, ...

Vamos de Robo (2014)


Three bank employees go on a quest to clean their names, after becoming suspects of a robbery that happened the same night they stayed in the bank.
Director: Roberto Angel Salcedo
Stars: Sergio Carlo, Cheddy García, Luis José Germán, Kenny Grullon, ...

La Diabla en Ruedas (0)


this movie look very interesting when you leave the trailer
Director: Agustin
Stars: Elvis Nolasco, Hemky Madera, Luis Jose Lopez, La Materialista, ...

María Montez: The Movie (2014)


The story of Maria Montez, an exotic and glamorous Dominican actress who achieved fame and popularity in Hollywood and Europe until her untimely death in 1951.
Director: Vicente Peñarrocha
Stars: Celines Toribio, Lizbeth Santos, Isabella Martinez Wall, Ben Temple, ...

Fuga o Muerte (0)

Action, Drama, Thriller

The story of surgeon Cristóbal Payano, who tried to rob a bank office in Santo Domingo in March 1993, in a 12-hour hostage situation that ended in tragedy.
Director: José Enrique Pintor, Agustin
Stars: Hemky Madera

En medio del dolor (2014)

Action, Crime, Drama

When Alexis was thirteen years old, he found Cesar beating his mother and trying to rape her. So Alexis killed him. Six months later when he came out of jail in a battle to the death of Cesar's son, he also killed him. When he got older he killed a man to rob him, and that crime remained unpunished. But two years later he was accused of a crime he did not commit, and went to jail. In jail he complained to God, but one day God will answer.
Director: Luis Corporán
Stars: Ruth Emeterio, Raul Placido, Carlos Quezada, Carasaf Sanchez, ...

Duarte, traición y gloria (2014)


The story of Juan Pablo Duarte, founding father of the Dominican Republic, from his struggles for Dominican independence to his exile at Venezuela in the final years of his life.
Director: Leo Silverio
Stars: Juan Maria Almonte, Judith Rodriguez Perez, James Saintil, Mario Peguero, ...