Country: Soviet Union ( 707 )

Khlib i sil (1970)


A group of peasant farmers in turn-of-the-century Ukraine leaves home in search of better luck in Siberia. The story follows those who stay behind and their dispute with the landowner, as well as a love triangle involving a local beauty and two young men.
Director: Grigori Kokhan, Nikolai Makarenko
Stars: Lidiya Yaremchuk, Les Serdyuk, Ivan Gavrilyuk, Alim Fedorinsky, ...

Tadas Blinda (1983)

Action, Adventure, Biography

This movie is a story of the legendary Lithuanian peasant- Tadas Blinda (1846-1877), a Lithuanian folk hero of the 19th century often compared to Robin Hood. He is shown as a leader of serfs battling and ridiculing the Polish landlords and the Russian Empire that governed Lithuania, Lithuania after the law about the end of serfdom. The movie is a an intense drama with a mix of cruelty and love, comic situations and jokes, heroism and treason. In the first part of the movie the landlord's daughter returns from St. Peterburg with lots of positive ideas in her head, willing to find a more human way to co-live with their peasants but her family isn't that much open-minded and liberal. Tadas gets a message that his father died while working in the landlord's fields but he can't attend the funeral because he's ordered to give a carriage ride to his "master's" family. The horses "get frightened" in the middle of the river and the carriage breaks. Tadas Blinda goes under the punishment. Fellow peasants are told to whip him under the threat of weapons. Reluctant at first, they still obey. The night comes, Tadas recovers from injuries, gathers a group of loyal peasants and starts his revenge...
Director: Balys Bratkauskas
Stars: Vytautas Tomkus, Vaiva Mainelytë, Algis Matulionis, Stasis Radzyavichus, ...

Laughter and Grief by the White Sea (1987)

Animation, Comedy, Drama

Several Russian Pomorsk men who live by the White Sea have brought in their boats for the evening and are relaxing inside a fisherman's hut. One of them says "there has been so much untruth told about our region that it is time to set the record straight" and proceeds to tell a variety of outrageous tall tales (based on traditional folklore of the Russian north). As the evening gets later, the tales turn more serious.
Director: Leonid Nosyrev
Stars: Evgeniy Leonov, Yuri Volyntsev, Anatoliy Barantsev, Boris Novikov, ...

A Limousine the Colour of Midsummer's Eve (1981)

Comedy, Drama

Another iconic Latvian film, known to be one of the best movies of director Janis Streics. When old auntie Mirta succeeds in a lottery and wins a car, which she cannot use herself, different family members are suddenly there to 'be helpful' in favor to get the car after aunties' death, not to mention, they never have come before to help her. The funny rivalry between two parts of family, a foolish jealousy to the near living peasants' family, which had always non-selfishly been there for auntie, is a caricature of greasy human nature. This is a slight humor of the Soviet life details as well. But aunt Mirta isn't fool, and is still young in her heart until her last minute, that appears in her last will - to whom the car, the limousine in the color of St. John's night goes.
Director: Janis Streics
Stars: Gundars Abolins, Romualds Ancans, Lilita Berzina, Olga Drege, ...

Zhizn i priklyucheniya chetyrekh druzei 1. Zakadychnye vragi. 2. Nachalo puti. (1980)

Comedy, Family

About the life and adventures of four friends: three dogs and one cat. The owner of the animals, a forest ranger, is training three dogs and one cat to be friends. Cat is full of suspicion. Dogs are playing games. With the help of a little girl the four animals develop good friendship and have a lot of fun.
Director: Oleg Yeryshev
Stars: Katya Kishmereshkina, Petr Shelokhonov, Andrei Khilko, Yefim Kamenetsky, ...

Nezakonchennyy uzhin (1981)

Comedy, Crime

In one of the prestigious restaurants during banquet speech a large company's director Palmgren is killed in front of dozen guests . Case is lead by Criminal Investigation Officer Pierre Monson with his assistants. Suspect can be easily intercepted if only miserably lazy police officers Kvant and Kristiansson instead of catching criminal would not argue with father of little 3 years old boy who yelled: "Police, police, mashed potatoes" when they ate hot dogs. Help comes from capital in form of the famous Commissioner Martin Beck, who discovers that murdered industrialist was involved in illegal activities and had many enemies. The case is linked as well with government's "higher ends". Movie shot by Per Valais and Matt Sjevals thriller "Murder at the Savoy".
Director: Janis Streics
Stars: Romualds Ancans, Ingrid Andrina, Lilita Berzina, Paul Butkevich, ...

The Soldier and the Elephant (1978)


Soldier Armenak is sent on an extraordinary assignment - to bring an elephant from Germany to the Yerevan Zoo.
Director: Dmitri Kesayants
Stars: Frunze Mkrtchyan, A. Shtrimaytite, V. Rindin, Vladimir Pitsek, ...

Ceplis (1972)

Comedy, Drama, History

Action takes place in Latvia in 1920-thies. Entrepreneurial Edgar Ceplis establish joint-stock company, to produce and export clay bricks. He attracts to project many investors in the hope of the promised huge profits. Soon Ceplis gets enamored to his office typist, but the business stays neglected, and it turns out that the selected clay is not valid for export bricks. While no one has learned, Ceplis quickly changes his plans and puts young officer in charge of company.
Director: Rolands Kalnins
Stars: Eduards Pavuls, Regina Razuma, Gunars Cilinskis, Helga Dancberga, ...