Country: Czechoslovakia ( 98 )

Martin a cervené sklícko (1967)

Crime, Family

At an old château, the custodian spices the routine commentary for visitors on a sightseeing tour with a story about murder and robbery which occurred at the château in 1923 during its restoration. The château manager was killed and thirty-three small diamonds were stolen from old weapons and a crucifix. When the visitors leave, the custodian, who doubles as a painter, dusts the exhibits. The glass of a weapons case breaks and falls out and the painter finds one of the diamonds. The fingerprints of a child are found on the glass and the investigation is thus entrusted to Captain Martin, the head of the police's child department.
Director: Milan Vosmik
Stars: Jaroslav Vízner, Václav Lohniský, Frantisek Blahonovský, Vladimír Brebera, ...

Kinoautomat (1967)


A big Prague apartment building is on fire. Mr Novák, tenant of the apartment on the sixth floor, considers himself the culprit of the fire. On that day, his wife had a birthday and Mr Novák went home with a bouquet and was slightly drunk. Thus, it happened that he mistakenly rang the bell of the neighboring flat of the Svobodas. Then he sobered somewhat and eventually found the way to his own apartment. The young and pretty Mrs Svobodová was taking a shower. When she ran out to find out who rang the bell, wrapped only in a bath sheet, the draft slammed her door shut. The desperate blonde rang Mr Novák's bell and forced herself into his apartment, where she was soon discovered by her husband and Mr Novák' wife.
Director: Radúz Cincera, Ján Rohác, Vladimír Svitácek
Stars: Karla Chadimová, Miroslav Hornícek, Jan Libícek, Miroslav Machácek, ...

Aloisuv los (1919)


A humorous story about the troubles of a man who finds out he has won the lottery.
Director: Richard F. Branald
Stars: Alois Tichý, Carl Lamac, Richard F. Branald, Marie Branaldová, ...