Country: Albania ( 30 )

Sam and Me (2016)

Comedy, Crime, Drama

"Uncle Sam" Armstrong (Craig Henne) is getting out of court ordered rehab - for the 8th time. Sam was a Vietnam War hero who came to embody the populist patriotism of the late 80s and early 90s. Known as "the Hulk Hogan of American politics," his endorsements swayed presidential elections and three of his books became action movies, which he starred in. Uncle Sam lost it all because of his addictions to gambling, alcohol, women, and drugs. His release from rehab legally requires a halfway house, but none can take him due to his high profile. A magistrate allows his nephew Kevin Armstrong (Brian Kirk) to take him in. Kevin, 39, has idolized Sam for a lifetime, and is eager to give back to the uncle who helped shape him through his books, movies, and love. A hard ­working and driven man, Kevin is a struggling real estate agent. He's grown skeptical of the federal government, viewing it as the primary obstacle to success, echoing sentiments from Sam's books. Kevin grows disillusioned when he sees that Sam has become utterly dependent on him, to the point of emotional and financial exhaustion. Sam spends thousands of Kevin's dollars without asking, and when confronted, questions Kevin's loyalty as a nephew. Once Kevin works up the courage to cut Sam off financially, his uncle signs up for a Bank of Asia "Vice" card, using Kevin's name. Sam begins buying items with the card, reselling them for cash, in order to feed his drug habit and keep his gambling debt collector at bay. Kevin's best friend and boss, real estate broker Jake Joseph (Declan Joyce), has a secret family in Albania that needs his financial support. Working behind the scenes with Uncle Sam, Jake recruits former "dancer" Heather (Theresa Carissimi) to pose as a client and love interest, distracting Kevin from the damage being done to his bank accounts. The office manager at Kevin's brokerage (Lulu Braha) warned Kevin about Sam from the beginning, to no avail. Kevin's distraction is compounded when he begins to fall in love with the office manager's daughter, Lauren (Madylin Sweeten), whose sass and substance prove irresistible to him. Torn between family loyalty and self ­preservation, Kevin takes action.
Director: Brian Kirk
Stars: Craig Henne, Declan Joyce, Madylin Sweeten, Brian Kirk, ...

Amsterdam Express (2014)


Albanian emigrant is precariously caught in Amsterdam among the promise and allure of the rich city, threats of ruthless drug dealers & sex traffickers.
Director: Fatmir Koçi
Stars: Natasha Goulden, James Biberi, Blerim Destani, Renne Gjoni, ...

Sworn Virgin (2015)


Years after declaring her eternal virginity and opting to live life as a man in the mountains of Albania, Hana looks to return to living as a woman as she settles into a new existence in modern-day Milan.
Director: Laura Bispuri
Stars: Alba Rohrwacher, Lars Eidinger, Flonja Kodheli, Emily Ferratello, ...

Distant Angels (2016)


The story takes place in March 1999, Kosovo. it is the period of NATO bombing. Massive displacement of Albanians on ethnic basis. Terror, fear, insecurity, hunger has plagued Gjakova town located on the border with Albania. This does not exclude that along the narration the situations are built on a logic flow, moments of humor, eroticism, that occasionally avoid blackness of circumstances, which cross the theme of the film. The film initially develops in two parallel lines that then converge, connected to a common thread, where, at the end, each of the lines goes back to its own fate. It is a film for adults and children too.
Director: Gjergj Xhuvani
Stars: Rinaldo Rocco, Teuta Krasniqi, Nik Xhelilaj, Ndriçim Xhepa, ...

Bota (2014)


One week at the Bota café. Nothing happens. Everything happens.
Director: Iris Elezi, Thomas Logoreci
Stars: Richard Edson, Artur Gorishti, Flonja Kodheli, Fioralba Kryemadhi, ...

6 Idiotet (2014)


A beautiful journey at first sight but not at all that usual. A group of youngsters from a suburban club of Tirana take a trip by an old van to celebrate a friend's birthday. Meanwhile the Police Department is investigating on a serial killer who is terrorizing the country with his mysterious murders without having a clue. The killer may be everywhere. Two directions that crush into a stolen innocent lamp by the serial killer sons will change the 6 Idiots route, bringing comical situations, filled with suspense, action, cynical irony, cultural sarcasm and black humor. Coming as a one-day-diary story of six characters, six alternatives, or to describe them best: 6 IDIOTS. If you would find yourself in their hands... you'd wish you never did. As an ancient Albanian proverb says: what you plant, you are going to reap. So if you plant a bunch of idiots then what you are going to reap is. A situation comedy with many unexpected facts.
Director: Genti Bejko
Stars: Genti Bejko, Ilirda Bejleri, Ergys Cekrezi, Ajakid Demiraj, ...

I'm Not Famous But I'm Aromanian (2013)

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Toni Caramusat, a famous film director, is fascinated by the idea of finding the 13th fundamental truth about the Aromanians. According to a myth, this truth is held by Armanamea, the last descendant of this people. Toni goes on dates with young women from all over the world, in hope of finding both the truth and his soul mate. Will he ever find them and, if so, at what cost?
Director: Toma Enache
Stars: Toma Enache, Linda Taylor, Lica Gherghilescu-Tanasoca, Teodora Calagiu Garofil, ...

Femrat (2013)


An albanian farce/comedy about women and men and their problems
Director: Rudina Vojvoda
Stars: Ermal Mamaqi, Enxhi Cuku, Zamira Kita, Robert Aliaj, ...

Agon (2012)

Drama, Family

Saimir and his younger brother, Vini are Albanian. They both try to integrate in the life of Thessaloniki a town in north of Greece in their own way. Saimir is engaged to a Greek young woman and works as a repairman in his father-in-law's repair shop. He tries his best to help his brother Vini become self-sufficient and respectful through work. However, Vini lacks both the patience and persistence that his brother has. He is compelled to work in jobs that his brother finds for him, but is systematically fired. Hurt and chapfallen, he does not want to be dependent on Saimir and seeks to show to him that he can walk on his own. Trying to overcome the despair at a bar near the harbor, he gets acquainted with Ben, a tiny trafficker of human beings, who is closely related to the local Albanian mafia. Thus, the page of disillusioned Vini's life is turning. He earns easy money and lives in luxury, but in the meantime he discovers the nightmare of clandestine prostitution as well as the ...
Director: Robert Budina
Stars: Eglantina Cenomeri, Xhevdet Jashari, Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Isavela Kogevina, ...

Balkan Bazaar (2011)


Would you sell the bones of your father or grandfather, if this was a millionaire business? Jolie (French) and Orsola (Italian), discover in s village in the South of Albania, the most bizarre Bazaar where bones can be bought and sold. Why not profit, themselves, by selling the bones of their father and grandfather in exchange for true love? Our story is based on actual events, happened in the South of Albania years ago, based in the old Balkan saying: the place in which the grave of a compatriot has endured the trials of time, is a place worth dying for.
Director: Edmond Budina
Stars: Catherine Wilkening, Visar Vishka, Veronica Gentili, Erand Sojli, ...

Time of the Comet (2008)

Drama, History, Romance

A young man is searching for the war to free his country and establish freedom. Instead of war he finds the love of his life.
Director: Fatmir Koçi
Stars: Blerim Destani, Masiela Lusha, Xhevdet Ferri, Thomas Heinze, ...

Eduart (2006)


Based upon true events Eduart, a young man raised in a cruel and oppressive family environment, leaves Albania with the dream of becoming a rock star and living a better life. His reckless character and the passions of his youth lead him to commit a murder in Athens. Chased by everyone, even by his own self, he is imprisoned under the harshest conditions. Eduart, with the help of a German doctor, learns to feel sympathy for others and guilt for his crime. His deep remorse will lead him from darkness to light. Like the Dostoevskian hero Raskolnikov, Eduart passes from crime to punishment, by daring to admit his guilt. In international criminal history, the "Eduart case" occurs once in a hundred years.
Director: Angeliki Antoniou
Stars: Eshref Durmishi, André Hennicke, Ndriçim Xhepa, Ermela Teli, ...

Pallati 176 (1986)


English: A comedy by well-known Albanian theater. A comedy known and loved by all, under the interpretation of the most famous actors of the Albanian National Theatre. A comedy that provides only laughter. Albanian: Nje komedi nga Teatri Popullor Shqiptar. Komedia me e njohur dhe me e dashur për të gjithë, nën interpretimin e aktoreve më të njohur të Teatrit Kombëtar. Nje komedi qe siguron vetem te qeshura.
Director: Mevlan Shanaj
Stars: Eva Alikaj, Ilir Bezhani, Elida Janushi, Anastas Kristofori, ...

Fëmija (2018)

Drama, War

The Year is 1999 , in Kosovo in village called "Budakova" war has taken the place the Serbian soldiers has killed and torture many civilians, one journalist goes there to find something and to write that on newspaper but when he goes there he will see terrible things. In one brook he sees a kid who he thinks is dead but he is alive he has been sleeping all the night with his parents but unfortunately his parents are dead. The journalist takes the child with him and the Serbian army arrives that moment and in mean time the KLA comes to defend that child and in that place begin the greatest battle for the KLA.
Director: Shqiprim.Selimi

Bloodlands (2016)

Drama, Horror, Thriller

A struggling family in Albania, wrestling with tradition, must unite against a mysterious clan's aggressions, leading to a 'blood feud' that is all too familiar in the Balkans.
Director: Steven Kastrissios
Stars: Gëzim Rudi, Emiljano Palali, Suela Bako, Alesia Xhemalaj, ...

You Are Everything (2016)

Adventure, Music, Romance

At an electronic music festival, Berlin-based journalist Georg and his girlfriend Vera meet Dave Zuma, a DJ who loves to enjoy life to the fullest. As soon as the unusual trio enters Dave's old hippie campervan the journey of their lifetime begins. Their bumpy ride takes them from one festival to the next, across the Balkan states heading south. A complex love triangle full of tension and affection, conflict and closeness, love and hate develops in the rush of trance festivals. In the end each of them reaches what they had always hoped for.
Director: Lena Geller
Stars: Eva Kessler, Adam Nümm, Gregoire Gosset, Heiko Kurrat, ...

Chromium (2015)


While a mute and lonely mother lives a life that is far from easy, she nevertheless bares her lot with dignity and courage. Her 15-year-old son is trying to stand on his own two feet, but in so doing he only complicates the grim situation in the family.
Director: Bujar Alimani
Stars: Frefjon Ruci, Klodjana Keco, Mirela Naska, Kasem Hoxha, ...