Unbound (2017)


Set in a sleepy town in New Orleans, a family grieves for their missing daughter while hiding a secret in the basement.
Director: Steve Rahaman
Stars: Daniel O'Shea, Steve Rahaman, Debra Toscano, Lauren Toglia, ...

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Drama, Mystery

Renowned detective Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of a wealthy American traveling on a train.
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Stars: Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penélope Cruz, ...

Beaten (2017)


The death of a loved one unites two men from opposite sides of the spectrum to avenge her death.
Director: Arturo Portillo
Stars: Frank Powers, J.D. Marmion, Hector Dez, Jorge Estrada, ...

Tesla (2017)

Action, Adventure, Biography

A unique factual depiction of Nikola Tesla's life from his early adulthood to his eventual arrival to America in 1886, examining his relationships and interactions with some of history's most important and controversial people including Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Guglielmo Marconi, Albert Einstein, Charles "Lucky" Luciano, J.P. Morgan, Mark Twain, J. Edgar Hoover, and Heinrich Himmler of the Nazi regime. The story reveals the tragic secret that was behind Tesla's relentless drive to invent the most dangerous device to mankind and many facts and truths not previously known such as Tesla's romantic life which was thought to be none existent which is not true and reveals many of Tesla inventions that were suppressed from the world for over half a century and only now are widely used. The film goes into overdrive action with the introduction of fictional character "John Watt" from the future in 2013. John is a 21-year-old computer sciences student who by fate comes upon Tesla's greatest invention kept secret from the world, the Time Radio. Through this remarkable invention, John is able to communicate with Tesla in the past and experience a world of mystery, intrigue and conspiracy, a world that is shaping the future, John's present. The radio emits a signal like none other in world and is soon picked up by NSA radio scanners which set off alarms as the signals are highly encrypted and unbreakable. Suspecting that a sophisticated terrorist group is behind the encrypted signals the NSA joins forces with the FBI to locate the source but what the NSA doesn't know is that certain people in the FBI know more about the signals then they are willing to share. John and his girlfriend Sara narrowly escape capture, realizing how the radio could be used to contact the past to change the future and unable to bring himself to destroy the radio John and Sara find themselves on the run with the radio from the NSA and FBI all while in contact with Tesla in the past.
Director: Justin Gullett
Stars: Rade Serbedzija, Dan van Husen, Sofija Rajovic, Tamara Dragicevic, ...

Die Reise 3D (2017)


Lukas is on the run after a bank robbery. His only chance for survival is to hide out in Mexico from the authorities and his boss.
Director: Orlando Eastwood
Stars: Janet Jay, Orlando Eastwood, Brian Banowetz, Christina Ramey, ...

Darkest Hour (2017)

Drama, History, War

Winston Churchill leads a charge against Adolf Hitler's army in the early days of World War II.
Director: Joe Wright
Stars: Gary Oldman, Lily James, Ben Mendelsohn, John Hurt, ...

Run (2017)

Crime, Drama

Living in a world of uncertainty, five controversial and seemingly isolated stories interlock as people battle their own personal demons, as well as the burdens that society places on them. A rebellious young man tries to find his own identity from a home of an extremist pastor who tries to guide his convoluted family into living according to his fanatical beliefs--an attempt that results in explosive consequences for all. The desolation continues as a young woman deals with personal consequences of her actions and resents her father who faces possible deportation and backlash of his three-year military deployment . Then, plunge into the family of a high profile lawyer who is burdened by her family illegal activities. The heightened emotional hostility reaches a critical point as a isolated young man is trapped in a life of domestic violence and substance abuse with no way out. Finally a young boy is caught in a climatic battle between his parent's brutal divorce and relentless custody battle . Combined, these complex stories of love, secrets, deception, and revenge speak on the inescapable circumstances that people from all walks of life encounter. What these individuals don't realize is that the only way to overcome their troubles is to face them head-on, and ultimately, the outcomes of their situations come down to one individual choice: Either to stay or "RUN "
Director: Frederick Nah IV
Stars: Michael Aaron Milligan, Nicky Buggs, Christian James, April Bogenschutz, ...

Black Friday (0)

Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

During the Thanksgiving season, Aliens, dormant for years, finally set their plans to conquer Earth into motion. The only thing standing in their way are two clueless friends who, with a little help from an excessive grump, just may have what it takes to fight back.
Director: Crescentia Volz
Stars: Megan Frankovich, Ben Johnson, Jayme Schmitt, Meghan Lynne, ...

Bruce the Challenge (2017)


Bruce lee is put to a challenge from the champ of the day.
Director: Mike Dahl
Stars: Nik Catello, Zack Cornejo, Meri David, Marty Ingels, ...

Shout Out (2017)


Exposing the truth about the inequalities women face in the industry.
Director: Chloe Finch

Moose on the Loose II (2017)


One man's search for contentment in life along with the desire for serenity is solidified in this comedic adventure that entails the preludes and follies of friendship, pursuit of love, success and mindfulness.
Director: Johnny J. Sullivan
Stars: Rachel Alig, Janna VanHeertum, Jessica Sherr, Cassie Fliegel, ...

The Shadows Follow (2017)

Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Deciding to cut herself off from the rest of the world, a workaholic teenager rushes to finish her novel before a self-imposed deadline. However, as she gets closer to completion, she has difficulty separating fiction from reality.
Director: Davionne Gooden
Stars: Lauryn Hobbs, Hannah Modlin, Isabella Ilijasic, Lauryn Alexandria Hobbs, ...